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2 Muluc, 2 Pax, 12 Manik

Selamat Jarin! Your world is quickly preparing for a surprise that is to truly shock all! The Light has been forced to wait for the proper time in which to strike. At present, the dark and its main minions associated with the regime known as USA, Inc. have been given a certain degree of leeway. This has allowed them to engage in some skullduggery on a global scale. The Light is prepared to conclude this odd part of your history. The dark believes that the Light is incapable of launching the type of massive counterattack required to put a quick end to their shenanigans. Meanwhile, our fleet has been ordered by Heaven to do exactly that. In our case, it is to be surreptitious, which is covered by the joint actions of a number of friendly military forces. These joint actions have previously been able to limit the reach of the dark’s sponsored terrorist forces. The aim is to eventually cut off and finally debilitate those dark elements that seek to maintain instability in some areas on your globe. Meanwhile, the Light is readying its attacks that are to finally take down USA, Inc. and its numerous allies.

The funds that have been carefully secured and properly registered are now ready to be delivered to you at the right moment. These projects have taken much longer than were previously anticipated. The dark’s degree of infiltration of the banks and their many associated elements were in fact much greater than at first surmised by our earthly allies. Nevertheless, these previous roadblocks are handled and this makes it possible to do many things. It is essential that NESARA governance be instituted and able to become the strong sentinel for a number of important projects. The first is to completely reform the misused and highly corrupted US government. This quiet revolution ends the evil influence of this dark governance to maintain war and conflict in key parts of your globe, namely the Middle East and Latin America! We are then also to be able to introduce global stability and prosperity. Along with this, there is the end to the global UFO cover-up. This can permit us to be able to talk directly to you about first contact and our mentoring program.

The dark has long believed that we did not fully appreciate how vast and deep was the inculcation of humanity by the dark Anunnaki before their demise in the mid-1990s. We were instructed by our new allies on just these points before the Treaty of Anchara took place in the mid-1990s. We knew firsthand how deeply into your psyche their propaganda had gone. The first thing was to work with both Heaven and our new associates to begin to counteract what for millennia had been put into each newborn’s head and mind. The new starseeds being born were slowly contradicting these dark “norms.” In addition, many were beginning to instruct humanity about what this evil propaganda implied and why it was wrong. This led to a series of brave law- suits and other means to alter this accumulated nonsense and exchange it for a truer and more viable reality. It is these wondrous projects that now enable you to replace USA, Inc and create a new financial system that can work side by side with your new prosperity.

Our desire is thus to bring to a conclusion a set of false beliefs that have made it possible for the dark and its minions to control you for nearly 13 millennia. The key to this is the vast growth in your consciousness. This one element has made you more able to support the Light and its numerous actions to end the power of the dark and its minions on this surface realm. This point has become the primary action. Permitting the NESARA governance to come to power is truly essential to our success. On this matter, we have sent out our liaisons to confer daily with our allies and put together a jointly sponsored action that is now on the very verge of success. A number of actions are taking place that promise us the much-desired point of final success. The dark has been a most elusive enemy. It has created delays that we initially believed impossible. This latent resilience has been factored into our strategy. We intend to announce shortly that we have succeeded. With that under control, we can secure this realm for the much-needed lessons of your Ascended Masters!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The world, as you now know it, is changing. This positive alteration is due to the great set of visions that you have held collectively with us. We are quite proud of the degree of focus that many of you have retained over the past few months. These energies demonstrate what Heaven had in mind when this whole process began in the early 1990s. You have discovered your powers and use them to aid our mutual cause. In the past month, many more have started to show this same resolve. These operations demonstrate just how powerful you are becoming, as you use your abilities and work to bring these wondrous meditations to the fore. They are greatly helping each of us Masters to increase the change that is coming to this reality. The dark, too, has noticed you and is more and more realizing that its many desires are now beyond redemption. The end of these millennia is now in sight! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Each of you is a joy to our collective hearts. We realize how far you have come in these past two decades! You are on a road to success that is to bring you to a return to full consciousness. This process has taken a lot less time than initially envisioned by our associates. Hence, it is wise to inform you of these changes and to ask you to continue to go within, focus and use your visualizations to accelerate your progress. You are, dear Hearts, a wondrous group that is only beginning to show your vast potential. The next major rounds of changes by Heaven are to further accelerate your mental and emotional abilities. As you know, your heart is a vast electrical center that in many cases rivals your brain. This process is to continue as you take on changes to your brain’s chakras and to your heart. These are to celebrate your new-found potential and better prepare you to meet your galactic mentors.

These changes are to be combined with new knowledge that we are destined to impart. Long ago a series of heinous experiments in Atlantis left your ancestors suddenly adrift in amnesia. Everything that you thought you knew suddenly seemed beyond your grasp. Our task is shortly to remind you of what your ancestors lost and to show you how to regain it. Then there is the process of reunion with your cousins, the Agarthans. You are close to meeting them and are to go to Agartha with your mentors and your heavenly guardians and use your Crystal Light Chambers to finish your return to full consciousness. We look forward in glee to your joining us in a final conference to set up a new star nation and go forth with sacred missions given to us all by Heaven’s divine grace!

Today, we continued our report on what is occurring around this globe. Much progress is being made to set up your prosperity and create NESARA governance. We fully expect this coming time to be one that can finally mirror what we have told you previously. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) paoweb.com

Wake up Call: St. Germain, 2016

I am here today to speak with all of you about what has been taking place around the world in the manner of money. It has been a course of action that not only represents the knowledge of what has been taking place in the history of this planet, but also in what is coming for the planet in the times to come.

First I will let you know why I am still using the word time. It is because it is the usage of the word that makes this all verifiable in the coming actions that are at the threshold. All of you know what time means to your lives, and you are only recently being reminded of what it means for there being no time. It is a matter of being released from the agenda that you agreed upon when you came to this planet and what you knew it would mean for all of the expressions and experiences that you would create on the surface of the planet.

Yes, I refer to the surface in the same way that I refer to time. They are two components of your lives here, and they are both part of what you have been believing is the only way of expression for what you are doing. It is now the time to let go of it and to see how that affects your lives and allows you to see what is in the corridor of Now and how you can access it in any way that you choose.

I am saying that you are in the evolvement to your own higher selves, and as you proclaim who you truly are you will be able to see what you are capable of. Not only will this be the eye opener for what you have been doing, but for what you have done before coming to this planet for the duality experience. You will see that it has certainly been an experience that carries you further into the idea of being less than, as well as aiming for the more than Now, that you intend.

Perhaps it is in order Now for you to see that you are in a position where you can access anything you desire and intend for your lives by reaching further into the area of creation and add to it as a means by which you can bring anything that may seem old, as being something that is in the moment. In that way you can see it and experience it as something new that is in the now and different from what it was in the ‘before idea’. It can be so powerful that you will see it as something that you have only just begun to experience. It can be the totality of who you are for the moment, while at the same time it can be the extended Now that changes and becomes a newness that you have created.

Do you see what I am relaying to you, that on one line you have already experienced, yet on another is altogether new, for it has a different meaning and feeling for you? It is something that you hold in your mind and remembrance, and yet it is brand new to you, in another ‘look’ that speaks to you of your power to create from what you have already claimed as the ultimate.

I bring this all up to you at this time to suggest that you may be able to see that you already have the funds you have so been awaiting for their gift to you and all of life on earth. It could be that you have already claimed it on some level and yet you forgot that it was yours. Ask yourselves if that could be why you have not as yet been able to hold the funds in your hands. Could it be that you are in the old mentality of being less than, rather than enough in the moment, which does not suggest that there is a stopping ground.

See this as your living in the moment, and being able to go on from there and claim that which you create in every moment, whether you are aware of it in any moment, or not. It is a matter of knowing that if there is something that you intend for your life, then you already have it. That means you have the power to create from your original idea. That is what The Creator does in every moment. First there is the thought of an idea, and the creation of it. Then there is the decision of claiming what you feel is what you intend to experience. It is a matter of believing in your ability to create and then deciding what it is you truly want and why you chose it. That can bring the clarity of claiming it.

I will leave you with this piece of information, the reminder that I have been planning to share with you at this point in your lives, for you have asked enough for me to come and remind you of what we agreed to in the moment of the creation of the idea. It is a matter now of you moving forward and deciding what and when to claim what has been created. I am truly one with you and I have experienced this that I share with you Now in my process of reaching my destined place, as you are in the journey to do yourselves, in your own chosen way. Love is the answer, and it is in your power to move in that Love and create your lives as you choose.

Thank you Dear, Loving St. Germain,


NASA Admit To Spraying Americans With Poisonous Chemtrails


read more. Watch film at: www.WeRaLLOne.com

NASA have admitted to spraying lethal chemtrails into our atmosphere – saying that lithium being sprayed into the Earths ionosphere helps to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder.

NASA personnel have come forward saying that lithium, along with other potentially harmful chemicals, are intentionally sprayed into our environment regularly.

Wakingtimes.com reports:

It is possible that many of NASA’s own employees aren’t even aware of the true motivations for carrying out such a project, ironically displaying the very behaviors that these chemicals/pharmaceuticals are meant to instill.

In the first bomb-shell video a NASA employee Douglas rowland, admits that lithium is being sprayed in the atmosphere, and says that it is “harmless to the environment.”

Before I give you NASA’s official explanation of why they are spraying psych-meds over hundreds of thousands of Americans, I’d like to point you to some references so that you can do your own research, and discover that this is no conspiracy theory. It is very real, and there is ample scientific documentation to corroborate what I put forth here:

A Pub Med abstract titled, Feasibility of Aerosol Vaccinations in Humans discusses how an increase in antigen volumes can be beneficial in aerosol delivery of vaccines, and could be used in “developing countries and disaster areas.” The abstract also admits that several thousand human subjects have already been aerosol vaccinated with live attenuated measles and influenza A vaccines. The executive summary further states that aerosol vaccinations are ideal for “large populations.” This has apparently been happening since as early as 2003.

Another discussion of aerosolized vaccinations can be found in The New England Journal of Medicine. A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Aerosolized Vaccines Against Measles states that these vaccines were tested on children in India that were as young 9 months old.

The World Health Organization has been researching aerosol vaccines for years now, as have “philanthropic” agencies which have clear aims to sterilize the population. It is also worth noting that the pharmaceutical industry has been absolved from any legal responsibility for medicating the masses since they were awarded legal protection from all lawsuits by Congress in 1986. This law was challenged, but upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2011. Many powerful agencies are making sure that we “take our medicine.”

In fact, many nations are participating in our unwitting, forced vaccination, and the dumping of any number of attenuated viruses, chemical concoctions and other ‘chemtrails’ on our heads with dogged frequency.

The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) considered giving a license application to PaxVax Australia (PaxVax) for the intentional release of a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into the environment in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria. They planned to release cholera on their people.

According to the regulator, this GMO vaccine qualified as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000.

Of course, we can’t ignore the USA. Michael Greenwood wrote an article stating that:

“The incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large–scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according to research by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.”

So, hopefully we’ve established that this IS happening. But why?

As more nations refuse genetically modified food, and refuse to drink fluoridated water, which has beennamed as a neurotoxin by one of the world’s premiere medical journals, the power structure that desires a complicit population has to figure out a way to alter our neurochemistry.

Lithium alters how we think by changing the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine secreted by our endocrine system. Lithium strongly alters the brain system, yet the NASA employee in the above video states that “it is not dangerous” and doesn’t harm the population. Even doctors who normally prescribe this medication for the mentally ill have said that it is dangerous because it is hard to figure out proper dosing. Surely, spraying copious amounts of lithium indiscriminately into the air via aerosols should be questioned – but here’s NASA’s official stance on this practice:

“The project is studying neutral and charged particles in the ionosphere and how each affects the way the other moves resulting in currents in the region. The variations matter because all of our communications and GPS satellites send signals through the ionosphere. A disturbed ionosphere translates to disturbed signals, so scientists want to know just what causes the ionosphere to behave in specific ways.” (NASA)

Meanwhile, should the over-medicated start to actually figure out what is being done to them, the government has imposed gag orders on the National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who might easily refute the ridiculous claims of NASA.

Notably, every single person who works for NASA, the NWS or NOAA are paid with tax payer dollars.This means that we are paying to be medicated and poisoned.

Here, to corroborate information being given by the NASA employee in the video, is the Code 8440 RMMO which states the exact purpose of using Wallops Flight Facility to launch a rocket containing lithium thermite:

“Purpose: The primary purpose of this mission was to test the loading methods for lithium canisters to be flown on the upcoming Kudeki (Kwajalein, April 2013) and Pfaff (Wallops, June 2013) missions, and verify their functionality under sounding rocket launch and space flight conditions.

Rocket Type: Two-stage Terrier MK70 Improved-Orion

Location: Wallops Range

Launcher: MRL

Date of Launch: January 29, 2013

Time: 17:50 EST

Experiment results: Thermistor data looked nominal. Good report from airborne optical platform of recorded video and lithium clouds also visible by ground observation.’

We also learn from this specific call that lithium has been dumped in our skies since 1970. If you wanted to medicate the masses to create mindless, slave-like prisoners who didn’t even know they were imprisoned, this is surely a good way to do it. Spraying lithium into our skies, along with countless other bacteria, viruses, prions, parasites, fungi, carcinogens, toxins, hormone-altering drugs, anti-flora and anti-fauna, as well as gene-altering micro-dust is nothing more than bio-warfare against the world’s citizenry. You can call them chemtrails or something else, the effect is the same.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” ~Edward L. Bernays, Master Propagandist

read more. Watch film at: www.WeRaLLOne.com


Houston: ‘Threatening Calls’ From Government Forced Us To Cancel ‘Vaxxed’

If you don’t think there is a government agenda to silence the growing anti-vaccination movement then you might want to take a look at the damning paper trail that is starting to pile up.

A new letter sent by the chairman of the Houston Film Festival shows that Robert DeNiro and the Tribeca Film Festival were just the first to be pressured (or should we say threatened?) not to show the film Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe.

The following letter was sent to Philippe Diaz, Chairman of Cinema Libre, distributor of the film, on April 5, at 8:56 am.

The situation has now escalated to criminal conduct and extortion, with the film festival being threatened with ‘severe action’ if they showed the film, and punishing financial losses in the form of withdrawn grants.

I wanted you to know that just like DeNiro and Tribeca, we must withdraw our invitation to screen VAXXED! It has been cancelled, and there was no press release about the film… that was scheduled for today, but after very threatening calls late yesterday (Monday) from high Houston Government officials (the first and only time they have ever called in 49 years) – we had no choice but to drop the film.

Heavy handed censorship, to say the least… they both threatened severe action against the festival if we showed it, so it is out. Their actions would have cost us more than $100,000 in grants.

I do hope that they did not call or threaten you. It is done, it is out and we have been censored… There are some very powerful forces against this project. It does seem a bit of overkill, as I am confident that it will be released Online soon and millions of people can see it.

My Thanks and Best regards,


Hunter Todd
Chairman & Founding Director
The 49th Annual WorldFest-Houston

You could argue this is not quite censorship in the literal sense of the word, because the government officials issued threats to withhold funding, and thus offered the film festival a quasi-choice rather than directly ordering them not to show the film.

This is called financial extortion. In reality they are not presenting the film festival with any choice at all. Either they submit to the government’s ‘very threatening’ demands, or they face financial ruin. The powers that be are doing everything they can to silence the anti-vaccination movement.


NASA Hacker Claims USA Has War Ships In Space


High-profile hacker Gary McKinnon claims to have some interesting information about the US Navy’s intergalactic operation – there is a top-secret fleet of “eight to ten” war ships in space, with around 25 “Non-terrestrial officers” on their books.

Gary McKinnon is a British lifelong ufologist and computer expert, whose 2002 arrest for hacking into the US Navy and NASA systems was described as the ‘biggest military computer hack of all time.’

McKinnon claimed NASA’s security was so lax back then, he didn’t expect to get caught. He used a program called Landsearch to scan documents and files to look for UFO cover-ups, and he did so undetected for two years before he got caught. President Bush wanted him behind bars. McKinnon faced an intense ten year legal battle in the UK, only narrowly avoiding extradition to the USA.

He has spoken before about exactly what he discovered during his time scanning NASA’s documents and files, but never in as much detail as in this interview with RichPlanet TV.

McKinnon claims:

In Building 8 at Johnson Space Center, Houston, there is someone whose full time job is to airbrush UFOs from images, since they are so commonly captured.
•He found a US Navy spreadsheet entitled ‘Non-terrestrial officers’. McKinnon admits these words “can be interpreted in various ways,” but one thing is for sure: given the name, we know they’re not based on Earth.
•McKinnon says there were maybe 25 rows on the excel spreadsheet with officers’ ranks and names, and that the ships had the prefix ‘USS’ just like American sea vessels.
•He claims there is evidence of “material transfer between ships”, of which he says there are “possibly eight to ten.”

McKinnon believes all of this evidence suggests that the US has a fleet of warships in space, which might account for why the Bush administration were so keen to have him incarcerated in the States.

In parts 2, 3 and 4 (below), McKinnon expands on the information shared in this first part (and gives his reasons for not believing in the moon landings, among other things).

Many might be quick to label McKinnon a quack or a liar, but in this interview his body language doesn’t suggest he’s making anything up: in fact, during the course of the four-part interview, his story is remarkably insightful and consistent.


LSD Researchers: Drug Makes Future ‘Time Travel’ Possible

According to some of today’s top researchers time travel is possible …sort of. The research team at the University of Dundee and Imperial College London demonstrated recently that if you want to time travel into the future, you may be able to do so with the aid of LSD.

The researchers say that LSD radically alters a person’s perception of time, which then allows those who ingest it to think about the future in new ways.

Inverse recently reported some fascinating information on LSD time travel:

The research team — which included David Nutt, Ph.D. and Robin L. Earhart-Harris, Ph.D, prominent champions of modern LSD research — aimed to explore acid’s neurological and psychological effects on mental time travel.

As described in a new Journal of Psychopharmacology article about the study, dropping acid quiets the default mode network, an interconnected matrix of brain regions that turns on when we daydream about the past. Specifically, the default mode network is associated with “autobiographical memory recollection” and “ruminative thought.” When this network is less active, we’re less likely to time-travel to the past — giving us more space to mentally travel to the future.

For the study, the researchers hooked up half of their 20 volunteer participants to an IV drip of LSD, while the other half was given plain saline. As the acid trips unfolded over the next two hours, the researchers scanned participants’ brains using functional magnetic resonance imaging, a technique that allows them to see the regions being flooded with blood — that is, the ones that are the most active. In this case, the parts associated with the default mode network lit up.

While they were still tripping, the participants were interviewed about their thoughts, and the researchers took note of specific words they used to refer to the past, present, and future. Corroborating what the researchers discovered about the active brain regions, all of the participants on LSD spent significantly less time discussing the past than their sober counterparts but paid just as much attention to the present and future.

Time traveling backwards rarely ends well: as sci-fi series like 11.22.63 repeatedly point out, you can’t change the past. And yet many of us can’t help but mentally travel back in time to attempt to grapple with our personal histories, even though we know doing so will only make things more confusing. It’s an especially common trait in people with depression, who not only spend more time than usual rehashing unchangeable memories but have been shown to have more active default mode networks. It’ll still be a while before psychiatrists start playing BTTF2-era Doc Brown and handing out tabs of blotter paper to their patients, but the research, like so much of the current work focused on hallucinogens, is itself a glimpse into the future of mental health treatment.


"Bernie Sanders on Expanding Social. SENIOR VOTER OUTREACH: Americans, by an overwhelming majority support Expanding Social Security, not cutting it. Bernie has an effective plan to do so, and he is the ONLY candidate who does, all the others will likely cut it.

American seniors need to know this! Share the below youtube video link on all senior related social media pages, with the title "Bernie Sanders on Expanding Social Security, NOT CUTTING IT."


read more. watch film at: www.WeRaLLOne.com





Getting Bernie Sanders elected President WILL NOT BE A SPECTATOR SPOR...T. If it is going to happen it will require YOU to become a full time organizer between now and Nov. 2016. This page is a HOW TO MANUAL to show you how to become a powerful organizing force using your computer.

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3) DO NOT waste time arguing with people who do not support Bernie, they will suck up all your precious time. When I trained under Progressive Democrates of America Founder, Tim Carpenter, we leafleted on street corners (before the Internet). Tim told me to not argue with people, because as I spent 30 minutes arguing with that person I would never convince, 20, 30, or 50 people who already agreed with our cause would walk by and never get our information about our movement. When someone argues, just move on ... spend your time, ORGANIZING, ORGANIZING, ORGANIZING.

3) Start "friending" other Bernie supporters. Fill your Friend capacity with Bernie supporters, to create a national network of Bernie supporters that can communicate rapidly and instantly when needed. (The Arab Spring Revolutions were conducted using Facebook, you have tremendous power in this computer you are now reading this on, if you use it well. We'll show you how).


Bernie has given you a powerful organizing tool, his years of straight talk, available on Youtube, is something you can use to BECOME THE MEDIA.

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Write a comment on Ms. Shulz's FB page:

ALSO, send your messages to the DNC (Democratic National Committee):

Sample message for Debbie:
"Dear Debbie, as Chair of the Democratic Party it is crucial that you hold as many debates as possible so the American people can hear the candidates position. THE CURRENT NUMBER AND POOR TV TIMES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. We need more Democratic TV debates and we need them in prime time viewing slots."

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B) Corporate media attempts to divide Bernie Sanders from minority voters. Here's what you can do.

Black Lives Matter Activist, Dr. Cornel West, Endorses Bernie Sanders in this Youtube video. Take this Youtube video and post it on every Black Lives Matter FB, Twitter, etc. page, and include this title "Black Lives Matter Activist, Dr. Cornel West, Endorses Bernie Sanders"

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African Americans will respond to Bernie's message, of free university education, expanding social security, raising minimum wage to $15 per hour as well (see below).

Enter in the Facebook search box "Black Lives Matter New York" and you'll see a drop down list of FB pages related to this. Contact each of them to post the above title and video. Then type "Black Lives Matter California" and you'll find another list. What I do is open a U.S. State Maps image by searching google for one, and I methodically go state by state until I've contacted Black Lives Matter, etc. groups in all 50 states.

Bernie Sanders has long been a champion of Immigration Reform and worker's rights, and when Hispanic Americans know this, as well as Bernie's "Free University" "Raise Minimum Wage" "Expand Social Security" they will vote for Bernie by the millions. BECOME THE MEDIA!

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Enter in the Facebook search box "Immigration Reform New York" and you'll see a drop down list of FB pages related to this. Contact each of them to post the above title and video. Then type "Immigration Reform California" and you'll find another list. Use your imagination to do searches to find relevant Latino, Latino Rights, Democratic Latino or Hispanic social media pages to search for. What I do is open a U.S. State Maps image by searching google for one, and I methodically go state by state until I've contacted Black Lives Matter, etc. groups in all 50 states.

Bernie is the ONLY candidate calling for FREE UNIVERSITY EDUCATION FOR ALL AMERICAN STUDENTS. University students need to know this. Post this below video on all university and student organization websites, with a title "Bernie Sanders on Free University Education for ALL Americans"

NOTE: I've been organizing for 40 years, before the Internet. You may not realize the power your computer gives you to BECOME THE MEDIA, you can effectively leaflet thousands of people a day effectively by sharing Bernie's youtubes like this one. Spend 1, 2, 3, 4 hours a day doing these actions, and then urging other Bernie supporters to do so, by sharing this Facebook Organizing page on all Bernie related sites. You can help create an army of Bernie supporters who are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ORGANIZERS. YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND IMAGINATION, IF YOU USE THIS COMPUTER WELL.

All American university and college student need to see the above video, and YOU can help make that happen by posting the above youtube video link on all student related social media pages.

Enter in the Facebook search box "Student Organizations New York" and you'll see a drop down list of FB pages related to this. Contact each of them to post the above title and video. Then type "College Student Groups California" and you'll find another list. What I do is open a U.S. State Maps image by searching google for one, and I methodically go state by state until I've contacted university student groups and organizations, etc. groups in all 50 states.

Americans, by an overwhelming majority support Expanding Social Security, not cutting it. Bernie has an effective plan to do so, and he is the ONLY candidate who does, all the others will likely cut it.

American seniors need to know this! Share the below youtube video link on all senior related social media pages, with the title "Bernie Sanders on Expanding Social Security, NOT CUTTING IT."

Enter in the Facebook search box "Senior Organizations New York" and you'll see a drop down list of FB pages related to this. Contact each of them to post the above title and video. Then type "Senior Organizations California" and you'll find another list. What I do is open a U.S. State Maps image by searching google for one, and I methodically go state by state until I've contacted Senior Organizations, Senior Democrats, Social Security Groups, etc. groups in all 50 states.

BY NOW YOU GET THE PICTURE OF HOW TO USE YOUR COMPUTER TO BECOME A POWERFUL FORCE. Below are videos of Bernie on other issues, such as GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling, which ALL natural and whole foods social media groups should know about, and you can make it happen by posting Bernie's youtube, with a title "Bernie Supports GMO Labeling."

We don't have to convince people by wasting time on arguing his points online. Millions already agree with Bernie, they just don't know it yet. Use the below videos as the ones above have been explained and you'll reach the masses with Bernie's message.

BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTS GMO LABELING - send to all natural foods / wholefoods social media

BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTS GREEN ECONOMY - post to all environmental social media pages, global warming, etc.


BERNIE SANDERS SEEKS TO CUT MILITARY SPENDING - post to all peace related websites

Folks this revolution to fix America, get us off a war and oil economy and onto one that cares for our children and our sick and elderly WILL NOT BE TELEVISED.

WE MUST BECOME THE MEDIA, and the above techniques empower you to be that.

And when Bernie wins ... OUR WORK WILL TRULY BEGIN ... these massive Facebook Friend networks we are building now by adding Bernie supporters to your FB, Twitter, etc. friends ... will have to work even harder to impliment Bernie's revolution.

This campaign is a training ground for the real battle. When Bernie gets elected we will have to deluge Congress and media with demands that Bernie's common sense solutions be implimented. We will have to make sure that every Congress person who stands against a $15 minimum wage wakes up to hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls demanding that working Americans have a livable wage.

When they try to cut, rather than expand social security, they need to be bombarded with demands from us.

And we will have to become an army of media watchdogs, watching corporate media, and when they spin their corporate spin against Bernie's solutions .... these media hosts must wake up to hundreds of thousands of calls and emails.


If you look at the FCC charter, you find that the airwaves that CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. use ... do not belong to them ... they belong to the American people. And we have the right to demand that they report news, not act as PR firms for corporate interests.


Bernie cannot do this ... but WE, TOGETHER, AN ARMY OF INTERNET ACTIVISTS CAN. Save this page, keep busy with it. Share it with every Bernie supporter and social media page you can find. Post links to this page constantly so that as new Bernie supporters come onto those sites, they are educated on how to become power house activists, not just Bernie fans.



Dear Ones, Take a deep breath and prepare for many changes that are waiting to come out. On face value it may seem that some are destructive where your present systems are concerned. However, all actions should be viewed with the greater picture in mind, as you are starting a period of multiple changes. At each stage you will naturally view them according to their immediate effect. However if you could see the result in the long term, you would appreciate how each happening is part of the whole process of change. Most of you already know that the events that are happening, are for your release from the hold the dark Forces have over you. Mother Earth is already making changes for that reason and she will “shake” the dark Ones with her actions. At times depending on where you are on Earth matters will seem to be a threat to you, but remember that changes to the surface of the Earth are inevitable as the cleansing takes place. Be assured that the Galactic Federation will be active at such times, and if necessary will remove you if you are in danger of being seriously affected. Try not to fear the changes as you will not be directly affected unless it is for karmic reasons. It is often difficult for us to intervene in such circumstances, but given the authority to assist you, we can re-locate you until the danger to you has passed. It is recorded in your history where many civilisations have simply disappeared without trace.

Much is taking place without your knowledge, but all happenings on Earth are monitored by the Galactic Forces. They direct the energies where possible into areas where it causes the least affect to any life forms. However, there are times when major changes are needed when land masses are re-shaped and waterways altered. At such times it is more important than ever to keep calm, and avoid giving your energies up to fear. Keep calm and by doing so you will help others to do the same. Inevitably some fear will accompany major changes but assure people that all of them are for the betterment of Earth. The old that no longer serves any purpose in the New Age must go to make way for the new. Where possible changes will be moderated so as to give you every opportunity to accommodate them. You have more than one civilisation overseeing the changes, so you may rest more easily knowing that the higher forces are in charge. The event taking place is of major significance to the Solar System which is why it is attracting so much attention.

You will experience a parting of the ways as the vibrations continue to increase. It is inevitable and necessary to provide the next stage in Humanity’s evolution. This occurs at the end of each solar cycle and is why people in relationships are not bound to each other. It gives souls an opportunity to re-access their progress and future needs to continue evolving. Your experiences whilst incarnated upon Earth have toughened you in readiness to serve others, and you are greatly loved and appreciated for having done so. You have proved your strength and determination in adversity, and are able to handle whatever situations you find yourselves in. Deep down you will remember that you all volunteered to grow through your Earth experiences, and nowhere else could have offered such a great opportunity to succeed in such a short time.

As you move through the last remnants of the old cycle, you will direct your thoughts more to understanding the New Age. It will be so different to what you have known, and a very pleasant surprise as you find great happiness and freedom to follow your desires. No longer will you be forced to encounter the negative energies and you will be able to follow your chosen path without interference. There will be many wise souls to give assistance in making your choices as to your future plans. So do not be concerned at this time if you are unsure as to what direction your life plan will take you in. Until you take your place as a Galactic Being you cannot be expected to fully understand your future needs.

Once you move out of the lower vibrations, you will soon forget the trials of living in duality but always remember the lessons you have learnt. Naturally some of you reading these messages will already have had a level of full consciousness, but come down in your vibrations to serve in the lower dimensions. For that reason your memories of existing in the higher vibrations will return much quicker. You have held the knowledge in your sub-consciousness, and it has helped you through your experiences. God holds Unconditional Love for you all and does not distinguish from one to another, and sees you all as equals. So those souls who feel unworthy of God’s Love, should know that they are held in great esteem as much as any other soul.

When you look around you bear in mind that each soul you see, is simply acting out a life plan that is especially suited to their needs. So make allowances for whatever circumstances exist around you, and never forget that each soul is exactly like you regardless of whatever path they are following. Understanding the truth regarding each souls life plan, would help you realise that there is in reality no difference from one to another. With such an understanding the need to make judgements of other souls becomes unnecessary as you are All One. It is for this reason that you are considered to be your Brother’s Keeper and why all members of the Human Race should show love and compassion to each other. Knowing this should enable you to send love to those who live in the depths of darkness, as they need your help more than any soul, if they are to return to the Light. They can be awakened by the higher energies even though they have renounced their belief in the Oneness of all Life.

It is intended that re-valuation shall take place now, after many delays. However, bear in mind that it will initially be those currencies that are most important for this time period. You may see it as the beginning of the end of the ability of the dark Ones to dictate the course of Humanity. You are breaking free from their “prison” that has held you back from true progress for hundreds of years. The most recent period has been the most critical for you, where you have found yourselves prevented from moving forward to benefit from the many advancements that have been held back. That situation is in the course of being changed, and there are now many different sources ready to come out. It is still too dangerous for many people to become public with their inventions, but with the large numbers involved means they cannot be restrained for much longer. Be assured that where people feel prompted to go ahead and have the confidence to do so they will be helped.

For some long period of time you have waited expectantly for matters to come into being, but for various reasons many have been put back. That period has now almost passed and a time is being entered where those of the Light will have far more freedom of movement and expression. Much has been building up over the years and soon the flood gates shall be opened, and at times you will feel overwhelmed by the speed of events taking place. In the recent years much progress has been made and as soon as circumstances permit, there will be plethora of new inventions released. You may be shocked but not surprised to learn that you have been seriously held back for some 100 years. However, you will not be denied for much longer, and when peace on Earth finally arrives one surprise after another will be released in quick succession. There may still be unforeseen delays, but the changes for your betterment will be yours to enjoy before much longer.

You have so much to learn about your Earth and how your history books are far from accurate, having been written without true knowledge of it. When the time is appropriate your Galactic family will ensure that you all have an opportunity to learn your true history. They can illustrate their points by showing you events that took place in your past, as they actually occurred. In the larger picture you will see how the Human Race has been falsely informed as to its history, and particularly in recent times. You will learn the truth behind the cause of two World Wars, and it is bound to cause shock and horror having regard to the enormous loss of life. There is no way that the truth can be distorted or manipulated, and it will not be revealed to lay blame on anyone, but to put the record straight.

Those responsible for your “imprisonment” upon Earth will answer to higher authorities than ours. They will be removed from the Earth so as to ensure that their influences are no longer able to interfere with the new energies. The days are coming when you shall be free from all interference, so that you can live your lives as you choose but in absolute peace. It has to be experienced to understand what that means, as words seem inadequate when trying to describe absolute peace and harmony. Your present lives are but a sad reflection of what is coming to you, so every effort you put in to lift up into the higher vibrations will be well worth it. At the higher level you can meet your true family and friends who you have long forgotten, but will soon recall once you meet again.

There will almost certainly come a time when people will need to know what is happening on Earth, and how will it affect their future. As one of those who are holding more knowledge that can help others to understand, you will be called upon to help out until the news can be broadcast on a worldwide basis. It will be done in such a way that everyone regardless of where they are will have the opportunity to receive it. Our own representatives will also be amongst you, and indeed many already are and have been doing their best to inform as many people as possible as to what is taking place.
I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

This message comes through my Higher Self.
Mike Quinsey. Treeofthegoldenlight.com


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Awakening of all Awakenings

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ)in his Mission of Love.

Greetings Dear Family,

This moment is upon all of us to remember our callings and why we are here on Mother Earth. Many are still not awake for they are all caught up in their 3D illusion. Too much looking outside for their reality, thinking and seeing with their five senses, rather than with their sixth-sense/intuition.

As has been told, many times in latter messages: go within to get all answers!

Your world is changing all around, but some are not aware, for many are too busy with material things and have gotten off their paths and forgotten the contract they signed before incarnating this last time.

Dear Ones, the end is at hand, to go to and reach your Glory... for what your soul has been longing for and working toward for eons. Please, feel your heart calling for you to wake up from your deep sleep and remember who you are, Beloved Ones.

Gaia cannot wait for you any longer; she is more than ready to Ascend and reach her Glory, which is long overdue. She loves you, her children. She stopped her Ascension and waited three more years for you to catch up to ascend with her. Now you don't want to miss going with her, again? Dear ones, you are the ones you have been waiting for... to bring the Light into the world to assist your Mother Earth... for she could not do this without you! You have come thus far; do not delay yourselves any longer!

Please, do not think for one moment that you are not good enough, for you all are Masters from all the many lifetimes... which are thousands... and Beloved Ones, you have the experience to create worlds! This you must not let pass because of your sleeping in illusions!

We up here know most are awakening and want to be on their way to abundance, Peace, Love and Light... and much more.

This is our message to all mankind for all things are starting to pop, so to speak. We wanted to give this one more try for the climax and it's momentum.

It will take 26,000 more years to come by this way again. This is why we keep repeating the above truth for all to realize the seriousness of us doing this, from our hearts to your heart. Dear Ones, Mother Gaia invites you all to come with her.

We shall close on a higher note to let you know you are loved beyond all measure and we are here to assist you in reaching your goal!

Wake up ! -- Your Crystal Light Chambers are waiting!!

Believing is Seeing!

Your brother,


Thank you Beloved Ashtar,


Ascension Update
 2016 -
What a wild ride this has been! I will share some of the things I have seen/experienced. On the day of the equinox during the work day there was a massive movement of humanity within the astral planes. This seemed to be a polarity reversal on the non physical self, the observer self or soul. The polarity shift was from magnetic south orientation to magnetic north orientation. In practical terms the non-physical awareness transferred to the spiritual planes where it remains immortal. The physical body remains mortal but the soul has been awakened at all levels! At the death of our physical bodies this new awareness and non physical body will remain. This is what has been attained!

On the morning of the blood moon there was a massive creation of new timelines and a closure of old timelines. The circuit or circle has been completed and all energy is now flowing in a new way, one it has never flowed through before. This has been followed every day by massive transformation within the astral and heavy astral activity each night since then.

Last night/this morning I had a dream of someone pulling a painter's cloth or dust cloth over the room I was in. Several people were in the room and I resisted. It was like a great hall. The person pulling the cloth over everyone and everything tried to calm me and said, "Everything is all right!" There was nothing I was able to do.

The dream shifted to what seemed a van or vehicle with people inside like a FEMA vehicle. People were coming and going and I was simply sitting inside watching the people come and go. There were other vehicles and I was in one of them. A young male went around making sure that everyone was taken care of. He had dark smudges all the way around his eyes and it struck me later that they were shaped like to eye openings in a skull. It was like his skull was showing through his flesh but his face was normal looking and friendly. Then an alarm went off and people were told to stay in the vehicle. There was to be no going back and forth and the other vehicle left. Ours was simply waiting. It was not the first to go.

This was obviously a transition dream of some kind with the people in it including me, waiting to transition to another location/reality. Everything was calm and orderly and I was calm and relaxed as I waited for the move when our vehicle would go. End of dream.

The massive shifting of the astral planes does indicate large shifts in reality and I suspect most will happen by the next full moon, the Samhain full moon when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. That's all for now.

St. Germain The soft heart
 2016 - 8:57pm |  hilarion

The softness of the heart.

The weakness of the heart.

What heart do?  Feel

What heart do, know.

What heart do? see.

A special form of knowing comes from the heart.

The heart can develop in this direction.

However, a difference from common belief, usual belief,

is that there is a path that is not as so fruitful,

and there is a path that is more fruitful.

Much lack of love experiencing is due to schism between thinking and feeling.

Setting standards for the heart which the heart will never completely fulfill

is self cruelty.

It is heart abuse, it is self abuse.

And only sets the stage for more schism, and more of less love.

Its as if you are in love with your self but just cant quite arrange the meeting.

Now I recommend you try it this way.

Allow your heart to feel.

Forget standards.

You are not your heart's judge, at least not now.

Your heart may know that it can feel anything now, everything now..

and there are never to be repercussions for it, for that, now or for the rest of your life.

Now the heart may feel freely.

It need not hold back.

There is now a chance that you, that your being can heal your schism,

and find its way back (you, your being) into its wholeness,

which is always its home.

In all the love I can Imagine,

I am St. Germain


St. Germain War

Your people.

They like to chase each other around for eating a plant,

for having sexual relations ,

for who they love,


War, war and more war.

Then there is greed.

My own energies are not enough for me to feel well, so i will create outer and inner illusions which allow me  to trap and steal other's life force.


War, war, war.

Clean up your houses.

In truth, not in the war of superficial presentation of oneself to oneself and to others.

Destroy yourself if necessary.

Morals, ethics.

Be not decieved.

Take a vow..i shall not steal life from others.

No matter what I am left with.

Even if I can barely function.

Survival, war.

You ask why you have wars?
This is why you have wars - people wanting other people's stuff ... at every level.

Esta' bien, very well. Become alive if you can.
Yours in wellbeing,
St. Germain



Angels My dear friends, we love you so very much,
The deeper you surrender in faith and trust to God's grace, the more magical your lives will become. You do not have to solve a single challenge on your own or figure out how to make a single dream come true without assistance. We, your angels are here for you as emissaries of God's love and the Divine itself lives and breathes within you, always guiding you through the whispers in your heart.


Yet human beings have a tendency not to trust God because subtly you may still believe that "God" or the "Divine" is a person outside of yourselves. People have disappointed you and so you fear the Divine may disappoint you. It is all too human to try to remain in control of how life must look. It is such sweet surrender to listen to your heart's guidance in the moment and enjoy your lives, while at the same time being gently carried forward. Dear ones, God cares about you. Divine love lives within you. There is no separation. You are part of something so much greater than your individual personalities. You are part of One, infinite, unending, constant Love.


So when you have a challenge, pray. Dear God, Dear Divine Source, Dear Angels, I give thanks for the perfect solution to this challenge. This would be my will, but if you have something better I surrender to that. When you have a dream, pray similarly. Dear god, Dear Divine Source, Dear Angels, I give thanks for you bringing me this dream in the perfect time and the perfect way, and if you have better in mind I gratefully accept.


You are never alone. You are never without love and assistance. Dear ones, don't attempt to live life on your own for this is like a cell trying to live without understanding it functions within a big beautiful body, and that this cell's well being and joy contribute to the well being and joy of the whole. You matter. Your problems matter. Your dreams matter. Believe and you will receive.


God Bless You! We love you so very much.


-- The Angels



Choosing Organic Or Artificial Reality
I am receiving holistic messages from all over the place. Thought I would share them with you.

First of all I have been hearing from different sources that the Blue Avians are part of the Matrix programming that was put into place long ago and now they are being used to entice people to accept what is essentially the artificial matrix that is positively polarized. As most of you know by now we are moving out of the negatively polarized matrix but all realities are in fact holographic matrices. There is organic holographic reality and artificial holographic reality. I have seen the Blue Avians via third eye viewing upon request. To me it seemed a very beautiful and light experience. In fact I was so filled with love and bliss that I was crying with joy. But this does not mean they are organic. I don't really know. I do know that it doesn't matter. What matters is that we KNOW all realities are holographic and our true power lies in our ability to remain lucid as we experience different realities. The problem with artificial realities is that they are managed by someone other than YOU. So you are not exactly sovereign or in control of your experience. Although we are positively polarizing we must ask ourselves do we wish to remain part of a plan that is managed by artificial intelligence and control freaks? I don't. So it always goes back to this. Ascension is about being fully awake and operating from higher mind not ego. Artificial beings do not FEEL compassion. They cannot take memory organically with them into a new body. They have to do that artificially.

The Earth is a magnificent and beautiful being that agreed to experience the matrix both negative and positive. This is newly integrated for me. I was never sure about that until now. She is so intelligent and amazing. She is aligning herself and using the matrix to return us to an "organic timeline". I did not understand that phrase until recently because I know that time is not real but what it means is a natural golden ratio alignment that supports natural unfolding realities verse artificial timelines that are created and inserted into the earth grid and our consciousness. This energy we are entering into is Matriarchal. This is balanced masculine and feminine energy. There are in fact positive ETs or angelic beings around us. But they are also part of the matrix. This might sound wrong to you if you do not understand the true meaning of the word matrix. It comes from MATERNAL, MATTER, A MATER, etc. All realities are made by bringing order to chaos. That structure is made of light and shadow. This is how we experience our realities. But if we are not aware of that then we are victims of that reality organic or artificial. The positive ETs that call themselves ascended beings are part of a matrix. You and I are avatars that are part of a matrix. But what we actually are is intelligent star being made of light just like the sun and our earth. If you look at the kabbalah and superimpose the human form over it you can see how the chakras align.

Our "Father" creator is Orion Nebula. Michelangelo made certain that he encoded into his paintings the message that our human brains were made in the exact image of the nebula of Orion. How he knew this I do not know. It could have been shown to him by ETs or he could have had visions of future Hubble images. I personally have had third eye visions that were high definition and would have been able to paint something like that if I had photographic memory and was a great painter. Alas I am not. Anyway, Orion would be the organic living light source that fuels our sun and our planet. In the center of the nebula is the star of David. To the right of the star is an actual rear view image of David just like Michelangelo's statue of David. MA's Creation of Adam painting is a brain and every being in the painting from God to the angels exactly aligns with Orion Nebula details. The stars in the core of the star of David are where the pineal would be. The Y at the bottom of the star is the same as the Y at the base of your brain leading to the spinal chord. You can also see this in the satellite images of Giza. The earth is also made in the image of the creator. There is a reason these holy places on earth are holy and why they are named after the power points of the body. There is a reason many towns in England and around the world are named after stars.

Now it is said that the pineal gland could be alien technology that was implanted into humans when we were created. I have no way of knowing that but if this were the case then all animals and humans were still made in the image of the creator as the macro brain of Orion also has a "pineal gland" at its core. The pineal is where information is translated and projected as holograms onto the fabric of space. But Orion is a natural formation. His creator is the spark that we call the Prime Creator. What is happening right now I am being shown is CERN is trying to open a portal between Saturn's polar Star Gate and Earth that will allow entities to hijack our organic reality and replace it with theirs. I can only assume that is because they will no longer be able to withstand the frequencies on earth any longer. However those that are in tune with their higher consciousness, organic Sun and Orion will remain on the organic timeline. Earth is doing her best to help us through this.

I have said before that the Illuminati are not necessarily evil or wish to harm people. It is a group of individuals with secret knowledge and many believe they are doing what is best whether we think so or not. But for the sake of understanding the big picture they are actually worshiping Saturn because it represents the material world. They LOVE the material world and want to control it. This is in direct opposition of course of God the creator which is all natural design through golden ratio geometry on a quantum physics level. But they copy nature using artificial technologies. This is why Fibonacci is significant. It represents matter whereas Phi represents eternity. This is why Gold is so important to them. It is the closest thing to God as they can get in the world. A literal city is their heaven. A literal MAN is their God. This is all a sad attempt to best nature.

They will be sending frequencies into the pineal gland. It is like a wireless computer. Just ask and you shall receive. I asked to see Jesus and I did. He was beautiful. But he is not real. I know this in my heart. I saw Buddha as well. The brain is amazing. You can see the signs from the 666 to the cube. It is interesting the CERN's logo is 666 and a 9 is in there as well. The nine could stand for the nine degrees that the earth has tilted recently. This has a lot to do with climate changes. But they are not from humans. To include the 9 is like a kick in the teeth from those trying to manipulate humans. Saturn corresponds to Satan/Ego or the Anti Christ meaning artificial matrix. The spinning hexagon at the poles of Saturn were reported long ago by Richard Hoagland to be a hyper dimensional star gate. Now all of the pieces are coming together. The Star Gate is about 4 Earth's wide and made of ammonia. Gases don't make 45 degree angle turns unless it is hyper dimensional physics. Saturn represents materialism, worldliness, power and it is ruling over earth right now.

We have been prepped to respond to the worldly God. Jesus, Buddha, Sananda will all be holographically projected as a reality. That does not mean they are organic realities. This is why it is always best to trust in your own heart and higher mind than to seek outside yourself for love, appreciation, acceptance or whatever you think you need to be special or complete. Your power comes to you directly from the creator. You do not need a middle man or a personalized god to live a beautiful life in peace. The real danger at this point is in allowing yourself to be assimilated as an artificial being, to accept technologies into your body or to hook up to virtual realities that pamper the ego. That is how you lose your compassion and your soul. If you want to be sovereign and walk with the highest of the high in a natural time line then simply remain fearless and in a constant state of love. Tame the ego, sharpen the mind. Mind and body discipline is a crucial part of spiritual evolution. If you do not master your self someone else will. If I were a power and control freak with advanced knowledge and technologies, naturally I would go to this extent in the game of life. Put yourself in the place of the evil ones to understand them. This is called empathy not sympathy. No one is telling you to act the same way these sad people do. Just understand it. And as for the ascended masters and angels remember they are holograms and so are we. We are all the same but different aspects of the ONE. So it doesn't make a lot of sense to worship them. We were told not to worship idols. It is like bowing to your reflection. A little cray cray. Go ahead and imagine, create and play. Be in love with life.

The goal here in my opinion at this pivotal point in the history of humanity is to wake up and remember how to take your memories and compassion into the next life. The earthly body is not eternal but the soul is. Don't let them frighten you into using their magic. Do not fear death. Fully integrate compassion, lucidity, and physical transformation as your reality and nothing can harm you.


Conversation between Blossom Goodchild & the Galactic Federation of Light on:

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom: Good morning. I have no agenda in particular … for I KNOW you chaps have it already sorted. Have you not?

The Federation of Light: Indeed we have. We thank you for your assistance in bringing through our quota of messages and we regulate them from a place of KNOWING … that we … in OUR KNOWING of who we are … give reference to that which we FEEL will serve humanity to its fullest capacity .

Therefore, may we suggest that today, we speak to you about your continual upliftment … about the process in which you are encountering in these very days …

Blossom: By all means … go ahead. Again, I am feeling you would like to speak through me … is this the way it is to be from now on?

The Federation of Light: Not necessarily and yet, we can monitor the Energy that is uplifted as one listens to our words, on a more profound level than when one is merely reading the words. Each does one good … yet, the Sound Vibration … as we have said … offers a greater Energy to the soul and therefore, assists us and yourselves in the changing into Higher Vibrational living.

Blossom: It’s no problem for me either way. Whatever is best. I am set up and ready to go.


The Federation of Light:

Once again we come through in this way via the lady Blossom … to offer words of encouragement … to offer words of upliftment … to offer messages of hope. To assist your Being in THE KNOWING OF WHO YOU ARE.

Many of you may be saying to yourselves … ‘Yes, thank you. We are aware of this … for you have said it many, many times!’

The lady Blossom is finding this banter rather amusing … for indeed, it is so … and yet, she understands … throughout the years of bringing our messages through … of the reasons why we continue forth in the same vein … in the same manner.

We wonder though … how many of you have cottoned onto the fact … that throughout these years of listening to our words … of reading our messages … your Vibration … along with ours … along with ALL THAT IS … has moved into a Higher position. Therefore, we maybe offering you the same words and yet, they come from a HIgher place of our Beingness … and they are received by you from a Higher place of your Beingness.

Do you see? Do you FEEL the difference? Do you accept in your Truth that you are no longer who you thought you were in the years before this day? You are somebody different. Do you understand of this?

Let us try and explain. You come into this Earth plain … you are born into this world … this beautiful Planet of yours … time, after time, after time … to experience LOVE in ALL its forms. In the lower Vibrational existence of LOVE and indeed … the very Higher Vibrational existence of LOVE … within the Energy system that you are able to receive, within the boundaries of your Earth plain.

You cannot receive a Higher Vibrational form of LOVE whilst in the physical format … if it does not exist upon your Earth’s Vibration. The lady Blossom is already questioning us … for she is saying to us that ‘Surely, this is not so. For when one removes the self from the physical … indeed, Higher Vibrations can be met, can they not?’  And we are saying ‘Indeed … but we were speaking to you of the physical format … and is it not so Dearest Friends … that it is while you are in your physical format that you become so frustrated … because you are not able to experience the LOVE that you FEEL you are waiting for? The LOVE ENERGY that we speak of.

'Why is it' … you say … 'that we can only reach these Higher Purer Energies when we decide to switch off from who we are in the physical form?' This is your dilemma is it not? And yet, we are now explaining to you … that the Energies … as we have spoken of … are pouring into your Earthly grid … THROUGH … your Earthly grid … for there is no other way. They are of a Higher Vibrational pull.

Therefore, as these Higher Energies are allowed … we would say … have been given permission … we would say … to come and merge with the very Energies that exist upon your Planet NOW … within your Planet NOW … as they merge … YOU … in your physical format that you find so frustrating … are able to lift your Vibration Higher and Higher … and on and on it goes. Deeper and deeper into your Being. And so as this takes place … you understand more OF your Being ... And as you do so … you move into a Higher part of yourself. Therefore, you are no longer who you used to be.

Dearest Ones … understand. These Energies that are coming through into your Planet NOW … shall become the Highest they have ever been. Even from long, long ago … before things went awry … and a little downhill … to say the least … shall we say.  Even before ALL that … the Energies within your Planet Earth were never on a level that they are turning out to be NOW … as your days move forward ... allowing you to discover the absolute beauty of your Truth of Being. And not only, Dearest Ones … shall you discover the beauty that lies within you and you therefore, allow it to shine out to ALL that is … not only that … yet, along with this beauty … comes the discovery … when we say of 'who you are' … of what you would term as ‘miracles’  … as ‘miraculous events.’

And when we speak of events in this particular moment … we are not speaking of incredible events that shall appear in your skies … No, no! We are speaking of incredible events that shall be performed by you! Miracles that shall be discovered from deep within you. And how much joy shall be emitted from your Being …out to the ALL as these wonders are discovered?

The lady Blossom is saying ‘How? How do we discover these miracles from within?’ And we say Dearest Souls … we say ‘You discover these miracles … when you stop trying to Be that which you are not and allow yourselves to Be that which you are.’

That which you are is LOVE as you know … and all you need to do is Trust in yourselves. You do not need to Trust in anything. You do not need to Trust in our messages. You do not need to Trust in anything other than yourselves … for you … yourselves … are all you need to Trust in. For you … yourselves … are it … you are LOVE. EVERYTHING IS LOVE so therefore … why do you need to Trust in something else … when all you need to do is Trust in yourself and the LOVE that you are ... and allow yourselves to BE THAT LOVE … simply by Being you.
How many of you beat yourselves around the head? How many of you damage your souls … through your own self demise?


When we take in … that which you are … When we acknowledge the Energy that is of your Planet Mother Earth … we beam Light to a greater degree … through the honour we give to you … FOR ALL THAT YOU DO … FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE … FOR ALL THAT YOU WALK THROUGH ON YOUR JOURNEY.
Our Light Shines Brighter because of YOU. YOU … THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG … who were chosen when volunteering. You … Each One … were chosen … as we have told you many times. You were chosen because of the Light that you are … to come down here and see your mission through. This mission of raising your beautiful Planet into a Higher Vibrational Light of itself.


YOU ARE DOING THIS …and yet, the time span for you seems eternal. Because you are caught up IN the time span. Yet, from our point of view … where there is no time … we do not get frustrated as you do. For we see the bigger picture. We see … if we put it in terms as we do so often … of the jigsaw puzzle and how many, many, many more pieces are falling into place.




WE LOVE YOU …. Thanks Be to ALL.

 End of session.

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.


Webpage: Blossom Goodchild 


~ Opening Seven Seals of God Consciousness ~ ArchAngel Michael ~

Beloved masters, it is time for you to take advantage of your physical and Spiritual senses in the fullest measure. You must redefine and learn to properly use the physical senses in order to access and develop the higher senses that became dormant so long ago: clairvoyance/clear seeing, clairaudience/clear hearing or telepathic abilities, clairsentience/clear knowing (that of an empathic, intuitive person with an expanded, inner sense of awareness). All of these heightened abilities are a part of your Divine Birthright just waiting for you to reclaim them.
We have discussed in great detail the seven major chakras of the physical vessel and outlined the positive and negative attributes/functions of each one. It is important that you also realize that each chakra and organ within the body has a consciousness of its own, which was overlaid and infused with the energies of your many past experiences and thought forms. You have not only created your outer world with your beliefs and the vibrational frequencies of your thoughts, but you have built your inner world as well.
Your body communicates with you in many ways, but do you know how to listen and interpret what it is telling you? I have stated this truth to you before, but it bears repeating. Many of you have accepted the fact that you can communicate and interact with the Angelic Realms and Beings of Light. However, most of you are still not aware that you can communicate with the many Facets of your bodily form.
Some time ago we gave you the gift of Seven Crystalline Spheres of Higher Consciousness, whereby you began the process of returning your chakra system to a harmonious state, by breathing Spheres of Light from your God Seed Atom / I AM Presence into each of the seven major chakra centers of the physical body. We had you breathe in a Sphere of Light, and then superimpose the Infinity Sign over each sphere/chakra to assist in accelerating the process of releasing impacted, disharmonious energy patterns, as you strive to reclaim the gifts of Self-mastery. The process of clearing, harmonizing and balancing the seven major chakras of the physical body results in an important initiation process called THE OPENING OF THE SEVEN SEALS OF GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS. As each chakra is returned to harmony within itself, a process is activated whereby an energy vortex is opened, and the perfected qualities and energy of that chakra are projected upward into the next chakra.
Also, the store of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light is released from each chakra, and begins to flow upward as the process is repeated until the Crown Chakra is activated, which allows an amazing and wondrous thing to take place: the chakra system begins to spin at such high revolution that it turns the spinal column into a blazing shaft of Light, and the five Higher Galactic Rays of the Creator pour down through the column of Light and infuse all your chakras with the luminescence of your GOD SEED ATOM.
That is the process that many of you have been experiencing these last few years, and since you are on an accelerated Path of en-Lighten-ment and transformation, much discomfort and distortion have been activated within the physical vessel. There was and is much to be released, rectified and balanced, for what has taken thousands of years to create is being transmuted in just a few short years. So please be gentle with yourselves, and consciously be aware that you are in the process of incorporating and transforming your human self into your shining Spiritual/human Self.
Allow us to give you another simplified exercise to assist you in tapping into the inner wisdom of your physical vessel. I will give you a key word for each chakra. Please study, review, and learn some of the attributes of each chakra, and then as you go about your daily life, when appropriate, chant or say the word for each chakra. (These words may be toned and held as long as comfortable if you wish.) As with toning the vowel sounds, start at your lowest, most comfortable note, and slowly move up the scale, as you repeat the word for each chakra. Or, you may tone them all at whatever frequency level is comfortable for you. Observe what comes to mind when you chant the key word and focus on the chakra. How do you “LIVE” with the energies of the Root Chakra? How do you “LOVE” with the energies of the heart, and so on?
The Root Chakra grounds your physical self to the Life Force Energy of Earth, and it gives stability (this is most important, for you must honor and maintain the physical body while reaching for the stars). When this chakra is functioning properly and in balance, you will have more vitality, courage and self-confidence. It will help you release old survival and scarcity issues, and help you to tap into your treasure chest of abundance.
Take a deep breath and TONE: “I LIVE.” 
Breathe deeply and TONE: UH (HUH). 
This is the seat of your physical/emotional self. When this chakra is in balance, you are no longer plagued by self-doubt, addictions, or sexual issues. You become attuned to the wisdom of your Soul Mind instead of the ego mind, and gradually, all of the old self-limiting thought patterns of the subconscious mind are replaced with self-confidence and emotional stability. You begin to take back your personal power as you learn to create joy, peace and prosperity instead of fear and limitation. 
Take a deep breath and TONE: “I FEEL.” 
Breathe deeply and TONE: OO (YOU).
This is the seat of your physical/mental self. When this chakra begins to spin in harmony, and only a few discordant energies remain, your self-esteem returns, knowledge turns into wisdom and clarity of thought. You regain self-control, and you become the master of your desires. You learn to set boundaries, and to honor the boundaries of others, as you draw forth energy from the Universal Source of Life Substance, and your own GOD SEED ATOM (I AM Presence), instead of tapping into the energies of those around you. The activation of your Solar Power Center begins at this point (SOLAR PLEXUS, HEART, THROAT AND THYMUS).
Take a deep breath and TONE: “I WILL.” 
Breathe deeply and TONE: OH (GO).
The Heart Chakra is the gateway to the higher chakras, which connect you to the Soul Self and your Fifth-Dimensional SACRED TRIAD. When your Heart Chakra is unbalanced or mostly shut down, you will function primarily as an instinctual human being, who is governed by the three lower chakras of the physical self. As you balance the energies of the heart mind/emotions (the LIFE AND LOVE FORCE ENERGY CENTERS of the body), you will tap into the unconditional Love Force of the God Mind. You swiftly release all energies and thought patterns which manifest as jealousy, envy, selfishness, guilt, or feelings of unworthiness. As you ignite the Three-fold Flame of Divine Will, Wisdom and Love, you will begin to develop a compassionate nature, and a oneness with life and all things. 
Take a deep breath and TONE: “I LOVE.” 
Breathe deeply and TONE: AH (FATHER). 
The Throat Chakra is connected to the astral / emotional plane or mental / causal plane, depending on the vibrational frequencies of the thoughts and words you project. This may seem confusing; however, since you create your own reality by the frequency patterns you radiate, the law of attraction assures that the lower frequencies you send forth will attract astral plane energies, and the higher ones will tap into the mental planes of consciousness. The ascension process entails mastering the physical plane, the astral (emotional) plane, the mental plane and, eventually, up into the Fifth Dimension, which is our Divine Blueprint Goal” for this Round of Ascension. Communication, the power of the spoken word, is one of the most important tools on the physical plane. When you begin to use the language of Love / Light and Soul talk, you will always speak your highest truth, you will be expressive and creative in speech, as well as in the written word, and you will become proficient in manifesting your vision for the future. 
Take a deep breath and TONE: “I SPEAK.” 
Breathe deeply and TONE: I (EYE).
The brow or Third Eye Chakra opens the door to the “inner senses.” First, by re-establishing the connection between you and your unconscious self (subconscious mind), and gradually, with your Higher Self, as the pure Cosmic Light Substance of the God Mind (called Rays) is allowed to enter and activate your God consciousness (the Inner Essence of you). You will move through the whispers of intuition into a “knowing” that you are being guided and inspired by Spirit. New knowledge, creative ideas and inspiration from the higher mental and intuitive planes will be accessible to you as you clear the distortions. Do not fear the seemingly dark energies or thought forms that float into your consciousness or before your eyes during meditation, beloveds, for these are your own miscreations coming to the fore to be healed and transmuted into Light. Love is the dynamic, cohesive Force of Creation, and when Love/Light is shined on any misqualified thought frequency, it is Lightened, and eventually transmuted. Also, remember to use the gift of the Violet Flame. 
Take a deep breath and TONE: “I SEE.” 
Breathe deeply and TONE: AYE (SAY). 
When the Crown Chakra is activated your Column of Light is opened, in preparation for the integration of the many levels of your OverSoul/High Selves. Gradually, as you progress, the wisdom, gifts and treasures stored within your SACRED TRIAD, which resides in the Fifth Dimension, will become available to you. As you demonstrate that you are ready to live and radiate the Love / Light / Truth of Creation, you will be infused with an ever-increasing flow of the attributes, qualities and virtues of the Twelve Rays of God Consciousness. 
Take a deep breath and TONE: “I AM.” 
Breathe deeply and TONE: EEE (ME).
To further assist you in reestablishing a pure, strong connection with your spiritual guides, angelic helpers, and your Soul Family, with whom you are to work as you move forward together into the Higher Realms of consciousness, we offer this exercise:
Focus your consciousness deep within your Sacred Heart as you take a few deep breaths. Envision (however you perceive) your Soul Essence within a Sphere of Light, move through the portal at the back of your Sacred Heart chamber. You move quickly up into the Fifth Dimension into a new Pyramid of Light, which has been especially designed as a meeting place for you and your Soul friends and companions, who are journeying together into the refined frequencies of the Higher Realms. Move into this Sacred Space and take your seat at the round crystal table. As you do so, look around the room, and take notice of those with whom you are to commune and work are also seated in the crystal chairs, surrounding the table. Take a moment to identify those who are with you in your Pyramid. Others will be added from time to time, and your Pyramid of Light will expand to accommodate them all.
As with all other Pyramids of Light in the Higher Dimensions, there is a double-terminated pure quartz crystal hanging down from the peak of the Pyramid over the crystal table in the center. Electrifying Lightning Sparks are radiating forth from the giant crystal out into the room. This is the rarified Essence of the Supreme Creator and our Father/Mother God–the Adamantine Particles of Divine Light. There is a fountain under the table, with a blazing Violet Flame pouring forth out into the room, which will transmute any discordant energy you bring into this place to be purified and released. Come to this Sacred Place often to strengthen your connections and your rapport with your Soul Family of Light.
My bold and brave ones, as the process of ascension accelerates, it is more important than ever that you take advantage of as many as possible of the advanced techniques of transformation. It may seem simplistic; however, the above exercise/meditation are powerful tools to assist in releasing old impacted vibrational patterns, and to assist you in the process of returning to an empowered state of duality, within the physical vessel, so that your Soul Song/Energetic Signature will become a beautiful, harmonious symphony of great magnitude and force.
We are endeavoring to give you all the necessary tools and information possible to assist you on your Path of Illumination. However, you must assume the responsibility for your return to Self-mastery. We are standing by to assist you, as you reclaim your rightful status as a Spiritual Being on a Divine mission for our Father/Mother God. We salute your bravery. You are loved beyond measure.
I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna *STAR*QUEST*



YOURSELF, TO BE OF PLANETARY SERVICE: All you need to do is to ground yourself, connect yourself with the Center of your planet Earth and then calling consciously upon the light frequencies from your Galactic Center to enter smoothly your atmosphere and to gently settle down on earth, thereby also harmonizing areas which are in imbalance. They can be areas anywhere on your planet but also living organisms, including the planetary kingdoms, the fauna and flora and the mineral world, and of course humanity and your own personal bodies and thought fields.

I have been contacted  today by a Being of Light with a very subtle beautiful energy and expansive Light. As I insisted on a name so that I would be able to present this Being to my readers, this Being said: “Call me Alpha”

Greetings!  I Am an inter-dimensionaI Being working at this point from the 8th dimension.
I do not live on a planet, but I Am  associated with planets somehow in a way that I am working to help to maintain the stabilization and balance of their energies. This work is not done arbitrarily, but I am asked by the citizens of a planet, or higher dimensional beings who are assisting with this task,  to help with this service, and they know me because of that. Basically I am directly connected with the High Light and Frequencies of the Galactic Center. And so you will understand that I help – by  balancing planetary energy fields – to strengthen their alignment with  the frequencies of the Galactic Center. This is  especially required, when the energy fields of planets are becoming unstable for several reasons, particularly when their dimensional vibration shifts.

Although I might appear to you as an individual, I am not, I am a group consciousness, you could say, whose members are able to work on  several projects simultaneously. We Are a conscious light- and energy-system which you could compare with a beehive, where  the many bees execute different tasks, while the queen is orchestrating their duties. In the same way you could understand My function as being the  central operation station for all the work that is being done.

I am now being called with my many “group members” to assist your planet in this process of ascension. And you are of course understanding why. Is it not that you observe or experience daily earthquakes? They and floods, storms and other unusual phenomena demonstrate to you that your planet’s vibrational  field is  shifting as She is being entering into the direct alignment with the Galactic  Center. And here my service is required.

In that sense I am an operating force of the  Galactic Center, overlightet by the Elohim who orchestrate and direct the Light-Consciousness of the massive Lightforce of your Great Central Sun in the Milky Way.

The reason why I am contacting humanity, is to offer cooperation with Us during this great shift, in  case you feel moved to participate in the process of your planetary shift with Us. We have noticed that there is a rising number of you who wish to assist in such a service.

All you need to do is to ground yourself, connect yourself with the Center of your planet Earth and  then calling consciously upon the light frequencies from your Galactic Center to enter smoothly your atmosphere and to gently settle down on earth, thereby also harmonizing areas which are in imbalance. They can be areas anywhere on your planet but also living organisms, including the planetary kingdoms, the fauna and flora and the mineral world, and of course humanity and your own personal bodies and thought fields.

It is of great advantage if you consciously draw these new mighty light-frequencies into your living and breathing fields, which helps to powerfully ground them on your earth. Every welcoming of them from your side  supports the capacity of your planetary system with all its inhabitants, to shift into the higher dimensions.

When you agree to participate in this work we then will assist your intention when you start doing the work or when you allow a general or basic continuous consent and personal opening  to receive these incoming frequencies from  the  Galactic Center.

This will greatly enhance the light and  conscious awareness on your planet and lessen more and more the capacity of denser frequencies and their manifestations to exist on your world.

Remember also that it is our task to make sure that  these highly empowering frequencies will be adapted in a smooth way to your and any other frequency so that you and all planetary kingdoms will not be overwhelmed by it’s force.

Great planetary, interplanetary and inter-dimensional work has always been done in a cooperative manner, where all directly involved and those who exist in the universe to support these processes, join forces.

We thank you for your assistance!
May the Love of the Source in which we all exist, Bless you and Expand your Heart!

I Am Alpha

Message conveyed by Ute



“Believing Is Seeing” – (Ascended Masters) Ashira and One Who Serves
16 April 2015 - 11:26pm |  jmcconn
James McConnell
Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on April 12,2015)

We thought we’d mix this up a little bit today. We thought we’d give you the opportunity to hear this message and then give you the opportunity to ask questions when we are with the “One Who Serves” after he has completed his message for you.

We want to say that we are so proud of you, all of us who work with you. We have continued to watch as you let the words we present each week dwell within your hearts and allow them to move into your very spirit and souls. And your highest self as well as you have been calling forth your names. You are finding out who you are as you move beyond those dimensions, between the dimensions, between the timelines. We are with you and for you!

Many of you have been seeing those lights in the corners of your eyes. We have been talking about that. And another way of explaining these experiences that you are having more and more is to share with you that this is your Lightbody that is making trips to other dimensions in times when you are sleeping, meditating and more and more during your waking hours.

Now that part of you that is in your Lighbody, your Light vehicle in the 5th dimension is not the same exactly as that which you are moving into NOW. It is a higher frequency, a higher vibration of that. And so as you move into the Lightbody and it comes to more slowly operate in this realm than you see pieces, you catch glimpses of the other lives and experiences that you are having at this time.

There are many in this room and many who are reading these words today that are feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted and we realize that. What we wish to share is that is the time for you to take more time off. Because as this shift is happening, you know in your heart of hearts, that there is very little time left where you are going to feel the aches and the pains and the need for slumber that you have at this moment. Everything that moves up into the next dimension, not only the fourth but also the fifth and so many of you are already operating at the fourth dimensional level, but as you continue to move up, the restorative sleep that you will have will be shorter but deeper and more profound.

The Lightbodies that you feel more and more as you are straddling the 3rd dimension and moving forward, these are your imagination bodies! These are the bodies that are creating this new world! These are the bodies that are vibrating, resonating and moving you as a soul forward.

And as you have been putting into practice, “Believing is seeing”, you move forward with this thought process. Those of you who are working with and putting into action these concepts have been able to see those ships in the clouds, have been able to see the angels moving across the skies, have been able to grasp in the deepest part of your being that you are busy, you are active. You are flying star ships in the night time and you are visiting counsels. You are busy doing the things you came here to do.
You are NOT sitting on the sidelines, my friend. That is only a perception of the reality in this 3D world where you sit on the sidelines and stay in boxes. That is no longer your truth. The truth is NOW that you are a free being, creating, seeing, being, doing. You are believing in the creation that you are manifesting and you are seeing it unfold. As the meditation assisted you today, you moved forward again in the creation of the New Earth, New World, New Gaia.

How many of you saw the New Earth without cities, without roadways? Without pavement and concrete? How many of you saw the planet without not only those of the human family who you have known in the 3 dimensional way? How many of you saw those of us standing beside you, the Galactics, Ascended Masters and more? All of you SAW this into creation! This is why we set the pace today with questions, conversations, meditation and the messages.

We spoke last week about how remarkable this is! Each week the choreography that goes on behind the scenes during the week to bring you exactly what you need to know, do and be for THIS very moment in time!

And time is another anomaly that is rushing by, speeding by. You may feel that there are just not enough hours in a day. You may feel that you have missed segments of time in your days. You may feel that time is irrelevant. You may feel that this time of the 3D world is passing through and around and away as well. For this is no longer an aspect of your life.
So many things are changing so quickly and yes, we are speeding up to use your time reference, we are moving you along this path of the NOW. Moving you along so you are ready to step into that next phase of your waking hours. Because there are so many things you are accomplishing in the period of time where you believe you are “sleeping” but indeed you are working on many different projects. You have come to be one of the selected few of the entire population. You begged to be a part of the 144,000. Now you wonder why?
We assure you that we embrace you. We love you. We are here with you and all of this continues to unfold. And you continue to see the world in a different way. You continue to build upon that which has been done here on the Sundays that you come together. And you are connecting with those around the world who are also on this path, ahead of the game let us say, to step into the role you came to play at this juncture.

We are proud of you because the conversations are no longer focused on “When will the money change. When will this change or when that will change,” because that is 3D world expectations and anticipations. If you notice in your body those things seem less and less important. The reason is that you are more and more in wholeness, unity and harmony.

We are so proud of you. You walk beside us. You work beside us. You do not necessarily recognize this in every moment of every day but as one of the group shared, you are all training to be coaches, teachers, mentors. And we celebrate that with you and in you.
So we will bring this part to a close and allow those who serve through James to speak with you and then be with you for questions.
All of our love and peace. Namaste.

“One Who Serves”
Greetings to you. Good to be with you again as always. This is “One Who Serves”. If you have not already figured that out! And we are here with a short message as well although that was a wonderful message from “Ashira”, was it not? It was very poignant and very much to the point.

And the point that we wish to make here, you might say we began today with the James’ here, was to help you to understand not only who you are as individuals yes, that is very important and you are coming to understand that in many respects. But we want you to know that you are all in training. You have been in training for as long as you have been coming to this group certainly, but even before this in your lifetimes leading up to this. You have been training and moving and working in this direction of being prepared and ready for that exact moment that you are coming to now.

It is said many, many times that it is soon and it is coming. It is not just soon or it is coming.
IT is here! It is all about you now. Just look around at the various signs. Now we are not saying to go on your news broadcasts and things of this nature, no certainly not what you would consider your mass media. Look at your various alternative news sites and not so much to see, certainly not the negative sources for they are keeping you there in the illusion. It keeps those who resonate to those sites, it keeps them in the programming they have been in a very long time. It does not allow them to awaken from their slumber.
You, yourselves, see beyond the scene, see beyond what is being shown there and realize it is all being orchestrated. It is all coming together. You, yourselves, preparing to be the teachers; preparing to be the coaches and preparing to be those who are preparing your way, preparing to show the way. You are those ones. You have come here for this reason.

As “Ashira” said, you wanted to come. You wanted to volunteer to come as one of the 144,000.
And here you are! This is the time you came here for. This is the moment you have been waiting and preparing for and it is, NOW!
So, we are so very proud of you. As our students. As our mentors as well!

Because we have been in the situation where you are now and you have been in the situation that we find ourselves in now. And it is a continuing cycle that we go through because it is all about being of service. And as you are working toward being of service you cannot be in negative conditions, even seemingly negative conditions.

So, allow for the process to continue. It is not going to be much longer as you know it now. Allow it to be what it is and find
yourself ready when the time comes to be thrust into that teacher mode, that leadership mode, because you are almost ready for it.

That is our message. Now we will take questions along with “Ashira”.
It would seem like we are doing too good a job these days. You are certainly going deep within yourself and that is very important. You are finding the answers within you and that is very wonderful.
If there are no questions, we will release channel.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!

Blessings. Have a wonderful week. Remember. Be of service in every place that you stand. In every relationship you have. And every conversation that you take. We love you. We bless you. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


Patricia Cota-Robles: Where Do We Go From Here? April 08, 2015
12 April 2015 - 10:10am |  Sloan2
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Dear Friends, I am sending this wonderful channeling from Patricia Cota-Robles because it continues the discussion I sent to you in my last message. She gives us a picture of the background of why we are struggling with dark thoughtforms now, and lays the historical foundation for our coming discussion about Sexuality and Love,


April 7, 2015

We have just been through an Eclipse Series that bathed the Earth and all her Life with the most intensified influx of Light Humanity has ever experienced. What does that mean for each of us individually and where do we go from here?

Well, the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have affirmed that we are truly in uncharted waters. For the very first time since we fell into the abyss of separation and duality aeons ago and lost Christ Consciousness, which is the enlightened state of awareness we were invested with by our Father-Mother God at our inception, Humanity en masse is in a position to RETURN TO CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. This means we are now vibrating at a frequency of Light that will allow us to actually reverse the adverse effects of our fall from Grace and reclaim our Divine Birthright as Christ Conscious Sons and Daughters of God. This is a critical step in our Ascension process and it is something that every man, woman, and child must accomplish in order to fulfill this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. This is true whether or not a person acknowledges or comprehends this profound Truth.

Because of the misinformation and disinformation about what Christ Consciousness truly means and the doubt in the minds of many as to whether or not the masses of Humanity could possibly attain that level of enlightenment, people are very confused. For that reason the Company of Heaven is reiterating the information they have shared with us over the years about this subject. Here is a brief overview of the information pouring forth from the Realms of Illumined Truth. Please take this information into the deepest recesses of your Heart and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you the Truth about Humanity's unprecedented opportunity to return to Christ Consciousness.


When we were first breathed forth from the Core of Creation as individualized Sons and Daughters of God, we were Birthed into an awakened state of Christ Consciousness. At that time, we were also invested with the creative faculties of thought and feeling, and given the gift of Free Will. We then received our gift of Life. This is our Lifeforce, the electronic Light substance that beats our heart, activates our brain, and enables us to think, feel, breathe, move, and exist as individualized expressions of our Father-Mother God.

The original Divine Plan was for the Sons and Daughters of God to learn how to become cocreators with our God Parents. Through our Free-Will choices and our unique ways of thinking and feeling, the intent was for us to create previously unknown expressions of Divinity that would increase the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God. This would expand exponentially the all-encompassing Divine Matrix that is our Father-Mother God's Body. The Body of God is the forcefield of Infinite Light and Divine Love within which every particle and wave of Life throughout the whole of Creation lives, moves, breathes, and has its Being.

Our Father-Mother God determined that the most efficient way for us to learn how to become cocreators would be for us to exist within the constraints of a 3rd-dimensional time and space continuum. This would allow us to experience what we were choosing to create through our thoughts and feelings in a much more tangible and physical way than would be possible in the timeless, spaceless frequencies of the Higher Dimensions.

With that decision, the Sons and Daughters of God who were destined to embody in our Solar System, on Planet Earth, began their Earthly sojourns.

When we were first embodied on Earth as Sons and Daughters of God, the hemisphere of our left-brain was activated by the Masculine Polarity of our Father God. That Polarity of God manifests as a sapphire blue Ray of Light that pulsates with the Masculine Qualities of Divine Will, Power, Illumined Faith, Protection, and God's First Cause of Perfection. After our Father God's Blue Ray of Light activated our rational, logical left-brain hemisphere, it awakened the power center within our Throat Chakra. Then it was anchored in the Divinity of our Heart as a beautiful blue plume of Sacred Fire.

Simultaneously, as our Father God's Masculine Polarity was activated within our left-brain hemisphere, our Mother God's Feminine Polarity was activated within the hemisphere of our right-brain. This Polarity of God manifests as a crystalline pink Ray of Light that pulsates with the Feminine Qualities of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for Life, and the Sacred Fire Breath of the Holy Spirit. Once our Mother God's Pink Ray of Light activated our creative, intuitive right-brain hemisphere, it awakened the Love center within our Heart Chakra. Then this Ray of Light was anchored in the Divinity of our Heart as a beautiful pink plume of Sacred Fire.

Once the Blue Flame of our Father God's Power and the Pink Flame of our Mother God's Love were perfectly balanced in the Divinity of our Heart, they merged into a magnificent Violet Flame. This Sacred Fire is known as the Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection. In Divine Timing, the Violet Flame blazed up from the Divinity in our Heart and expanded into our physical brain structure, activating our pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands, and the ganglionic center at the base of our brain.

Once the activation of our spiritual brain centers was complete our Crown Chakra opened to full breadth, and the full Divine Momentum of Christ Consciousness began flowing through our pineal gland into our mental and emotional bodies. We became fully aware of our Father-Mother God, the Company of Heaven, and our I AM Presence. In this natural state of awakened consciousness, we were able to easily communicate with all of the various Aspects of Divinity through open heart and mind telepathic communication.

Christ Consciousness is our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. It manifests as a yellow-gold Ray of Light that pulsates with the Divine Qualities of Enlightenment, Wisdom, Illumination, and Understanding. Once our Crown Chakra was open to full breadth and we began to receive the flow of Christ Consciousness, that Ray of Light was anchored in the Divinity of our Heart as a beautiful yellow-gold plume of Sacred Fire.

That event completed the physical manifestation of the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame that is blazing as the Divinity within every person's Heart. These three Flames, the Blue Flame of our Father God's Power, the Pink Flame of our Mother God's Love, and the Yellow-gold Flame of the Son and Daughter of God's Wisdom or Christ Consciousness represent the threefold activity of Life that is exemplified by the Holy Trinity.

Christ Consciousness is the awakened state of awareness that our Father-Mother God invested us with in the beginning, and intended for us to utilize and maintain during all of our Earthly sojourns. This is the awakened level of awareness our God Parents intended for us to have when we were choosing how to use our Free Will, our Gift of Life, and our creative faculties of thought and feeling.

The original Divine Plan was for the Sons and Daughters of God to remain in the elevated state of Christ Consciousness as we learned to become cocreators with our Father-Mother God. The goal was for us to use our Lifeforce to cocreate previously unknown patterns of Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Abundance, Happiness, and Abounding Joy as we expanded the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth with every thought, feeling, word, or action we expressed.

In order to insure the fulfillment of that facet of the Divine Plan and to keep their Sons and Daughters focused strictly on the Light, our Father-Mother God gave us ONE admonition, "Do NOT partake of the Tree of Knowledge of GOOD and EVIL."

Our God Parents knew that as long as their Sons and Daughters never used our Free Will or our creative faculties of thought and feeling to empower evil, WHICH IS NOTHING MORE THAN THE ABSENCE OF LOVE, we would not create the gross mutations of evil which manifest as poverty, disease, war, greed, crime, corruption, inclement weather conditions, the abuse of power, and every other form of pain and suffering.

Our Father-Mother God knew that as long as our Father God's Power was always balanced with our Mother God's Love, and that every choice and decision we made was from the Loving Wisdom of Christ Consciousness, we would never have to experience painful human miscreations or deal with the distorted illusions of separation and duality.

But tragically, that was not to be.


There was a point in time when the Sons and Daughters of God made the Free-Will decision to experiment with our Lifeforce by empowering thoughts and feelings that were not based in Love or Reverence for Life. Once we made that fateful decision, we began to experience for the first time the painful effects of our actions. We can use our Lifeforce to create whatever we choose to empower through our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories, and beliefs. What is important for us to realize is that we are RESPONSIBLE for whatever it is we choose to create.

Over time, the negative results of our thoughts and feelings caused us to descend into such painful and discordant frequencies of vibration that we could no longer hear the inner guidance from our I AM Presence or the Heavenly Realms. We became frightened and thought that maybe we could eliminate our pain by closing our Heart Chakra and blocking our ability to feel.

Our Heart Chakra is the portal through which the Love of our Mother God enters the physical plane. Once we chose to close our Heart Chakra, which blocked the flow of our Mother God's Love, she was forced to withdraw. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth said that fateful decision is the event that is overwhelmingly responsible for our loss of Christ Consciousness and the sustained pain and suffering Humanity and the Earth have experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago.

The infinitesimal amount of Divine Love our Mother God was able to project through our right-brain hemisphere after we closed our Heart Chakra, was barely enough to sustain brain consciousness. This caused our right brain to become almost dormant. When that occurred, the Blue Flame of Power from our Father God and the Pink Flame of Love from our Mother God no longer merged into the perfectly balanced Violet Flame of God's Infinite Perfection.

Our Father-Mother God's balanced Violet Flame was the catalyst that activated our spiritual brain centers and opened our Crown Chakra, so we could receive the flow of Christ Consciousness into our pineal gland. Without the support of the Violet Flame, our spiritual brain centers began to atrophy. This forced our Crown Chakra to close. This tragedy prevented us from receiving the flow of Christ Consciousness and from staying connected with our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven.

Once we lost Christ Consciousness and the awareness of our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven, we started to perceive the physical plane as our only reality. We came to the distorted conclusion that our physical body is all that we are and that the gratification of our physical senses is our purpose and reason for being. As we plodded through our Earthly existence making choices that were not based in Love and that took us further into separation and duality, we became more and more confused. We developed a fragmented personality, a fear-based alter ego. This fear-based human ego usurped control of our Free Will and manipulated our creative faculties of thought and feeling. Since our human ego believed that its sole purpose was to gratify our physical senses, it decided that whatever it needed to do to accomplish that goal would be just fine. This self-serving decision gave our ego permission to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get whatever it wanted. These destructive behavior patterns catapulted us further into darkness and greatly amplified our pain and suffering.

Without the balance of our Mother God's Love, we began abusing our Masculine Power. Our fear-based ego made power-oriented decisions that did not take into consideration how our choices would affect other people, or if they reflected a Reverence for Life. When we were in male bodies we abused our power by being violent and aggressive. When we were in female bodies, we abused our power by suppressing it and allowing ourselves to be dominated and oppressed. The more we abused our power, the deeper we fell into the abyss of our human miscreations.

Since our initial fall from Grace, the Company of Heaven has been doing everything in Its power to awaken Humanity and to help us return to Christ Consciousness, so we can reverse the adverse effects of our negative behavior patterns and return to the Path of Divine Love and Reverence for Life. The problem is that we got ourselves into this mess by deliberately creating thoughts and feelings that were not based in Love. Consequently, we alone are responsible for transmuting our human miscreations back into Light. and returning to the Path of Divine Love, which is the ONLY way for us to once again attain Christ Consciousness. The Company of Heaven will assist us in myriad ways to accomplish that mighty feat if we ask for their assistance, but they cannot intervene without our permission. Remember, "ask and you shall receive."

Listen to your Heart and ask your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven what you can do to take full advantage of this Cosmic Opportunity to Return to Christ Consciousness. Living the Path of Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life will change your life in profound and wondrous ways.

Regardless of how far you may feel you are from attaining Christ Consciousness through your I AM Presence and the assistance of the Company of Heaven your transformation could be a Breath away.

by Patricia Cota-Robles



Beloved One,

Always you can hold onto hope.

Even in the darkest of times, there is always space for hope.

Search for the positive.

Even if it is not obvious, search for the positive and feel light within yourself.

Even if it doesn't seem like this day is going to be really any good, you look for something good, and it happens. Somebody smiles at you.

Somebody is feeling good, and small ego on your part says, "Well, they're feeling good.

They must be having a good day.

I'm not having a good day."

But you can turn that around and you can say, "Well, if they're having a good day, I guess I can claim one too."



A short message in the energies March 24th
25 March 2015 - 1:58pm |  WaterWings

Aisha North
As you have perhaps already noticed, this ongoing redistribution of the energetic masses is not about to subside anytime soon. For this is not something temporary, this is a permanent shift away from the old and into the very new spheres, the ones that are far more lofty than what you have experienced so far. And so, this shift will make the very ground beneath your feet appear as impermanent as everything else, and rightly so, for this is not about changing merely the appearance of something, but a transformation that goes all the way to the core.

For this is a dramatic shift that is under way in your entire energetic environment, and that is something that is far more profound than anything you can see from an outward perspective. And as such, it will be as if the very ground upon which you walk will feel less secure because your physical vehicle has yet to fine tune itself to these new ground currents that are being reinstated on your planet. And these are currents that covers it all, not just on the surface, but all the way to the very core of your inhabited sphere.

For this planet you live upon has now changed her frequency in such a way, it will affect all. And the ones that will notice this the most, will be those that will fall into tune with it most easily and those who fall furthest from this new frequency. In other words, this shift will be hugely beneficial to all those who have chosen to align themselves with the new energetic landscape around them by electing to take in these new frequencies from the very beginning. For all of you heeded the preliminary calls that came, and as such, you all stand poised to ride the highest crest of the wave that will be arriving on your shores in a very short time from now. While for those who chose to literally turn a deaf ear to the call to awaken from the slumber, the dissonance that will be engendered because of the discrepancy between their base frequency and the one that your planet is vibrating to now will be a powerful on indeed.

So once again we say expect the unexpected to arise, and know that the unexpected comes in all shapes and forms, and in every single nuance of the bandwidth of energies that currently prevail on this little sphere of yours. For now, as the frequency is being changed from the ground up so to speak, the number of different frequencies may seem to be interfering with each other in such a way, it can be difficult to keep a steady outlook on it all. So know when to seek shelter from the storm, and know when to stand fast, and know that at all times, you will find that slow and steady rhythm that will show you the true beat to follow whenever you take the time to go within.

For that is where the true north will be found at all times when this wildly fluctuating array of frequencies you may be exposed to at any given time will seem to blow you off course. For as long as you stay tethered to that inner course, you will never lose your bearings, and you will never lose your momentum either. For there will be instances in the time ahead when you will all at one stage or the other feel as if you are merely threading water without any form of forward propulsion whatsoever. But know that this is not the case, it is merely an understandable outcome of this overlapping of frequential layers.

So stay focused and stay calm, and know that you are fully connected to this very new frequency at all times. And know that any confusion and disruption that may arise in your personal field is merely a temporary one, caused by the swells of the old frequencies dying out around you. So heed the call from that new beat, and you will find your feet and indeed the entirety of your being not just picking up more speed, but also picking out a very new way forwards. For these incoming winds will fill your sails up so that you will be lifted aloft out of the still churning waters that others will try their hardest to stay afloat in.

But also know that if you venture to try to hold out against these new prevailing winds, your journey will be one fraught with some unnecessary challenges indeed, for this will be more than trying to go against the wind. For by now, you have all been elevated to a level of energetic vibration that is so finely balanced, any voluntary downsizing to the denser vibrations will be like putting a spanner in the finely tuned workings of a clock. So do what you are here to do; allow the incoming flood of light to lift you ever higher, and then, you will succeed in what your true task here on this planet really is, elevating ALL by elevating yourself as swiftly as possible by renouncing on any ideas of holding on to the old. For only a total surrender of the old will help you to fulfill this task, and so, we ask you all to stay focused on the horizon that awaits you, not on the remnants of the old that is already fading away in your wake.

For know this: you can go out into the world carrying with you this very new vibration, and no matter where you go, you will find a reciprocal energetic boost coming your way from the Earth herself at all times. That is, as long as you do not insist on trying to step your own energy down to match the one that others may be carrying with them. For you are not here to be a chameleon, one who changes his or her energetic appearance the better to blend in amongst the masses. No, you are here to stand out clear and bright within the full powers of your light. Yes, this will attract attention, and yes, you might find that somewhat intimidating at first, but still, this is why you are here. So stand tall and stand clear of the old ideas of diminishing yourself to make others feel better about their own stature, for even if the idea may seem tempting, any actions defined by such ideas will not benefit you nor anyone else. Rather, it will be detrimental to all.

So once again we say know that your light is of the highest importance, and now, you have for the very first time a new energetic environment that will support you at every single step of the way, and as such, you no longer need to lack of anything at all on your continued journey. But know also that this energetic support will only act as a boost if you continue to keep your own energetic tune true and do not try to tamper with it in any way. For then, you will also begin to feel the dissonance between you and this new and prevailing tune that your planet has begun to hum to. So if you at any time feel at odds with anything, the advice will once again be to go within. Then, you will know if it is merely a superficial reaction to all of the colliding energetic movement that is going on, or if it is a deeper reaction to any decision to try to step down from your new elevated stature. For the difference is indeed loud and clear, and even if you will all feel more than a little flummoxed by these conflicting movements from time to time, you will have no problem in separating between the reaction and the causes at any given time, for by now, you are all well tuned to your own inner voice.

So listen well, and this new phase of the journey will be a less strenuous one than if you choose to disregard the inner calling and step across the lines that have been set up as a guidance to you and to everyone else who have the task of being the forerunners in this process. For you are the ones who will need it most at this time, for you are the ones who must keep a clear eye on the proceedings, and the only way to do that, is to ignore the outer confusion and seek the inner guidance at any time any disruption seems to arise. That way, you will all be sure to navigate these by now more than choppy waters, and that way, you will all find more than ample reasons to rejoice. For then, you will all feel the increased momentum these incoming waves will give you, and you will all feel how you are being supported in every single step you take so that every single decision you make will be a divinely inspired one. For then, it is your inner knowing who will set the course, and so, you will all do what is yours to do; you will choose what will benefit the most, not just for a short time, but in the long run, and then, it will all come about as it has been planned for eternity.

So allow that inner light to light your way, and know that you will be going in the right direction at all times when you do just that. For when you heed that inner calling, every step will be the right step, even when it takes you in a very surprising direction. For surprises will arise for all, but if you listen well, they do not hold any surprises at all, for then, you will just know what to do, for it will all come naturally. After all, that is your gift to All, the ability to go where no man has gone before, and to do so with an inner knowing that defies any attempts at being waylaid.

So go forth fully knowing that you already know who you are and what to do, and know that you have even more support at your disposal at any given time now, should it be so needed. But even so, you will all find it all within you. For you are already complete, and now, you will complete what it is you came here to do, and you will do it in a way that will defy any speculation. For you have already proven your prowess, and you have already proven your steadfastness, and now, you will begin upon the lap of honour, the last part of this monumental task of righting what has been wrong, and of lighting what has been dimmed down for such a long time. And for that, no words are enough, but still, we offer you this on behalf of All of creation; thank you.

Aisha North series 10 - 3

Dear family of light! Tomorrow my sister and I leave for our month long journey, so I do not think I will be getting any new messages from the CCs until late next week, in time for the April Gathering around the Pond we have coming up on Sunday April 5. I want to thank you all for all the light, the love, the insights, the joy and the compassion you so generously sprinkle over this Pond. You are the ones who make it shine as brightly as it does, and it is such a blessing to have you all in my life and on my journey. For you will all be by my side wherever I go, and I hope you will feel my presence here at the Pond even when I am away. I wish you all Godspeed for this next part of our collective journey, my wonderful brothers and sisters of the light!

With all my LOVE – always

Aisha <3 <3 <3


The Art of Balanced Creation ~ Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel
28 March 2015 - 3:12pm |  Shelley Young
Shelley Young
The Art of Balanced Creation ~ Channeled March 20, 2015

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be in your presence today. We honour you for coming to anchor the energies of the group on this day of the equinox, and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

What a truly magical moment of time you are in right now. You have made it through such a transformative set of pivotal alignments. You have been tossed around, thoroughly pummeled, and cleansed like never before, and with every little piece that you have released, you have made more room for the enlightenment light codes that are flooding your planet. You should be so proud of yourselves for all that you have done, for you all that you have experienced, for all that you have given. You have been courageous, you have been full of grace, you have had good humour, and you have supported one another in this process. You should be very pleased with yourselves, as we are with you, in your collective efforts.

You understand that you are in a ripe opportunity to let go of everything that no longer suits who you have evolved into. You are like brand new human beings in many ways. You have let go of centuries of conditioning, old belief systems, fears, worries, doubts. You have peeled back the layers and gotten in touch with your own divinity, your innate beingness.

Equinoxes are days of great balance. They also serve to save your progress. So here you are placed in this last moment of your zodiac, the grand ending and a brand new beginning, that is far more profound than you are realizing in this right now moment. It will become apparent to you as time moves forward, the magnificence of the times you are in.

So you are stepping into very fast moving energies, lighter than you have ever been before, being supported energetically like never before. You are moving forward into a time of balanced creation. That is the gift that you are receiving on this day – moving forward into balanced creation.

You have learned how to get in touch with your authentic selves. You have learned the importance of self-care through many of the events that you’ve been through. You have been working hard on staying focused and putting your focus and energy into what it is that you would like to create, and you are now poised at an opportunity to create from a place of balance, a place of service to yourself, and to others. You are going to learn how to flow in the model of balanced creation.

The trinity of manifestation includes giving, receiving, and deep heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the experience of it all. You are going to learn how to effortlessly give to yourself, how to graciously receive, understanding that receiving is an essential part of the manifestation model. You will learn to give. You will give from the heart. You will give as an expression of yourself and you will give for the joy of giving.

You will see the beauty of both the giving and the receiving that you do. You will seamlessly be moving into a dance of creation and because you have emptied your vessels so much of the energies that caused you fear and doubt, you will be flowing and manifesting with a power that has not been seen on your planet thus far. You are ready for this opportunity.

This is what the years of transformation that you have been going through have been all about. By receiving you will be experiencing healing. By receiving healing you are giving the gift of allowing others to be of their highest service being healers. You are in a dance with each other. One gives, the other receives. Perhaps another day you will give and another will receive. You will be understanding the importance of honouring others in the joy of both giving and receiving and having a profound, heartfelt gratitude for all of the above, which will only further anchor you in the art of balanced creation.

You are starting to finally understand your innate power, and you have moved forward enough into such a place of authenticity that for the first time you will be able to experience your power without misusing it. You will find great joy from expressing yourselves as your highest aspects of self. You will find very little will feel as good as doing just that because it is accepting your part as an honoured and divine piece of the greater whole.

As you start to embrace experiencing yourself as part of that greater whole, you will celebrate and appreciate others in their process, as well. You will be spending much less time being concerned with what you might consider to be wrong, and joyfully appreciating all that is right in your lives.

You will flowing. You will understand that the art of creation is movement and that your balance point moves. You will be nquick to reach out a hand to support another if they are in need, and others will be quick to reach out a hand to support you, as well. But more and more, you will be seeing how completely capable you are to navigate your lives and create the life expressions that you have always dreamed of.

This a glorious time watching so many of you poised to truly start to create and experience the lives you’ve always yearned for. You are all going to be beautiful instruments of spirit because you will be flowing and ready to be of service. You will find yourselves, more and more, being in the right place at the right time to serve others, and finding others in the right place at the right time to serve you. Can you imagine what this will feel like? This is moving into a supported path of movement, of creation, of grace, of ease, of joy, of beauty, of connectedness, of love.

You are all in this together. You are all equally important. You have driven the shift this far and you are finally starting to taste the fruits of what all of that labour has been for. You will learn to receive energies joyfully with much less discomfort because you will be embracing them, and you will learn how to release with an equal joy and appreciation. Just as your heart beats, just as the tides come in and go out, you will be moving with the ebb and flow of the universe, giving and receiving, experiencing and creating. This it what it has all been for! Enjoy it. Savour these moments! Your souls have been waiting for these right now moments for so very, very long.

It is safe for you to appreciate yourselves. You do not need to fear falling into ego or somehow losing your progress. You are in a place at this stage of the game where you could never stay in lower vibrating energies for long. It would feel too horrible to you. You thrive and receive your sustenance from the higher energies and that state of alignment will be your preferred place to operate from. This is what we wished to share with you today. It has been our greatest pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

Facebook: Trinity Esoterics

Conscious Breathing - The Founders by Daniel Scranton
27 March 2015 - 7:38pm |  Whimsey Nimble
Conscious Breathing – The Founders

By Daniel Scranton

“Breathing keeps you alive, but it is so much more powerful than even that. Breathing infuses you with lifeforce energy. Breathing opens chakras, portals, and your hearts. Working with your breath is so easy that few of you actually believe in its effectiveness and strength. You are much more likely to believe in some mystical object that is thousands of years old than you are to believe in something that is necessary to keep you alive.

So we are here now to awaken within you the knowledge that you hold of your powerful tool known as breathing. Take a few deep breaths right now and notice the shift in your energy. Notice how you cannot actually maintain a lower frequency when you breathe deeply. So the easiest way for you to use this tool is to actually pay attention. Pay attention to not only the act of breathing, but its effect on you.

Being able to modulate your breathing will enable you to access other dimensions, other beings, and information. And so we recommend that you show yourself how much joy can be had through a simple act that you take for granted. Demonstrate to yourselves how much energy can be moved through you, how much life can be breathed into you, and how powerful you are when you are sitting completely still, noticing your breath and its effect on everything.

Feel the power of the air you breathe, and take back your power by demonstrating to yourselves how easy it is for you to expand your consciousness and to live in oneness with all. Your breath connects you. The particles you breathe are the particles everyone else breathes. And when you all breathe together, in harmony, you can change your entire world.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”





Fifteen Minutes of Magic
28 March 2015 - 12:22pm |  sensipeter

Steve Rother
Sunday, 15 March, 2015  (posted 27 March, 2015) 

Re-membering Your Power

Greetings dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Energy Waves

I am here this day to share with you what is happening on this magical planet of yours. You are changing everything every moment and it is so magical to see. As we have mentioned, all of this comes in a wave that also recedes. Many of your difficulties occur on the wave of the energy as it comes in. Fortunately it never recedes completely like the oceans do, but somehow always manages to go a little further every time the waves come in. This is part of the new physics that will begin to make sense as you start to understand what dark energy is all about. You are right on the verge of uncovering more of your understanding about the world around you, and all of its many dimensional levels. Dear ones, there are some magical things taking place on Earth.

The Energy of the Water

We have mentioned before that there are many of what you call sink holes happening on Earth. All of a sudden, the Earth literally opens up.. The other day we saw two people get off of a bus and fall right through the sidewalk. Interesting. What causes this? Well, it is a phenomenon that is happening globally because it has to do with the currents and the energies of the water beneath the surface of planet Earth. You are going to see more of these and they also move in these waves, dear ones. That is the magic that we share with you here. When you learn about the waves and you can feel them, you do not need to know exactly when they are coming in or how to be in the best position for their arrival. You will simply start to feel the energy, and that is what you are experiencing on Earth right now.

Over the next several months you will feel a new energy, and a lot of it comes from the movements underneath the Earth. Water, dear ones, is a form of energy all its own. As you can tell, water can be transformed from one form to another but never completely goes away. In truth, the water you are drinking is the same water that the dinosaurs drank eons ago. In fact, it actually circulates through the universe in different ways and that is magical too. You will start to understand more of your own origins here on planet Earth as humanity evolves to these next steps. We are telling you all of this because the magnetism of Earth has reached a level where you will resonate with it. You will feel the magic come back.

15 Minutes of Magic

Have you ever heard that every human on Earth has their 15 minutes of fame? It is quite an interesting process to think about that. At some point each of you steps in front of the camera and has at least a few moments of fame. At time when everyone is watching, you have the opportunity to be the teacher, to impart the knowledge and wisdom that you have carried so sacredly onto this planet. You have so perfectly brought your own light to planet Earth and anchored it as such. Well done, well done. Now that is the 15 minutes of fame. What if we told you everybody will be experiencing more than 15 minutes—but of magic. That is what is returning. Are you ready, dear ones, for your 15 minutes of magic? What would you do? What would you create?

Well, this goes all the way back to the famous three wishes that you would have. Of course,  as everyone knows, the only wish you would have to make is for more wishes. How simple that would be. In truth, you already have this 15 minutes of fame but it is not going to be limited to 15 minutes. There is another wave coming in, dear ones, and almost all humans are in a position to feel this in a new way. Now, when someone feels their magic it is especially important to have them ground their magic through their actions, speech, belief systems, teaching and so forth. Now what is happening is that all humans will be feeling this magic in beautiful ways. Now you have capabilities of igniting the collective heart of humanity globally, which has never happened to this degree before. You realize that many times you are now more aware of the events that are taking place in your world. You basically have given the credit for that to your technological advances on Earth. But in reality, it is your own spiritual and vibrational advances that allow that technology to land on planet Earth and to find its way into your life. So, whether you take credit for it or whether you pass the credit on, it makes no difference; you will feel it. Are you ready for 15 minutes of magic? What would you do to extend that? What would you create if you could have anything? These are the times to seriously think about them and of course, all of you are right away going into your beliefs in limitation. It is natural. You live in a field of duality where you only see things as light and dark so, of course, you will see the limitations. What are the limitations?

The Redistribution of Water: Update

First of all, you think you only have 15 minutes. There is a limitation right there, is it not? The reality is pretending that is all you have, and living as if 15 minutes was your full incarnation of that magic. Now you will see that the Earth is also re-balancing herself. We have spoken of this at great length over many years, sharing that the Earth has been wobbling ever so slightly so she had to form a new balance. This has been done, dear ones, through the re-distribution of water that you see so clearly on your Earth. The reality is that you see this as excess rainfall, or quite often as flooding. We have shown you areas of the Earth that will be most affected by this, and we will again share with you how to be in the best position at the right time wherever you are. Most of the re-distribution of water has been done on the surface of the Earth. It is now starting to take place in the subterranean parts of the Earth, such as in many of the rivers that you do not even know are connected. Now this is very important for all of you because, quite honestly, your oceans are reaching a level of pollution that is of great concern. It all has to do with particles of plastic and other pollutants. All oceans are connected, so your pollution and even Fukushima is bringing all this energy into the water of the oceans. Since the re-distribution of water mostly came from the evaporation of the oceans, it is now possible to redistribute fresh water underground. That is an advancement. Now, will you see difficulties with this? Well, we told you that you were going to see an enormous amount of sink holes and they will not always have explanations. Suddenly you see a house and the next moment it will be gone. You will see more of this in varying parts of the world, not just where they are doing what you call fracking, but every place. Of course there are many places where you know the subterranean is moving and has been for many years. The state you called Florida is filled with these underground caverns and places where water has moved and sometimes has left a vacancy. As the waters begin to rise on planet Earth, these vacancies will fill with water. These will change in many ways, dear ones, which is the reason we wanted to have another opportunity to walk you through what is coming so that you can take part.

Now, this is so beautiful to us. Many of the pieces that you have been told in the last round of Earth changes have started to shift ever so slightly. This proves to us one thing: if you give a group of very powerful creators on Earth a focus to come together for and work with, you will change your planet. You will change the evolution of humanity and your social environments, because you will start to see that you are all connected. You will stop putting this separation between yourselves that has been happening for so long. This has created the opportunity for you to play this game pretending to be separate from each other, and now here you are at this magical point about to catch this magical wave. Look for your 15 minutes—not of fame, dear ones, but of magic where everything seems to come together. And when you find that 15 minutes of magic simply extend it because you are magic, are you not?

The Beginning of a New 26,000-Year Rhythmic Cycle

You are learning a little bit of what is ahead, and this is very important. Are there challenges coming? Of course there are. You are very well aware of the planetary cycles that have been moving forward, but we also tell you of the larger rhythms and that is the piece that Elrah has brought in. You are beginning a new rhythmic cycle; it is a 26,000 year cycle and you are at the beginning of the opening of this cycle at this moment. You had to clear all the aspects of the past, letting go of many of those old pieces in order to step forward into this new energy. There simply is no room for vibrational disharmony. You must be in integrity with your heart and as you do that, a new world opens. That is the only thing that is necessary for you to activate and put into use your magic. Are you ready to do so? What if we turn the spotlight on you and say, “Here are your 15 minutes. What will you do with it?  Well, that is pretty close to what will be taking place and we hope you enjoy every part of this. You deserve to be happy. You are not only on this planet just to strive and work hard. You shine when you are happy, dear ones, and you send out a different vibrational pattern. That is what draws everything to you and causes the reaction of the universe to bring together all the particles that are aligned with your heart. In the old energies you used to do this with your head. It is what you have been working on, but now it is more about the heart. We are not asking you to disregard your head, to stop thinking or reasoning all together. We are asking you to start feeling with your heart first, because that is the new energy of the new world.

Leading with the Heart

Dear ones, you have progressed so many levels. At one point in your lives, it was more important than anything else simply to have physical strength. It was part of what your survival was based on as a species, to be strong and healthy. To possess a bigger life force energy meant your survival and success on planet Earth. As time moved forward, it was as if your grandparents became part of a certain paradigm and they had to work very hard. Then your parents started working smartly and the levels of humanity literally moved into the head. This originally took place long before your parents’ days. It was actually a wave of energy that came in with the philosophers and all the important ideas that had to be in place on Earth, so you could step forward to start the time clock moving in that direction. You have learned to think and be led by your head, not your heart, because your belief systems tell you that the only difference between you and the animals is that humans can reason. Well, we hate to disappoint you, dear ones, but animals reason quite well. You simply have not learned to completely communicate with them, but you will understand more of this as you evolve. It has been very important for you to believe that you are leaders at the top of the evolutionary process. We hate to disappoint you once again, dear ones, for you are not at the top of the evolution ladder. You are evolving each individual, as well as the entire collective, which is moving at an astounding rate on planet Earth right now. We could not be happier, dear ones. You are workers of the light, for you have agreed to carry in a specific ray which you have taken responsibility to ground on planet Earth. Now more than ever before, you have moved through eras where your physical strength was important and others where your thinking ability was king. You are now moving into the heart. How much can you feel? What can you anchor here?

Dear ones, we have worked with so many humans over many years that have laid out their life’s course according to their head. They were looking for the path of least resistance, studying and analyzing every step. They put one foot in front of the other, even though sometimes it was painful because they felt the resistance of the wind of their face. In effect, they would create something and reach their goals only to find out that their heart was no longer there, which was a very sad situation. You are going to need to find that balance between your heart and your head, to move forward. The left brain is for the Earth, and the right brain for Home. Balance and carry them both, but lead with the heart. Start first by asking what you are feeling and then lift it into your head, using the rest of the process that you have. These are new tools that can help you anchor your 15 minutes of magic. Are you ready? We are and so is the Earth. We tell you, dear ones, there are many changes still coming on Earth. You are waiting for things to settle down, but they will not be settling for a time. You have clearly stepped clearly into a new world, anchoring and bringing in your ray of light as an expression of love into this world. This is now most important.

Extending Your 15 Minutes of Magic

These are situations in which you not only reclaim your magic, but when you will help others to claim theirs. How do you extend your 15 minutes of magic?  You do it by making other people around you magical. That is the key, dear ones, for many of you have come lifetime after lifetime to be teachers on planet Earth. Sometimes you have been part of a very similar wisdom, often in many separate lifetimes that took place on the line of time. In truth, now you are here for a very important reason indeed. All of the energies that you have gathered through your collective experiences on planet Earth are coming to bear. You are bringing these forward to have all of the magic at one time. We tell you dear ones, this is the time to set things into motion for grounding your light, passion, and energy which you specifically brought from Home. It is necessary on Earth, but now it is also safe for you to do so. Before there have been many times where it was not. You will find an opening as long as you lead with your heart. Take those 15 minutes of magic and empower the others around you. Ah, that is the secret. That is the extension of everything, because you are not separate from them. They are part of you, so if you wish to extend your magic look for ways to enlighten others and empower everyone you have an opportunity to.

These are magical times on Earth, dear ones, and we applaud each and every one of you for playing this incredible game of pretending to be a human. The magic is yours and we will watch with greatness and with the most incredible love as you bask in your 15 minutes or more of magic.

It is with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


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“The New Reality Upon This Planet Is Love” - Divine Mother, (Ascended Masters) One Who Serves and Ashira
27 March 2015 - 12:27am |  jmcconn
James McConnell
Divine Mother and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
The One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 22, 2015

Divine Mother
You are love, you are being love, you are exhibiting love, you are sharing love. This is the new reality upon this planet. My love has been flowing more and more and more and the floodgates have been opened days ago so that the love that has been flowing upon the planet from the galactic sun through your sun. All of this has been planned previously and all of this is coming to fulfillment, a crescendo as the James shared earlier. We would invite you to less and less look upon the world with eyes of criticism or concern or fear. That is not where you are called to look, loved ones. You are asked, and you have been asked, to continue to believe in love, believe in the manifestations of love, believe in the cleansing power of love. These are the times for you to show up, be present, be the ones who speak for love. These are the times to not wrestle, as you have in this discussion today, with who is the one side or the other. This is the time we have called you to be in unity. Yes to know that you have in other lives played both sides of the game. But this is the time to be called to unity, to love.

My love, given to you freely and completely today, for you to feel it in every cell of your body, every part of every aspect of who you are is love. And manifesting that love in this world without judgment without concern. Not holding on to the cares of whether this one comes along or that one comes along. You are called to be in the place of love. And in love there is full acceptance. In love there is no judgments, no concerns. In love everything is in perfect order exactly the way that it is. Yes we have been with Susan this week. We have been reminding her and calling her back to love in times where she stumbles. And we are here to be with you as well. If you but call upon us we will be with you in any moment where you feel you have perhaps stumbled on your path. We’re part of the whole, of all of that which is here to work with those on this planet. To be love, to be loved, to be loving; to know love deeply and fully, for that is the truth of what you are and that is the truth of what is upon this planet.

So look upon these things that you see and you use for measurement and evaluation, we implore you, look at those as a film upon the screen that you can turn off and walk from. Know that everything that you see through your 3-D eyes are lies. Each side still trying to get your attention, each side still trying to right the wrongs that they perceive. And yet those in this room and those that read this word you are called to the higher way, the Wayshowers, the Light bearers, the Light holders, the Light workers. You are called to not sink into the level of trying to decide who is who and then be in judgment. You are called, my friends my loved ones, to hold the torch of love. To hold Saint Germain’s torch of transmutation. To hold the vision and the feeling, even more importantly, of love for all. If you read something in your media and your online, any of those things you take in on a daily basis, bless them and turn them off. You may read them but allow them to drift from you, to be turned off from you. We’re asking you to be love, we’re asking you to know love, to be free of judgment, to be free of all aspects that would divide you and to be one in love with all of those upon the planet. We love you, we bless you and we give you every day the assistance you need, the assistance you call for, the assistance that you too are called upon to give to others. And so it is my friends. Bless you. So let us sing some “oms” to shift the energy to bring in those who would speak next.

One Who Serves
Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again in this way as always. We would ask you to look within yourself now and see how you are feeling. Just in general here, how are you feeling? People say “great” people say “peaceful”anything else? “Head pains”, “universal”anything else? “Calm”, “safe” very good, very good. No one here has said, though, what at least this one James has been feeling lately in many respects and that is somewhat disconcerted or discouraged at times. For does it not seem like this is a continuing story on and on and on hearing the same things over and over and over. And yet there is nothing seemingly happening in your perception here as far as what you can experience at your three-dimensional level. Is this not what some are feeling here? (yes,yes) If you look within yourself and you ask that question ‘what am I feeling?’ is it not some discouragement? (Yes, yes) Yes, when you are honest with yourself and this is what this whole thing is about. This whole thing that you’re going through is honesty, coming up with the truth, is it not? The truth has been held back from you for so long, and yes it is part of this illusion that you are in, but it is being held back in many aspects.

But now you are coming to the truth and the truth certainly begins from within. And as you find that truth within yourself you begin then to experience those aspects that are outside of yourself as well. And then you begin to ponder and look at those things that are occurring outside of self and realize that it is not your truth! It is not the truth that you resonate to. Do you understand what we are saying here? (Yes, yes) Yes the truth shall set you free and that is certainly accurate and it will and it is now even. But the truth as it comes in little dribbles here and there as you are seeing, and not coming as the tsunami that you were expecting or that many were expecting, but yet it is coming. It is here in many aspects. All you need to do is to open up your inner eyes and there will be the truth staring you right in the face. For it is here, it is coming out in many ways as in your discussion earlier. In many ways it is being revealed. But many are looking for that cascade of water, water being spirit, coming over them, flooding over them, taking them over. And this is not the way it is happening, not at this time. It is not to say that it will not be this way; it is not to say that one morning you can not awaken and you will think it is a day like any other day but you will feel the deluge, you will feel the spirit coming over you, very similar to that which occurred to the disciples when they had the spirit come over them and they felt anointed by the spirit. Very much so this is what many will experience. But until that time, be of good cheer and know that all is as it needs to be at this present moment. And in this present moment all truth is being revealed for those who would have eyes to see and ears to hear. Would you have questions now for One Who Serves and for Ashira who is standing by?

Question: I have a question about, maybe I heard it wrong, but I have trouble with the idea of feeling discouraged. I rarely feel discouraged and when I do I look back at why I feel that way. And it always comes down to two things: that I thought I could control something and that I was attached to something. So I would like to for you to talk about that because, to me, once we let things be and believe that we are creators and that we have a path and that we don’t need to control everything. And we don’t need to believe that we have to have things a certain way to be happy then discouragement dissipates, disappears as a matter of fact. So I’d like you to talk about that discouragement may be a result of being in control or being attached, do you see that or is that something that you can comment on?

(One Who Serves): Yes what you are saying here is exactly as we have been saying for some time now. Have we not said “go with the flow” and let the current take you where it would. And when you do this there can be no attachments for how can you go with the current if you’re attached to the side of the river bank, you see? You cannot go and flow, you must let go. Let go and let the spirit of the God Source within you guide you however it would. And yes, this is what we’ve been saying but we also have what you would say “ears to the ground” here in going through those of you who we work through. And we feel there is discouragement, there is that sense of “why is this taking so long?” and “when is it going to be over?” and all of these things. We say to you many times to be in the moment, be in joy, find the joy in every moment. So yes you are completely correct, Joanna, in what you are saying here but understand that you are an aspect of your Higher Self and all others are an aspect of their Higher Self as well. They are just, in times, not quite as connected as they would like to be. So when they feel this disconnect, you might say, then there is the old way stepping back in, the old ideas and feelings of discouragement and feelings of “not happening fast enough” and all of this. And as they continue to have these kinds of feelings then yes there are those attachments and we have said many times and Sugat Gu Ra Ru has said “let go of attachments”. But is that not easier said than done? Try it, try to let go of all your attachments just say one day “all of my attachments are gone” and you will hear your ego laughing in the background saying “no they’re not…we’re still here”, you see?

Question: Yes but how about just knowing that the idea of attachments is what’s created the discouragement? You see if I have that idea it is easier for me to understand the discouragement.

(One Who Serves): Yes, certainly let go of all of the attachments. That is what the Ascension process is all about. (Thank you so much). Are there other questions here?

Question: I was wondering if the dreams or insights I was having, if they were insights, about Egypt and Sekhmet and Hathor and if they’re coming to me now in my awakening and remembering process or if it is really just a fragment of a past life that I was remembering.

(Ashira): I will take this. As we see this situation, this is coming forth for a couple of different reasons. One, to make you aware, to allow you to be aware of this past life and, as we have shared before even though we know you are new to this room, you are living many lives in many dimensions at the same time. And so this one is bleeding through to allow you to look at your belief systems, to allow you to see how you lived at that time, what you were involved with and how you can incorporate some of those activities in your life now because you are bringing forth those talents which you brought into this life but it is now time to awaken them more deeply. And to allow you to utilize those in ways that are going to become more and more important to you as you continue on this life path. Does that make sense to you?

Question: Yes thank you very much. I was sensing that might be the case but I wasn’t sure. I was also wondering if the solar activity helps us with Ascension by the effects on Earth?

(Ashira): Well this is the flow of the divine onto the planet. It has been happening of course for many, many millennia but at this time the energies are a different type of energies. And so it is part of the Divine Mother’s flow onto the planet as well and, yes, it does seem to interrupt some of those tools and activities upon the planet in the 3-D world but hold fast to these flows of energies because what you will see, as you noted earlier in your discussion, was that you felt that part of this was a download. And that is indeed what is happening for the entire planet - it’s part of the tsunami activity. It is part of that which is opening people more and more to having conversations about the changes, about the evolution, about changes in belief systems that have been hard-fought and hard-won and now are being loosened for all to be able to move forward on this path. This will continue, and will continue to increase, and many, many more people will be speaking of headaches and strange feelings. And you will be seeing alterations of behaviors, alterations of belief systems and you will know, each of you in this room, that these activities that you have been praying for, waiting for and living for are indeed in effect at this time. Would you have anything to share One Who Serves?

(One Who Serves): No that was very good. Other questions here? (Thank you)

Question: , I have a very personal question. For two weeks I have been traveling around the world and one thing I have been asked to do is to become confident to what I know and to present myself in front of an audience. I just want to know is this part of any preparatory work. Is my understanding right that that’s what I’m going to do? I’ve been traveling all over and I’d like to know where I’m heading.

(Ashira): Bless you Mahendren. Let me say first that your travels will be well within your control so that you can be home to spend time with your lovely wife and when she gives birth to be there. These are indeed opportunities for you to dip your toe into the water. Although he has not been with this group for a while we know that Yeshua, Sananda, plans to be with you more and more and those who choose to come into the 12 of the 12 will be moving out into the world to spread the word with even more understanding and insight. So you will be able to choose when that time is there and yes this is preparatory. And you do not need to know at this moment in time of that which you will be speaking, of who you will be speaking to, nor of the actual events. But know that every opportunity that you get is giving you the chance to grow more and more to believe in yourself and to know with each experience that that which you need to say to each audience will be at the tip of your tongue. And so any fears or qualms in this moment are natural, but not necessary, because you will be blessed with the gift of presentation and presence and that is part of your road for the future. (Thanks a lot). Bless you.

(One Who Serves): We would add here that Mahendren you said “where am I heading?” We would say you are heading where you are going. (Laughter…thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have just something that I would like confirmed about the idea of preparation. And this is my observation of my life and it seems that each moment prepares you for the next but to the degree that you are aware of that is to the degree that you are aware of that. So that your awareness that you are always being prepared is based on if you’re aware or not. But ultimately in my life it could be cumulative, like years later, that I’m aware that I was being prepared. Does that make sense?

(One Who Serves): My goodness you are sounding like us now (laughter) but yes very much so. Awareness is everything. Awareness leads to understanding, awareness leads to motion. Motion in terms of moving on, moving on to who you truly are, to the aspect that you know you are but you’ve not yet quite reached it. Have you not felt this, all of you here, at some times that you had all the understanding in the world but you couldn’t quite grasp it? You know what we speak here? (Yes yes yes) That it is just there, just outside of your fingertips and you cannot quite get to it and it is frustrating and we know this. But there will come a time where the awareness will just flood over you and you will have the answers that you have been seeking for so long. Yes there will be many, many, many answers that will come from outside of yourself in terms of announcements and all of these things but the true awareness comes from within. This is where you are all moving toward, you see? (Yes) Is this sufficient for you Joanna?

Question: Yes what you just said brought to mind, do not seek to answer, seek to be aware.

(One Who Serves): Yes, yes. Awareness is everything, awareness is consciousness. And as you are becoming aware, consciousness is everything and IN everything. You are consciousness, so Be who you are, Be with a “capital B”. Be who you are. (Thank you). Are there other questions here?

Question: I have a question concerning what we or a lot of us are going through, whether it be people in this room or people around us, the fact that we are completely feeling the changes. My question is in terms of the Ascension - once we actually reach the Ascension, the tsunami of love is coming, is this going to allow us not to actually go through those physical pains or physical symptoms that we’re going through right now? In my personal experience I can say that physically there has been more and more pain; is this related to physical and mental awareness or is this what we call the kundalini? I am hoping that at one point through the Ascension we will be completely free of these physical 3D body pains.

(One Who Serves): Yes all of the above. All of the questions that you asked you have already answered. As you go through this Ascension process and you are all going through it, please understand that. There is not one here, or anyone who would resonate to these words, who is not going through this Ascension. You are in it, whether you want it or not in some instances. And sometimes we know that the pains come and these aches and various ailments and you say “back it off a little bit…not so much”. And that will happen it will be backed off if you ask for it but if you can allow it to be, as the Susan is allowing it to come through her and move through her, this can be very helpful because once you are through with it is done. So to fully answer your question, when you have moved through this Ascension process all the aches and pains and all of those things that ail an individual will be gone. There will be no aspect of this whatsoever because duality, as you know it and the duality is what is causing many of the concerns here, duality will be gone in many aspects here. You see? Anything you wish to add here Ashira?

(Ashira): Well just to add that many have talked about the light chambers. Those particular tools, let us say, you have visited them in this group. You have gone to the ships and you have gone to inner earth, you have had opportunities to have those experiences within your mind, within your bodies. So at times if things seem to be especially challenging, those are tools you can use in your meditation as well for they do exist and you have had the opportunity to experience them. So that is just a tool that is still here that can be utilized and, again, once the Ascension takes place, you will be in totally different bodies and a totally different dimensions. (Thank you, thank you, thank you).

(One Who Serves): Any other questions here? Then we are going to release to one other here who wishes to jump in here and give his two cents, you might say, he always wants to be heard this one.

(Another aspect of One Who Serves): Yes, greetings to you. (Greetings). We know we sound just the same as the other one but trust us we’re different here. “We” being “I” in many respects here and I just want to say that we are going to be with you very much more in the times to come and certainly when you find yourself at the Advance. And we’re so, so looking forward to that because we have an open stage there that we can just let it go and have fun with you. And we hope that you will have fun with us as well because, please know, that all these things that are happening in the background are leading to something. It is not leading you into a dark quagmire or anything of this nature. It is leading you somewhere in the where that you are going is going to be phenomenal! Allow for the process to continue, go through your aches and pains and all of these things. We have all been through this, please understand, all of us that have ascended in the past have been through this that you are going through, and in many aspects, even more so. But you yourselves, please understand, you have been through this before as well. This is another time for you so even though it seems foreign to you now it is very commonplace, in terms of you have “been here, done that” and all of these things before. So allow for the process to continue and we will be with you again shortly and look to have some fun with you okay? (Okay)
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

(Ashira): We are going to allow time for James to return to normal patterns so he can ask his question.

Question: My question has to do with when I read the Unveiled Mysteries book quite a while ago. In that book there was an accounting of someone who went down, was guided down actually, to an area down near Tucson. I’m not sure which direction from Tucson but I know it’s down there. It was an entrance to an underground area, a secret place of the brotherhood and maybe even an entrance to Agartha. And I’ve always felt drawn to that and am waiting for the right time, the opportune time, to visit this idea about actually going there and taking a group down there and hopefully being led to that area. Is there anything you can tell me on this?

(Ashira): Well if this was asked of One Who Serves they would not answer this question would they? (No they would not…laughter). And I am finding that within the sharing of information from that group to me to not give you a very direct answer either brother James. (That’s what I figured). You will know when the time is correct because you will be led and you will have your mentor, who has come to you already, but you will see him more and more. I should not say “him”, that is not the correct term; you will see that one more and more. And that one when you see them with your eyes, of eyes that see in this world, they will be the one to lead you in that direction. So it is not yet time but the time is coming as everything else unfolds. (Very good, thank you). Bless you we know that you would wish for more. (I always want the “X marks the spot” but oh well).

It has been my pleasure to be with you today to answer questions and to share with the life, the light, the energy that you are is a group. It is my deepest honor to be of service to you, through you and with you. I enjoy being called upon to come to you. I visit you in your dreams, I visit you during your dream times as One Who Serves as a group also does, and so many others. Lord Lanto will be with you once again at your Advance. When he made his presence known last time it was to Susan but it was made known to all who were present. We expect very strongly that this time he will actually be presenting a message to the group at that time. This is a group of spiritual warriors, spiritual scholars, spiritual Beings who have been on this path many times together before. All of those in this room, all of those who are coming from other areas, and all of those who have come to read these words and resonate with them; all of you have been called and we who serve you have come to give you light and life and energy and hope for we know that this is a difficult, difficult path that you have come to walk. And the Divine Mother gave hints about how to move forward with the presence of love always in your day ending your life. So call upon One Who Serves and upon myself, Ashira, and we shall be with you helping you along each step. We will close for this day as well. We give you so much love, so much peace and so many blessings. Namaste.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated


Please Watch popular cartoon "The Last Airbender" teaching children about Chakras:


The basic idea of chahkra is that there are a series of points along the middle of the body where energies gather. Those points then regulate those energies within you. It is possible for those points to become clogged or out of whack, and that "re-aligning" these chakra points can cure many ailments. It may appeal to this market for several reasons. For one, it is easy to extrapolate the 'functions' of the chakras to actual organs in the body, considering they are a bunch of lore trying to explain aspects of the human body. In addition, it has a low entry level; little needs to be bought in order to follow new age chakra woo except maybe embarrassing yoga outfits and a foam mat to carry around under your arm. Chakra woo also goes together with other kinds of woo very easily, because chakras seem to have to do with many other factors, such as diet and the body posture. Finally, chakras are pretty: thanks to American New-age marketing, they now sport all the colors of the visual light spectrum and look great in advertisements. Especially alongside crystals of convenient matching colors (also for sale). Throw in a double rainbow arcing over a tropical sunset or two for good measure while you're at it.

On its own, as a mystical system of enlightenment, it is no worse or better than any other. As a means of explaining treatments that seem to have some utility, it's highly dubious. As a method of diagnosis, it is bunk.
(It should be noted that most of the people in the United States and the rest of the West who go on about chakras have very little training in Indian mysticism, and thus are missing out on a great deal of the philosophy and understanding behind it.)

There are a million names for each chakra, sub-chakras, differences in tradition, and other discrepancies. For the purposes of sanity, each here will be listed accorded to the Tantric hindu tradition. If you seriously are taken with researching more on the more complicated and detailed aspects of chakras, by all means go and check out Wikipedia's entry and related pages.

1. Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra.
This chakra is at the top of the head, and for some reason is often represented with violet (and on this page for readability reasons) when it's actually associated with white: a white lotus of one thousand petals to be precise. It's supposed to be the chakra of higher consciousness and awareness. For some reason people connect it to the pituitary gland in humans, though how hormones relate to higher consciousness is as mysterious as anything else. Traditionally, mastering meditating upon it bestows occult powers and at least partial omnipotence. Although the feats of many yogis are indeed amazing, it's highly unlikely that magic superpowers are the case.

2. Ajna, the Brow Chakra.
This indigo chakra is otherwise known as the third eye and deals with visual and perceptive consciousness. It is represented by a lotus with two petals: two petals for Shakti (female) and Shiva (male) energy, two petals for two psychic channels, and various other symbolisms. It has been associated with the pineal gland, and meditating to it is suggested to give one psychic powers. The outlook for that looks... hazy.

3.Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra.
This chakra is represented by blue, but in Tibetan Buddhism it is red. Either way, it is the chakra of expression, fluidity, independence, freedom of thought, feelings of security and all of that good stuff. It is represented with 16 petals, and it's pretty important in Dream Yoga. That is to say, meditating on it supposedly promotes lucid dreaming.

4. Anahata, the Heart Chakra.
Represented by twelve petals and a hexagram, this green chakra mandates a whole host of things. Physically it is tied to well-being, circulation, stress, and other bodily functions, and in the nonphysical realm it covers love, compassion, devotion, and other feel-good things. It is often connected to the thymus gland. It is far more important in Tibetan Buddhism, as it in that tradition also handles reincarnation. However, meditating on it allegedly allows one to body-surf, become a master of public speaking, and be dearer than the dearest to women.'[1] No scientific studies have so far located a reputable source of magic date-finding powers, however.

5. Manipura, the Solar Plexus Chakra.
This ten-petaled yellow chakra is associated with the digestive system of the body, as well as all manner of growth physical and spiritual. This includes issues of growth and change, such as power, fear, and forming opinions. Mastering meditating on it is said to bestow the occult power to create and destroy the world. Thank goodness nobody's actually gotten good at meditating on it yet.

6. Swadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra.
Associated with the testes or ovaries, this six-petaled orange chakra is said to preside over adrenal hormones in general. Spiritually, it's supposed to govern things like desire, basic human needs, violence, creativity, and happiness. It is a troublesome chakra in the tradition, and many holy figures have supposedly suffered under its sexual temptations. Mastering meditating to it supposedly quells fears of drowning and allows the invoker to taste anything they want. Next to the whole 'destroy the world' power this seems a bit of a sham.

7. Muladhara, the Root Chakra.
Located in the base of the spine, in the pelvis, is this four-petaled chakra. It is famously associated with the actual sex organs and sensuality as well as flight-or-fight response and simple survival. It competes with the Sacral Chakra for which is the sexiest chakra. This chakra doesn't exist in Tibetan Buddhism. Mastering this chakra is said to make the invoker a king of all men: knowing everything and immune to all diseases.[4]

Other Chakras
There are many, many minor chakras and lesser chakras as well as sub-chakras and other artifacts. Not even experts are sure how many there are in total. It's safe to say that when cultures make up many congruent spiritual traditions, the result will be as numerous as there are people to claim mastery over that tradition.


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 Substantial progress can be made "like that", as you realize the power to create with Love.

Is it that easy? Yes, it really is.

 So play a new game, start a new track.

Today I am going to create with Love.

Love is the ticket to ride. And so it is.


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my friend from Italy JUST shared with me that based on her Italian peers who went to the bank to withdraw some CASH, they've been told that "the BANKS DON'T HAVE ANY AVAILABLE CASH"...

trying to find out more details next week but in any case this is EPIC news because it's PROOF that massive CHANGE is on its way, soon...

MAYBE they are no longer ALLOWED to prin FAUX/FIAT money...soon, all world's currencies will be backed up by PRECIOUS METALS...

so, this is a good time to recap what's heading our way very very soon...starting this year...we may be days/weeks away so stocking up on essentials and some cash for a few weeks worth of basic needs for us and pets in our care would be wise...

Phase 1: The Event (3-7 days)

Mass arrests of the Illuminati
‑Military sweep
 -1 day viral and mass media info distribution
 -1 day arrests
 -Up to 3 days shutdown
 -5 to 6 days conviction process

Phase 2: Restructuring (3-6 months)

New financial system backed by precious metals and commodities introduced
 -Federal Reserve dismantled, US Treasury prints gold backed money
 -Basket of currencies (6 or more) base of world financial system
 -Worldwide debt forgiveness
 -Bank debts cancelled (credit cards, loans, mortgages)
 -Banks must be re-licensed, no interest (usury)
 -Multinational companies split and nationalized

Redistribution of world's wealth begins
 -Prosperity funds released
 -Humanitarian and environmental projects funded

Free energy technology and advanced medicines released

Government UFO involvement disclosure

International criminal court tribunal of Illuminati

Statutory laws invalidated, return to Common Law

Interim national governments and then elections

UN restructured as head of Provisional government

Disengagement of warring parties, military forces recalled permanently from active duty and restructured into peace keeping force, nuclear weaponry disarmed

Phase 3: First Contact (1-3 months)

Contact with selected private individuals

Re-education of humanity, including our history not told: Atlantis and Lemuria

Global telecasts over TV and internet

Increasing number of spacecraft make themselves known, culminating in a massive flyover when tens of thousands of ships will take part as final proof that other civilizations are out there

Two week contemplation period

First contact: Public contact at UN - Electric surge into Earth Light body -Galactic / Cosmic synchronization / Tachyonic alignment

After First Contact
 -Interaction with Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters
 -Start of technology transfers and educational programs
 -Beginning of pollution cleansing and renewal of ecosystem
 -Start of full consciousness training (Ascension chambers)
 -Reunion with Confederation Fleet and Inner Earth

SOURCE: http://2012portal.blogspot.tw/…/plan-2012-normal-0-microsof…

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China Releases Moon Footage of Alien Bases. May 2015.
 (Posted @, Starship Earth: The Big Picture, compiled by Rique Seraphico).

Source Link: http://tothedeathmedia.com/china-releases-moon-footage-of-…/

Moon Photos by China's Chang'e 2 Lunar Orbiter (Gallery), China's Chang'e 2 Lunar Orbiter

Now HERE is something to get excited about. The lies and coverups are being exposed for what they are by other nations. If the fake US government won't disclose the truth about the ETs, the space missions, moon bases, Mars bases, and space travel, the rest of the world will---and they are!

The possibilities for our future once we can grasp this truth are endless. There is a brave new world opening up for Humanity that few ever dreamed of, but those of us who did are ecstatic.

And incidentally, the powers-that-were have also been hiding, destroying or hoarding ancient alien artifacts globally for a very long time---trying to maintain the lie of our existence.

What did they hide? My favourite is the carving in the temple in Abydos, Egypt with a helicopter, plane, boat, submarine... which they covered with plaster. But you can't hide the truth forever and the plaster fell off. They stopped tour guides from taking people here, but the secret is out.

Ancient Aliens egypt abydos

What did they hoard? The Smithsonian was established to collect and either hoard or destroy evidence of alien life on our planet, such as giant skeletons, and who knows what else.

The Vatican has a vast treasure trove of books, maps, you name it, and few have the clearance to enter there.

What did they destroy? US soldiers or mercenaries have been sent to many countries under the guise of war and peacekeeping to ransack invaluable proof of long past civilizations so they can tell us Human civilization is only a couple of thousand years old.

Ancient pictographs and runes have been desecrated in many areas---and when reported, sometimes the vandalism of the site was afterward labeled a "hoax". They use that just as much as "conspiracy theorist" to hide the truth.

But the truth will out, and we are learning who we really are and the power we have as Humans about to morph into the glory of our full potential as Galactic beings.

"China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality, if these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason."

This article is more "soft disclosure" to prepare us for what is coming. ~ BP

China Releases Moon Footage of Alien Bases HJIC May 5, 2015 Disinformation, SECRET SOCIETIES.

VIA| Dr. Micheal Salla has indicated that there is a Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex or MIEC, and that Earth is being assimilated by an alien agenda which also operates on Earth’s Moon.

The photo below is similar to many that I myself have seen. It appears that the Chinese who took the photo, have confirmed that aliens exist. The Chinese have probably been in contact with these aliens already.

That would explain why so many radio telescopes are searching for signals from aliens, and more being built as we speak, yet no reported signals from aliens were reported to the public.

The report stipulates:

“I was sent some pictures by a source who claims China will be releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang’e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moons surface. He also claims NASA has deliberately bombed important areas of the Moon in an effort to destroy ancient artefacts and facility’s.

“Pictures yet to be released clearly show nuclear impact craters and building debris caused by explosions in an effort by NASA to destroy the truth. China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality, if these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason. China will be releasing all the data and images from the Chang’e-2 in the coming weeks and months, lets hope this is the beginning of a new era.”

From The Canadian, via ufothetruthisoutthere:

Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbiter? 2012.
 Video Link: https://youtu.be/hKadoX3rfcE

I was sent some pictures by a source who claims China will be releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang'e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moons surface.

He also claims NASA has deliberately bombed important areas of the Moon in an effort to destroy ancient artefacts and facility's.

Pictures yet to be released clearly show nuclear impact craters and building debris caused by explosions in an effort by NASA to destroy the truth. China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality, if these images and future ones are verified genuine then NASA should be investigated for fraud and treason. China will be releasing all the data and images from the Chang'e-2 in the coming weeks and months, lets hope this is the beginning of a new era.

"The narration by Karl Wolf has nothing to do with the images in this video. I included the narration by Karl Wolf merely to help the viewer realise that the cover-up by NASA concerning Alien structures on the Moon has been going on for decades".

UPDATE: Please compare moon image with the image URL below, does this prove the image I posted is a fake, disinfo, or is it proof that NASA has indeed airbrushed important structures out of its published photographs of the lunar surface, and possibly leaked this picture claiming it to be from the Chang'e-2 Orbiter in an effort to cast doubt and suspicion on any further images that are pending release. I was sent a further four highly detailed images of structures on various parts of the moon, if I can verify their authenticity I will post on my facebook page. All we can be sure of at this point is that the Image is not from the Chang'e-2 Orbiter, it does not follow that the image itself is a fake. Stay tuned. http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/lun...

Disclaimer: The ADG cannot confirm the authenticity of the information presented, we merely present the information to a wider audience on behalf of the filmmaker, witness, source or author.

Checkout Our Blog Here Link: http://goo.gl/RS52NT

ADGUK Link: http://goo.gl/UkC5Cu

ADG Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alien-D...

Follow ADG on Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/ADG_UK

Have you ever wondered why we haven’t returned to the moon again? The truth is that NASA is hiding a very dark secret from us.

The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon (Full Documentary).
 Video Link: https://youtu.be/vmRwQCoK_XY

Is there an “Alien Base” on the Moon? More and more people are coming forward with stories that might prove this is true. Rumors say that there is an Alien Moon Base on the far side of the moon, the side we never see from Earth.

Did you ever wonder why the Moon landings stopped and why we have not tried to build a Moon Base? It does seem like a better and easier idea than a floating space station with no access to any raw materials or supplies?

According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong the aliens have a base on the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to get off and stay off the Moon!

Sound far fetched? Milton Cooper, a Naval Intelligence Officer tells us that not only does the Alien Moon Base exist but the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the Alien Moon Base as “Luna,” that there is a huge mining operation going on there, and that is where the aliens keep their huge mother ships while the trips to Earth are made in smaller “flying saucers”.

LUNA: The Alien base on the far side of the Moon. It was seen and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. A base, a mining operation using very large machines, and the very large alien craft described in sighting reports as mother ships exist there. – Milton Cooper
The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon (Full Documentary)
✔Dropping Audio Fixed (1080P)
 Link: https://youtu.be/ZULrvHfWoew
Books and Materials Related to Moon Conspiracies : http://amzn.to/14HAeYh
 More Alien/UFO documentaries (not available in YouTube) - Rare:
 Link: http://amzn.to/1A4jOB5
If you found this documentary intriguing, you might as well admire:

Proof of Alien Moon Base - Nasa Evidence, HD (Full Documentary)

Neil Armstrong refused to swear on The Bible that he walked on the Moon.

Aliens Killing Humans |HD| (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Area 51: The ALIEN Interview (Full Documentary)
 Link: http://youtu.be/XNtg7M4nqt4

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Bless Youuuuuuuuuu all ~ I'm sending Youuu Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat DIVINE VIBES!! of LIGHT, PEACE, DIVINE LOVE <3 & JOY :D ~ so YOU KNOW Everything is going to be OK ~ I am just another You = You are just another me = We are ONE HEART <3 ONe TEAM!! Kudos!! to Goddess EFRINI <3 SECRETARY's GENERAL TEAM <3 & YOU ALL Many Blessings! are coming to YOU! just BELIEVE IT!! Be LIGHT ~ BE LOVE <3 BE JOY! then ALL is already ALL Ours... The TIME of MAGIC is NOW!! Bless Y'ALL!! & so it is... Namaste ~ _/|_ ps. I apologized for any miscommunications, I'm just going with the flow... rolling with punches then all is Well. Best Wishes for all from my heart <3 OMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... _/|_

I am Ashtar! @ your service! <3


or Read Amazing Updates: Here!! :D

Important Note: JOIN 390 SOULS MEDITATING DAILY! to SAVE PLANET!=WORLD's PEACE & PRO$PERITY for ALL @ 11:11 AM / PM Your Local Time. Anyplace. You are the TEMPLE <3


Join: www.facebook.com/groups/swissindous

Be on the know ~ like it at: www.facebook.com/swissindousa

Get on the friend's list :) Sign Up Free! at: http://www.SiAmericas.com/

@ your service!

I am another You = NAMASTE


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Update 3
28 days ago
Come watch this Video my Loving friend! message me. I missed You! Wake Up! Nothing IS as it seems... all is well. Peace & Love <3 Namaste ~_~
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Update 2
4 months ago
Listen at: www.blogtalkradio.com/weareallonemovie read more: www.WeRaLLONe.com Watch Film. Help our cause of Awakening the People!
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Update 1
8 months ago
hi :) U R Invited 2 Watch Movie@ www.WeRaLLONe.com Listen@ www.DirectoryOfUS.com SignUp@ www.SiAmericas.com via: www.CModeling.com www.AMERICAenEspanol.com
Listen! to Our latest radio show @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/weareallonemovie/2015/12/06/lord-ashtar-sheran-radio-show-weekly-on-saturdays-2015
<3 Updates from the Galactic Federation of Light & LOVE <3 + Watch CRAVE THE Movie that is HEALING Drug Addictions and Deep Traumas of sexual molestation among relatives at: www.AshtarSheranRADIO.COM

Beloved <3 If You really, really, really wish to HELP all Humanity, Mother Earth Gaia <3 + all her Children & Kingdoms then just FOCUS on The LOVE <3 & LIGHT that YOU really! really! really! are... so Your LIGHT will ADD UP to The TSUNAMI of LOVE & DIVINE LIGHT <3 In PROGRESS NOW!! :D <3 NAMASTE ~ _/|_

wherever flips your skirt or flows your boat is just fine... just make sure Your FOCUS is LOVE <3 Then You are Ok... otherwise if you continue being dark... then you just lie to your SELF ~ no one else :P

just LISTEN to Your DIVINE HEART <3 Always! knows the TRUTH Namaste ~

An operation which is to give you a new world is now finishing. For millennia your surface reality has been limited in its perceptions by core lies and unbelievable deceptions. You are at last at the very edge of a different reality, in which you are surrounded by truth and new governance dedicated to your well-being. This is something that you are not used to. Rather, you expect to be lied to, cheated or just plain deceived. Over the past few weeks, a new realm has been constructed. This world is more than a gift for this holiday season; it is to be a realm in which you can rejoice. This new realm is there, but not yet manifested. You are presently seeing it manifested before you. The dark is defeated, but not yet isolated from you. A final set of events needs to occur before this most wished for event occurs. This reality is being slowly transitioned and when this is completed, some very clear signs are to appear before you. Until then, be both knowing and confident of this great change in your reality.

Long ago, Heaven decreed that this moment in your history was to happen. We are here to help implement those things, which are to make this complete. Heaven has given instructions about how this wonderful present is to appear. Already the signs of these numerous changes are in the air. We have watched as your many Light groups have, all too slowly for us, prepared your reality for this grand shift. We feel they have been too lenient about isolating the Anunnaki's minions from you. This procedure was done with “velvet gloves,” but needed a more forceful approach. We intended with the ancient families, selected royals and their secret society’s approval to quickly dispose of them by sending them to a special series of alternative realities. This process was intended to permit enlightened souls to swiftly proceed with the delivery and education required to give you your blessings. Instead, this present morass is what occurred.


Full Message & Source at: www.AshtarSheranRADIO.COM

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Amy Franco
7 months ago
WolfgangMahatma Alleswasist
7 months ago

May God's Love shower you with Blessings! WE ARE ALL ONE. ((( ♥ ))) NAMASTÉ

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Amy Franco
8 months ago
11 months ago
Penny Purr
19 months ago

Love and light blessings. prospurr. Xx

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Penny Purr
20 months ago

Blessings brother. Namaste. Purr.

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