Citizens Again: Build a city for chronic homeless

A new and unique solution for every chronic homeless adult is coming.

For decades, our government has been building small shelters all across America to house our chronic homeless. But at the current placement rate, it will take about 200 years to house them all.

It’s time to think differently: instead of building 4,000 more shelters, Citizens Again will build 1 city, catering towards America’s entire chronic adult homeless population. It will cost billions less than current efforts; be built in about 11 years; and the homeless will want to live there.

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So many of us give spare change, clothes, or food because it makes us feel good knowing that we can bring a smile and a moment of happiness to someone who has so little.

Now imagine how you’ll feel being part of something that will bring real, lasting, monumental change. Not just a smile for the day; but happiness for a lifetime.

There’s never been anything like this project. If you’re ready to help solve this crisis, please donate and share with your friends right now. EVERY bit of help matters!

Or read on to discover why this is the best opportunity we’ve ever had to help societies most in need.

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For over 40 years, federal, state, and local governments have repeated efforts to end homelessness by providing shelters and housing efforts located within the urban core in order to be close to homeless services, welfare offices, public transportation, jobs, food banks, and more.

Because of this, all efforts have shared the same limiting characteristics:
  •   Small-scale (like building a shelter for 30, when 3,000 is needed)
  •   Economically unsustainable (like NYC spending $400M per year for hotel rooms)
  •   Short-term (like winter shelters)
  •   Incomplete (a temporary cot and 1 meal a day)
  •   Undesired (homeless don’t like shelter restrictions; public fights shelter locations)

As a result of not solving this crisis, we see the symptoms of homelessness worsening in our communities:
  •   Homeless encampments
  •   Aggressive panhandling
  •   Open defecation
  •   Trash and vandalism
  •   Used syringes in public places
  •   Random violence
  •   And much more

But hope is here, and it’s unlike anything before it.

Citizens Again is setting out to build a single, supportive living environment exclusively for America’s ENTIRE chronic homeless population.

It will be a secure, all-inclusive, private city with all the amenities and services necessary for a 150,000 high-needs population, consuming about 300 livable acres.

Its mission is to achieve what others have not: to provide monumental help to restore dignity for all those affected by chronic homelessness.

The City will be built outside the urban core, which will provide many unique benefits:
  •   No public pushback, a.k.a. NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard)
  •   Substantially less expensive land
  •   No space/land limitations
  •   Fewer construction limitations
  •   Expedited design, permits, and construction

It will be similar to other cities with 150,000 populations:
  •   Dedicated hospital & full healthcare services
  •   Housing
  •   Entertainment and activities
  •   Parks
  •   Movie theatre
  •   And much more

But it will also have many unique facilities and services to remove many of life’s burdens:
  •   Food services & cafeterias
  •   Laundry services
  •   Medication distribution
  •   And more

As well as many facilities that cater to their specific needs:
  •   Lockers for personal possessions
  •   Dog kennel and park
  •   Visitor center and onsite hotel for visiting family members
  •   And more

The City will utilize unique high-density innovations to streamline:
  •   Housing
  •   Food Services
  •   Safety & Security
  •   Illness Prevention
  •   Crowd Management

But this solution will be more than just a place to live; it will redefine humanity.

After a long process, I’ve identified the “20 Building Blocks of Humanity” – which every person needs to thrive, not just survive. The chronic homeless have none.

So in order to solve the problems they cause society, we must first solve their problems. But this can’t be done with today’s fractured efforts. It needs to be exponentially more.

In short, a complete solution requires a complete city.

Qualified citizens will choose to live in the City and are free to leave at any time. Some might want to stay forever. Others might just need a chance to get back on their feet to reenter society.

For those that wish to better themselves, or prepare to reenter society, the City will provide:
  •   Counseling and therapy
  •   Life skills training
  •   Educational services
  •   Job training
  •   Reentry support services
  •   And more

Extensive calculations using analogous and parametric estimates were used to identify preliminary estimates for the cost to build, run, and staff the city.

These calculations clearly indicate the City will cost billions less than what is already being spent today.

All of this is ONLY possible by using a single location for a large population to reach economies of scale.

Economies of scale will allow significant cost savings resulting from:
  •   Volume discounts (food, clothes, building materials, etc.)
  •   Buying affordable land (1 lot vs. 4,000 lots across America)
  •   Dedicated medical team (vs. costs from ambulances, ERs, and private hospitals)
  •   Consolidated staff (1 central team vs. spread across America)
  •   Utilize technology to increase efficiency (security, access, etc.)
  •   And so much more

Economies of scale will allow a 93% REDUCTION of what is spent per person today ($3k per year vs. $80k).

Although chronic homeless adults are only about 15% of the entire homeless population, they consume 70% of the annual Federal homeless budget ($3.7B from $4.3B).

Unfortunately, those tax dollars are not spent on helpful solutions; instead, they’re spent mostly on duplicated efforts in cities and towns across America:
  •   Cleaning up encampments
  •   Sterilization of public spaces
  •   Hazmat cleanups
  •   Salaries for emergency responders
  •   Visits to the ER and stays in hospitals
  •   And much more

The Citizens Again solution will have clear benefits for everyone:
  •   Chronic Homeless: Live in a safe, humane, and enjoyable environment
  •   City Management: Free up personnel resources and city budgets
  •   Public: Remove burdens such as violence, garbage, and more
  •   Families of Homeless: Gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in a safe place

To ensure a successful solution, every decision made for the City fits into one of these quantifiable goals:
  •   Relocation Percentage (They need to want to move there)
  •   Retention Rate (They need to like living there)
  •   Reentry Success (They need to break the cycle of homelessness )
  •   Cost-Effectiveness (Keep expenditures lower than other options)

The size and scope of this project are unlike anything else in our nation’s history, and its success will affect us all.

Therefore, this will be a transparent project, allowing the public to view the project plan, follow the timeline, see status updates, and view deliverables.

This new, pragmatic solution offers a real opportunity to significantly reduce/remove chronic street homelessness.

Unfortunately, politicians and other leaders aren’t interested in early-stage efforts.

I know this because, as the founder of Citizens Again, I tried to reach out and start conversations with over 50 leaders involved with homelessness.

This included mayors, homeless agencies, veterans’ organizations, professional psychiatry organizations, and philanthropic organizations.

But only one responded back and suggested I don’t waste my time with new ideas.

I guess when thousands of people work for decades on a problem that never gets solved, it might seem unsolvable. So when a private citizen says he’s taking action, it must sound crazy.

Crazy or not, I kept going, because I knew everything I’ve learned in my life – every experience, every success, and every failure – has led me here.

Years ago, I realized I wanted to do something more substantial in life; something that mattered to others. So I left the corporate world. I relocated my family to cut expenses. I sacrificed a lot – and my family did too.

And while it has been an unbearable financial and personal strain on my family for the 2 ½ years I’ve worked on this project, I knew I had to persevere because it was clear to me that many of our leaders had given up.

But we can’t give up on our most in need.

I know I can make a difference. This is why I’m taking action, and I’m taking ownership of solving this crisis.

Simply put: I have a vision of a better future for all.

But to make this happen, I need your help.

This beginning funding is needed to create the necessary items to obtain philanthropic and government support to continue this project to the next phases. Outside agencies and staff will be hired to create detailed and formal feasibility studies, business case documents, perform in-depth research, conduct polls, and more.

I know this journey won’t be easy; nothing worthwhile in life ever is. But if those that can help, choose to do so, then together, we can help the chronic homeless become citizens again.

Please donate what you can, help promote this campaign by sharing with others, and join the newsletter on the website for important news updates.

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Please visit for more details about the crisis, solution, City amenities and facilities, cost estimates, project phases and timeline, and much more.

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