The Best Office Fundraising Ideas

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Looking for office fundraising ideas to get donations rolling in? You’ve come to the right place. There are a plethora of brilliant, quirky, easy workplace fundraising ideas to inspire you to get that event nailed down.

Here is our guide to office fundraising ideas for charity – and once you’ve decided on what you want to do, you can get going and get your GoFundMe started to see that total rise for a good cause.

How to get workplace fundraising ideas

There are plenty of places to look at for inspiration on workplace fundraising ideas. Gather your colleagues who are willing to get involved and help to have a chat about what would work best in your workplace. It might be that you’re still mostly working from home and a virtual event would be best. Or, you might prefer to suggest a challenge that participants can do from home and record. Have a look at our office fundraising ideas blog here.


 Office fundraising ideas for charity

The best office fundraising ideas are ones that bring a bit of joy or excitement to the workplace, easy to do in groups or teams and accessible for all. You could plan a series of office fundraising days, or put all your energy into one single event. Why not look at our list of easy fundraising ideas if you’d like even more inspiration?

  • A charity bake-off. Who doesn’t love baked goods? So ask your team members to get their aprons on to whip up their signature dish to bring in and then have a competition judging the best ones. Whether or not you’re a master baker, this one is easy to get involved with because people in the office can judge as well as baking. If a bake-off with judges sounds like too much work, you could also suggest a bake sale, either on one specific day or with people bringing in their favourites on specific days of the month so the office isn’t overrun.
  • A sports day. Sports days are brilliant team activities that can really boost morale in the office along with donations. To make it accessible to everyone, you could combine retro events like an egg and spoon race with things like step competitions, where people compete to get the most steps in over the course of a week, for example.
  • Coffee mornings. A coffee morning is a really easy way to raise money for charity in your office. They are easy to organise and popular – who doesn’t love a coffee and cake? Speak to colleagues to see when would work best and run them weekly, two-weekly or monthly as an opportunity to have ten minutes away from your desk and a chat with colleagues.


Inspirational charity fundraising ideas in the workplace

If you’re still looking for inspiration on how you should raise money in the workplace, you could think about entering a sporting event as a work team as a gentle challenge. For example, Cancer Research’s Race for Life has events of varying difficulty across the country. You could consider organising concerts – or even virtual ones done over Zoom – if anyone has musical talent in their family. Games days or gaming marathons might also be popular, along with office sweepstakes, fitness challenges or even talent shows.

For more inspiration, you could look at our creative fundraising ideas blog or our top ten fundraising ideas here.

Remember to chat to your colleagues to see what they’d be interested in and keep it inclusive to anyone who wants to be involved.

Start your office fundraiser today

Once you’ve decided on which office fundraiser you want to try, it’s time to get going. Think about whether you want to organise it on your own, or get more people involved to coordinate on your fundraising vision and help with the logistics so you aren’t doing it alone.

And then it’s time to set up your donation page so those generous charity donations can be collected.

Written by helen