The miracle girl Mackinlee's story

Mackinlee’s Story Hi everyone, my name is Mackinlee, I am 6 years old. Today I have a new name, everyone calls me a MIRACLE girl. September this year, my mummy, big brothers and myself went to visit my Nanny and Poppy whom live in Wollongong. We all got really sick on our holiday. 2 days before we left to drive back home to Queensland, my Nanny organised a play date with my cousin Indianna. We went to the park then had a big bubble bath together, before Nanny Kay and Poppy Bill drove us all home. On September 26 this year on our drive home something happened that changed our lives forever, we were in a freak and tragic 5 car, car crash, we collided with a big truck. My Nanny Kay was killed on impact, my mummy was unconscious, my big brother Riley was hurt but he was ok. We were all taken to Port Macquarie hospital where the doctors said I wasn’t going to make it. The NETTS team was called in to stabilize me and I was airlifted to the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, where I was in surgery for 13 hours. Injuries I received were: broken pelvis in 3 places, broken femur, ruptured bladder, dislocated hip, extensive brain trauma and extreme brain injury, left side paralysis. I was in the ICU unit for 15 days in an induced coma. Day 2: the Neurosurgeon said I was 99.8% brain dead. Day 3: I squeezed my big brother Riley’s hand. Day 5: the life support machine was doing minimal and the doctors wanted to take me off it to assess my breathing ,which was a success. Day 8: I was taken off the life support machine and had to show the doctors that I could sit up on my own in my chair. I was monitored closely for the next week and moved from ICU to the Children’s ward. Day 15 – 20: the process began for my body and brain to start functioning and be able to communicate by opening my eyes. Day 25: the doctors requested that I be transferred to the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital in Brisbane. I was able to communicate with thumbs up and thumbs down. Day 29: I was transferred from John Hunter Hospital to Lady Cilento Hospital where I met my new doctors and rehab staff. I had to have another operation to have the frame that held my pelvis in place taken off. My mummy asked me if I was going to talk again, I nodded and said yes. Day 32: It was my cousin Indi’s birthday. I said my first word MUM! Riley and Dad!!. I rang my cousin and said Happy Birthday Indianna!! Day 33 – today: I can now talk and have a chat with everyone in person and on the phone. I don’t have to have a tube in my nose to feed me as I can now eat and drink. I can transfer myself from my bed to my chair, I am lifting my left leg and left arm and I have my cheeky wink back. I will be up and learning to walk again in the next week. My journey to recovery has been long and supported by my cousin Madi and her church praying for me, my cousin Indi calling me and visiting me. My mummy tickling me and my family loving me and not leaving my side. My journey thus far is known to be a miracle but I still have z long way to go. I need to learn to walk again, I need to strengthen my left side and I’m going to need your help to be able to financially have the necessary medical equipment and stuff to help me get better so I can go and feed the ducks with my cousin Indi. My family have lost one of the key parts to our family and that was our Nanny Kay. I was in a coma when we honoured her life and said goodbye. My Nanny always told me that if I believed in myself anything is possible and she always told me how much she loved me, my journey to recovery is hard and it’s tiring but by the miracles, powers and wonders of God, I am here and sharing my story with you today. I would like to ask you one question, if it ware your daughter in my shoes right now, how would you support her? My Mummy and Daddy haven’t left my side, they both can’t work because for my journey to recovery to be a success, I need them to be with me all the time. So I would like to ask you if you could reach into your heart and help me to live out my dream of running around and feeding the ducks with my cousin. Keep me and my Mummy and Daddy in prayer. I know that they are both being so strong for me, we need your kindness and love. I am going to need: A new wheelchair and a new car to put my wheelchair in A walking frame A shower chair Some ramps to get in and out of the house Ongoing rehabilitation I would like to thank everyone for the love and support that has been coming in for us. Losing our Nanny has been so hard and we miss her everyday. Thank you to my cousin Indi for her love and calls and special visit with Aunty Tracey. Thank you to my Mummy and Daddy and all my big brothers. Riley thank you for not leaving my side and being with me through every assessment and pushing me to use my legs and arms and keeping me company throughout my hospital stay. A big thank you to my cousin Madi and her church who have been praying for me and thinking of me since the beginning of my journey to recovery. Special thank you to Poppy Bill for always being there for us. Big thank you to Aunty Belinda Suter and girls, for all your help and gifts especially for my spaghetti bolognese. Big thank you to Aunty Niccole Kirkland who travelled up from NSW to come and stay with me for a few days and to help my Mummy. Big thank you to my school, teacher and all my friends for all their gifts and cards. Big thank you to Letitia Hockey who has been helping me and Mummy. Thank you Daniel Fenwick for visiting me and bringing Byron to see me. Thank you to Tanya Steedman King who has been a great help. Thank you to everyone who I may have missed for your love and support. God bless Love Mackinlee
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