Help Someone in Need This Winter

The past few months have been the toughest many of us can remember. But within the hardships faced by many of us have been some of the most powerful stories of humanity, community and generosity ever written.

Often outside of the glare of the media and with little fanfare, people across Britain and the world have come together to help whenever they were needed.

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From feeding frontline hospital workers, to showing support for grieving families, to saving their favourite venues and sports clubs, in the face of unprecedented hardship people came together to support one another.

This winter, many of our loved ones, favourite charities and local businesses will face hardship once again. You might know someone who will struggle; a local business which will be hit hard by the lockdown or a charity that means a lot to you which is struggling to raise funds.

You have the power to help them, and GoFundMe can help you do it.

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Donate to a charity raising money to help feed children this Christmas

1. The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust is working to stop UK hunger and poverty. Their network of foodbanks provides emergency food and support to people in crisis.


2. Penny Appeal

320,000 people are homeless in the UK, and this will be their toughest winter yet. The Penny Appeal will support homeless individuals who cannot support themselves this season.

3. Fare Share UK

FareShare is the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. We save good food from going to waste and redistribute it to frontline charities.

Or start a fundraiser for a charity