5 charity fundraising ideas for work

Getting together with your colleagues is a great way to make money for a good cause – so we’ve put together some ideas on how to fundraise for work. Doing a good thing in a team is a great way to stay motivated, on track and to maximise donations. So get everyone involved, start your GoFundMe and watch the donations roll in.

Tips for running a work fundraiser

Running a work fundraiser can be a very straightforward way of group fundraising. After all, you’ve got a ready-made team around you who already spend a lot of time together. Here are the ways that you can try to ensure it flows smoothly. After you’ve taken inspiration, all you need to do is start your GoFundMe and get going.

Keep it work appropriate

If you’re fundraising at work, it’s important to keep it appropriate so everyone can get involved. There are plenty of ways to fundraise that everyone can tap into – whether it’s a work bake off, a gentle exercise challenge or a coffee morning. But try and avoid things that could be contentious like anything with alcohol or gambling, for example.

Spread the word through your internal comms

Your internal communications system is a ready-made way to spread the word far and wide across the company. Try and publicise what you’re doing as much as possible by putting events in the calendar, pinging people reminders on Slack or Teams and sending out emails with links to your fundraiser so people can easily donate.

Get your colleagues involved

Try and encourage as many of your colleagues to get involved as possible. The more people on your fundraising team, the more people there to help get donations and to spread the word. Try and get people involved to play any part they can – that might be being actively involved in the event, helping to spread the word or helping with the logistics or set up of the event.

5 work fundraising ideas

There’s a wealth of brilliant, appropriate ideas that can translate into an office context. We’ve put together a list of ideas to inspire you.

1. Charity sports day

A charity sports day is a brilliant and inclusive way to get people involved and having fun. You can gear a sports day to various different sporting levels – from jogging to egg and spoon races or beanbag throwing. If you wanted to add a twist you could theme it – a ‘retro’ theme with games like sack races could work. It’s a brilliant team building exercise too.

2. Office sweepstakes

An office sweepstake is a simple but classic way to raise money for charity. You could use a percentage of everyone’s entry fee as a prize for the winner, but the rest goes to whatever charity or worthy cause you are fundraising for. Very little hassle or organisation for a good reward.

3. Coffee morning

A charity coffee morning is always a good idea. It’s a brilliant way to socialise with your colleagues while you’re at work and something for everyone to look forward to. The Macmillan’s coffee morning is a good example of one you could get involved with, or organise one for the charity of your choice.  Get everyone to bring their favourite cake or snack to get a good spread.

4. Exercise for charity

We all know the mental and physical benefits of exercise. And it’s a brilliant way to raise money – setting a challenge and getting people to sponsor you. Doing it in a team of colleagues is an excellent way to keep morale and motivation up, too. You could organise a specific day to go on a lunchtime walk or a jog after work and get the miles totted up for a distance challenge.

5. Charity bakeoff

Who doesn’t love a bake off? It’s a brilliant way to showcase your baking skills (or you can nip to the shop to get your goods) and an excuse to have some cake to combat that 3pm energy dip – all for a good cause. You could either plan it as a one off where everyone brings in their signature cake or in a round robin format where someone brings a sweet treat in on a rota every week or month.