Imagine Drinking Plastic and Pollution Free Water

Plastic Pollution Free Favignana 2022 
We want to drink plastic and pollution-free water for the health of our bodies and our planet!

Vogliamo bere acqua libera da plastica e inquinamento per la nostra salute e per quella del Pianeta.

Yes Ó! We are an innovative alternative solution.
Working locally to provide Plastic + Pollution-free water to locals and visitors.

Sì Ó!
Siamo una soluzione alternativa innovativa. 
Lavoriamo a livello locale per fornire acqua libera da plastica e inquinamento agli abitanti e ai visitatori. 

Stop the Corporate Bureaucratic Legal Rubber Wall that pollutes water for profit!

Fermiamo il muro di gomma legale e burocratico delle corporazioni che inquinano l'acqua per profitto. 

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We have all made a mess.  Now time to clean it up.   Support our Project.

Abbiamo fatto un casino.  Ora è il momento di ripulirlo.  Sostieni il nostro Progetto.

- We test our water quality regularly
- Testiamo la qualità della nostra Acqua regolarmente

- Our Water is purified by Reverse Osmosis + 100% solar energy
- La nostra Acqua è purificata tramite Osmosi Inversa + 100% energia solare

- Home delivery with electric bikes
- Consegna a domicilio a mezzo bici elettriche

- Plastic + Pollution free water is healthier for both People and the Planet.
Our Reusable bottles are elegant and sturdy.
- L’Acqua libera da plastica e inquinamento è più sana per le Persone e per il Pianeta.
Le nostre bottiglie riutilizzabili sono eleganti e robuste.

- A High Quality Sustainable water alternative to both tap and plastic bottled water.
- Un’acqua sostenibile di alta qualità alternativa all’acqua di rubinetto e all’acqua imbottigliata in plastica.

What's at stake is yet another year of adding plastic to our bodies and our oceans.
We can Stop it.

The success of this fundraiser will support:
- The creation of a Foundation that will continue from town to town, until we all have healthy drinking water.
- Installations of Ó Water Sanctuary Favignana - Producing and Delivering water to this small local community
- Our Water Study 

La posta in gioco è un altro anno di plastica in piu´ ai nostri corpi e ai nostri oceani.  E´urgente.

Il successo di questa raccolta fondi sosterrà:
- La creazione di una Fondazione la cui missione sarà quella di portare in ogni area del pianeta il nostro progetto fino a che non avremo tutti acqua potabile sana.
- L'installazione di Ó Water Sanctuary Favignana - Produrre e consegnare l'acqua a questa piccola comunità locale
- Il nostro studio sull'acqua

Was auf dem Spiel steht, ist ein weiteres Jahr, in dem wir unseren Körpern und unseren Ozeanen Plastik hinzufügen. Es ist dringend.

Der Erfolg dieser Spendenaktion wird unterstützt:
- Die Gründung einer Stiftung, deren Aufgabe es sein wird, unser Projekt in jedes Gebiet der Erde zu tragen, bis wir alle gesundes Trinkwasser haben.
- Die Installation von 2 Fountains (Berlin + Favignana) 
- Unsere Wasserstudie

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Our Story (for the Italian + German version email

It was a calm, cozy sunny day and the world was still so beautiful. Why was I dreaming the sea was crying?
This is a love story about water and, you are in it.
My name is Nuwella, I was born in Kenya and grew up in Canada, my ancestors are water guardians. I am 41years of age, a divorced and single mother of twin boys who are 6 years of age. My children were born in Berlin and when they were babies I got inspired to question the quality of water we were drinking and cooking with.
I wanted water without toxins, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, or micro-plastics.
I wanted water that did not harm our planet by creating waste and a heavy Carbon footprint.
Ó Water began as a vision in Berlin to create and share a sustainable healthier water solution for people living in cities who believe they deserve better water.
The fact is, there is simply not enough transparency or accountability for both tap and bottled water.
Tap water is drinkable but is it healthy? What exactly is in our tap water? We want to know more!
Meanwhile, since the 1980s the Bottled Water Industry has been leaving a trail of garbage globally, in our bodies, and our planet.
The best solution would be water that is healthy for both people and the planet.
This is a project of a lifetime and with the Data from this study, we can convince more investors and the municipality to support our innovation.
Our study is the first of its kind it is necessary to express in scientific terms, what we know intuitively and instinctively about water and its connection to health and wellbeing.
The data will show duplicatable solutions for different water challenges in both city and off-grid locations.
(Read more about our 2 locations below)
Support By:
1- Donating any amount to our Go-Fund-Me campaign
2 - Sharing our link and project generously amongst your network
Frequently asked questions;
Why are we not going to Banks etc for funding?
We tried, they are not interested enough. This is about improving the lives of people and our planet now and the long process of applying for funding delays action. Typically investors don’t have the appetite for such a heart-centered vision. This is a project for the people and is best supported by the people!
Why is Tap or Bottled Water not Healthy?
  • There is an ever-increasing amount of Pharmaceutical drugs and other toxins in our Tap water, the Environment, Groundwater and,  Water table connected to our consumption habits. We do not need to drink these contaminants.
  • Over 90% (YES that is the number) of Bottled AND Tap water around the world is contaminated with microplastics.
  • Microplastics are linked to various cancers, a weakened immune system, hormone-related problems - to say the least, “Ain't nobody got time for that”!!
  • Bottled Water is Trashing our Planet. The bottle that one empties in less than a day requires over 450 years to completely biodegrade and it requires 2000x more energy to create these bottles.
  • It is an illusion that the minerals we get from our tap or bottled water are necessary for our Health. Our body gains minerals from the food we eat and our digestion process is designed for the absorption and distribution of these nutrients.
Our 2 locations:
Favignana (Sicily) is a small island in the Mediterranean with no drinking water available. The current options are Plastic Bottled Water or One Municipal Fountain that is available only for residents and is rarely working - Nobody drinks Tap water here. It comes from a leaky tube under the sea from the mainland or from an old boat that pumps it into tanks which distributes to only the houses within the central part of the island. The majority of the island is left to fend for itself with the untested well or seawater. It is a small community of 2000 locals which is already part of the Plastic Free Government Program. Like many islands, it is sustained economically by the sea and tourism. Every summer the island hosts over 80,000 tourists in about 5 months. All these people drink bottled water and leave their plastic garbage.
Berlin (Germany) is where we started. Although the TDS (total dissolved solids) level recommended by the WHO is 300ppm*, pollution and old infrastructure leave Berlin with 1400-1700 inorganic substances in the water system. Only 33 of these are regularly monitored. There are heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, hormones, drugs in our tap water, and these under-the-radar toxins are completely underestimated. The journey of water to the city from the water treatment facilities is through very old pipes which alone would cost " too much" and take too long to replace throughout the city. The municipalities filtration or treatment of water was never built to support the health and wellbeing of the over 3million + locals and visitors. Saying it is safe to drink can be said about Coca-Cola as well and yet look at the condition of the general health of the population.
Our Scientific Method:
Bilacon Lab Berlin -
Baiata Lab Sicily -
We will test water samples from different homes in each location along with the most popular bottled waters bought in these regions.
We will test “before and after” blood + urine samples from our volunteers in order to show how different qualities of water affect our organism at a cellular and molecular level.
We are Testing for Heavy Metals such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, and Cadmium
Drugs such as Acetaminophen, Benzodiazepines, Anticoagulants, Antidepressants, Anti-Hypertensives, Bromocriptine, Clarithromycin, Clozapine, Cocaine, Colchicine, Digoxin, Heroin, Opioids
You can read more about Ó Water Berlin here;
One of our Fountains at World Peace Day September 2020 Brandenburger Gate Berlin
You can read more about our Fountain Technology here:
Yes, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for!!
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