Grow For Crisis

This Spring, Grow For Crisis and you can help end homelessness.

Whether you have a garden, a window box or a couple of pots, no space is too small to start growing. Try salad leaves, chilli plants, and radishes to see your hard work rewarded quickly, or sunflowers to brighten every day. Veg, herbs, flowers and everything in between all count!

Start a GoFundMe

Set up your own campaign for Crisis and you can:

  • Get sponsored to take on a green-fingered challenge, such as beating your friends to grow the most tomatoes in a month (and raise the most donations in doing so!)
  • Host a virtual gardening lesson and share your skills with others and link to your campaign if anyone wants to donate 
  • Share your campaign with friends, family, and gardening or allotment groups.

To celebrate the organiser of the campaign which raises the most for Crisis, they will win the opportunity to learn from vegetable gardener (and ‘no dig’ gardening guru) Charles Dowding, with free access to his online course ‘From Seed to Harvest’, in which he shares a lifetime’s worth of tips and tricks for growing 15 key vegetables.

The campaign which has raised the most will be announced after the campaign finishes on 20th June.

Start today

  • £10 could provide a warm welcome to a Crisis service and help someone take their first steps out of homelessness
  • £25 could support someone to access volunteering opportunities, helping them to give back to society and gain valuable work experience
  • £50 could provide someone with the basic essentials they need to settle into a home, such as a kettle, pans and microwave

To stay updated on Crisis’ work, as well as donating, fundraising, volunteering and campaigning opportunities, sign up to the Crisis newsletter. You can also follow Crisis on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Start a GoFundMe

How to set up your campaign

  1. Click start and sign in – your campaign should automatically be for Crisis UK.
  2. Your fundraiser title should be your name and #GrowForCrisis.
  3. Enter a small and manageable fundraising target of your choice.
  4. Upload a photo of your choice. If you don’t want to put a photo up of yourself or your plants, please copy the Grow For Crisis logo on this page.
  5. ‘Tell your story’ – simply copy and paste the following text:
    “I am joining #GrowForCrisis and helping to raise vital funds for Crisis to help end homelessness.
    No one should be homeless and alone. We can help. Let’s get out in the fresh air, grow together this Spring, and raise vital funds to help end homelessness.
    Please sponsor me if you can, every penny counts!”
  6. Click launch and share your fundraising page far and wide
  7. If you would like to fundraise as a team you can invite and add your teammates in the ‘your fundraiser’ settings.
  8. Start growing!