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Tessa Graham Chittle  GIG HARBOR, WA
Welcome to The Chittle Homestead, a small modern homestead in the Pacific Northwest...

Our little family of three recently transformed ourselves from academic urban dwellers to homesteaders and are committed to living a sustainable lifestyle of real food, land preservation, and community collaboration.

As a coach-counselor husband wife team, we believe that our farm is the perfect setting to take a time out from life to create your life with intention.

That's why we are creating THE FARMSTAY....a place for people to come out to the homestead for an intentional vacation of their choosing.

We are not asking for donations to make this dream happen. Using the CSA model that farmers use these days to sell veggies, we are asking folks to pre-pay for their Farmstay ahead of time (no exact vacation dates needed!) as a way to help fund the project which will be completed and ready for visitors Summer 2017.

If you prefer to just make a donation to The Homestead without a Farmstay visit, we won't stop you! YOU choose the amount you want to contribute to support sustainability, community,  real food, and creative life design!

Or become a yearly member of the Farm ("The VIP Local" donation level) and get free access to all our 2017 events including our sustainable easter egg hunt, summer campout, harvest dinner, and homesteading workshops!

We secured a loan to fund the Tiny House build to the point of being ready for Farmstay visitors. Our builders at Brett Marlo Design in Gig Harbor focus on green sustainable building using local materials which means that our money and that of our visitors is going towards people and products that support a sustainable planet.

At this point in the process we are hoping to raise $10,000 in Farmstay pre-bookings to put in the rain water catchment system, solar panels and other features that will make this home fully unplugged and off grid so it can truly be an experience of sustainable building AND LIVING.

By pre-booking your farmstay with us, you not only get an awesome intentional vacation at our sustainable homestead, but you also get to be a part of creating a ongoing funding source that will allow The Chittle Homestead to become truly a space of learning, collaboration, sustainability, family connection, and creative life & business design! {Think farm dinners, permaculture wokshops, cheesemaking/cooking/crafting classes, mass yoga gatherings in the meadow, summer campouts for families, and anything else we can dream up together to promote healthy lives, families, communities, and planet.

Plus. there are special perks for those who pre-book...such as gourmet farm dinners, homestead breakfasts, picnic lunches, and smores campfires as well as extra farmstay nights for free!

Which vacation will you choose?

"The Bed & Breakfast" Farmstay
is for those who simply want a peaceful place to lay their head, a farm setting to be inspired, the nourishment of farm fresh food, and easy access to all the adventures the Pacific NW has to offer...

"The Homestead" Farmstay focuses on learning a new homesteading skill of your choosing ...like cheesemaking, food preserving or making all your own natural kitchen and bath products...

"The Craft" Farmstay provides all the materials and guidance for indulging your creativity for a weekend, make all those things you have been pinning on pinterest...maybe all your wedding decorations or christmas presents....

"The Food Revolution" Farmstay is all about mindful eating and slow meal preparation to calm those food battles you have with yourself or your kiddos...

"The Bold" Farmstay takes advantage of your hosts' skills as coaches and strategists as they hold space for your creation and provide guidance in writing a Family Manifesto with your kiddos or partner, designing a Bold Life Project, or launching your own business.

The Location:
All of these unique opportunities take place on a small homestead just outside a historic fishing village 1 hour south of Seattle Wa. and within easy reach of endless state parks, beaches, hiking trails, antique shops, and quaint towns as you head out to the Olympic Peninsula.

The Food:
Farm fresh gourmet breakfasts are normally the only meals included in all the packages.  However, when you pre-book your Farmstay here on the Go-Fund me site, we are including 2 meals a day during your stay! In addition to breakfasts, choose from farm dinners in the orchard, picnic basket lunches, smores campfires, appetizer/cocktail hour, and other fun ways to feed!). We believe in REAL food from the earth that is indulgent, delicious, & gluten-free. We promise gourmet food that will make your tastebuds dance....you know, the kind you salivate over in your instagram feed and interest boards! Imagine it: Check out our Farmstay Meal Inspiration Boards

The Accommodations: My design style is modern farmhouse boho rustic chic if such a thing exists :) and your Farmstay space is designed with intention by me to inspire creativity and offer a fresh breathe of peace! You will have your own tiny house that sleeps up to 5 people in a small but cleverly designed space.  We have both a downstairs bedroom/office plus large loft bedroom space! Your tiny home will over look the flower gardens and baby goats on one side and the cool forest on the other! Imagine it: Check out our Farmstay Style Inspiration Board

The Activities: See the Farmstay packages above. Choose from crafting, homesteading, manifesto writing, or life and business design. Or just explore the area on your own….Hiking, kayaking, state parks, beach access, stand up paddleboarding, antiquing, cider tasting, winetasting, beer tasting, 4th of july fireworks show, outdoor movies and concerts, farm visiting, waterfalls, hotsprings, Mt Rainier, sailing, ferry boat riding, farmers markets, fishing, good food, fun for the kids, museums, glass blowing, lavender festivals, lighted boat parades, Bluegrass festivals….yeah, we like where we live.  Imagine it: Check out our Things to Do Around Gig Harbor inspiration board.

The Hosts:

Meet Tessa - Revolutionary Life & Business Strategist, Homesteading Mama, lover of upcycled DIY creations and beautiful design, and Visionary of collaborations. She is the farmstay hostess and life coach who will also serve up beautiful farm tables in the orchard, gourmet s'mores around a campfire, and a dose of inspiration for bold, creative, value-based living.

Meet Ian - Solution-Focused & Mindfulness-Based counselor with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, who rocks out to punk rock music each morning with his daughter, is currently obsessed with building an aquaponics system, and makes food taste magical.

Meet Aza - master of the chickens, overseer of seed planting, and resident mixer of all salad dressings or other things in need of mixing. She spends as much time as possible OUTSIDE….carrying chickens around the homestead, running across the meadow, collecting leaves, stuffing berries in her mouth, and munching cucumbers, carrots, beans, or kale from the garden.

The Homestead:

We have 6 acres of meadow, forest, garden, orchard and animal pasture just on the border between residential and rural neighborhoods outside of Gig Harbor Wa. We share our home with 4 goats, 2 pigs, 20 chickens, 15 fruit trees, and an array of perennial bushes and plants; however, we suspect we will soon be adding ducks, sheep and rabbits to the mix :). We have big homesteading plans for food forests, aquaponics systems, and everything else to feed ourselves and our Farmstay guests and foster learning about sustainable ways of living whether you live on 500 acres or in a 500 sq foot apartment.

We do everything in  a way that cultivates the soil and shares the bounty with our natural cohabitants...bees, butterflies, and wildlife...because we believe this farm and the food it produces is not just for us but also an opportunity to save some land for nature.

The WHY:

We believe that farms are the perfect setting for life transformation....from the natural occurring antidepressants in the soil and mood boosting effects of real food, to the sense of purpose we feel when we connect deeply to our creativity and each other in the daily tasks of DIY homesteading, to the peace that nature reveals in our hearts.

Intimate experiences can often shift our lives more than any counseling session in an office.

We see ourselves as a modern homestead, balancing the wisdom of farmers and homesteaders before us with the modern age of technology and our unique skills as a coach and counselor. We are dedicated to sustainable living but instead of focusing on food production as the means for supporting the homesteading projects, we want to focus on utilizing the homestead for creating intimate community and real food experiences, opportunities for learning about sustainability, space for exploring one's creativity and values, and a platform for intentional family connection.

We believe small farms offer more benefit to our planet and our communities than just food production. They preserve homesteading knowledge and crop diversity, provide habitat for animals, create soil and clean water. Small sustainable farms also provide a platform for community, collaboration, purpose, and connection so many of us feel are missing in our busy, urban, and independent lives.

We'd like to open our homestead for people to experience first-hand the reawakening of the feelings of connection and creativity that can truly reset your well-being.

These experiences are exactly what we think our modern world needs right now and what will ultimately lead to shifts in how we all engage with each other, ourselves, our planet and our food.

We want our daughter to grow up connected to the land, real food, and the creative process of living a sustainable, DIY lifestyle...we also want her to grow up in community. We thought maybe YOU could be part of that community :)

We know many of our readers choose to support our local farms through frequenting the local farmers market, participating in a CSA box of veggies, or choosing local organic foods at our grocery stores. Now we can embody our values of sustainability and connecting our children to real food through how we we choose to vacation.

In summary....

Now's your chance to pre-book your Farmstay and be apart of all this from the beginning (with all the special perks that come along with that!)

Bring the whole family or come on your own. Treat it as a vacation, a self care retreat, a work weekend, a connecting moment with someone you love.

With the gentle presence and space holding of your hosts, who are experienced in life transformation, mindfulness, and family dynamics, along with the platform of a sustainable farm, fresh picked food, and the scenery of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you may just change your life. At the very least you will have a vacation filled with gourmet farm-to-table food served up in the orchard, icecream cones on a pier, water play in the the Puget Sound, picking sweet vine ripened tomatoes, chasing chickens, and feeding baby goats.

We will be finishing up construction of Tiny House Farmstay in June 2017. Your pre-payment for The Farmstay will go directly to the costs of creating the space that will be your home during your visit to The Chittle Homestead!
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Update 2
Posted by Tessa Chittle
14 days ago
Hello all you amazing supporters of The Chittle Homestead!

Great news! The Tiny House Farmstay will be open for reservations this summer! The Tiny House will be delivered to our property by our builders in late May and then we will be finishing up a few things ourselves so we plan to take reservations starting no later than July 1st, perhaps sooner! Anyone want to come out for the best time of year in Gig Harbor Wa? July/August is the best weather around here and so much fun stuff to do like outdoor movies, concerts, festivals, beach days, kayaking adventures, antique shopping, icecream cones on the pier....and so much happening on the homestead flowers blooming, really good food growing in the garden, cool workshops, and of course our collection of farm animals enjoying the summer sun. For 4th of july, there is a firework show off the beach near our house and lots of cool events going on!

Your donation of support early on in this process and your continued patience as you make this happen, make you all so special in our hearts and we cant wait to design your farmstay experience around you. Of course, no rush to book a stay if you have already made your summer plans. You can book anytime in the next 3 years!

We will send you a link to direct booking soon. In the meantime if you have a date in mind that you'd like to come visit. Email me so I can hold it for you!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Summer Mt Rainier View from Gig Harbor
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Update 1
Posted by Tessa Chittle
8 months ago
Hello everyone,

So it's been awhile since I have updated or even promoted this Go Fund Me Campaign. I kinda put a brief hold on putting it out into the world because I have been working hard behind the scenes to get everything clear before we proceed with our plans.

You see, the truth is that after we didn't raise the money for The Tiny House Farmstay via Kickstarter and shifted our plan to renovating a part of our house as a separate entrance Farmstay space....I just didn't feel the same about it. It just didn't feel like we were going to be providing what I wanted to provide in the way I wanted to provide it to all of you.

Yes, it was a great stepping stone towards our vision of having people share in The Chittle Homestead, but My heart still dreamed of that perfectly designed tiny house sitting at the back of the meadow just on the verge of the forest where families, and couples, and groups, and mamas and single ladies and anyone needing a weekend of peaceful creation could gather in a beautiful space and be nourished by delicious food.

And the universe conspired with my heart because the work on the Farmstay room renovation that I thought would be mostly DIY and easy became a project of permits and contracting skills we don't have...apparently creating a separately entrance in your house makes things a little complicated....and all the contractors are apparently busy for the summer already!

So we have decided to go back to the tiny house dream by securing a loan for the home. Taking out debt has not really been our thing so far in this life, but when we ran the numbers and listened to our hearts, it just feels right. We know that when we can actually make our vision tangible, the world will get it.

So what does this mean for those who have already booked a Farmstay?

The Tiny house will be ready by Spring 2017 as originally planned. Since in our Farmstay version 2.0 we promised farmstays would start in this fall, if any of you were planning on coming this Fall, please let us know and we will make arrangements so we can honor that! However, I believe most of you who have pre-booked already, probably weren't planning to come immediately so now you get an even cooler space when you do come! Same prices, perks, etc but now in a tiny house all to yourself!

{Side note....If you are starting to think about planning a visit, I recommend Spring if you are interested in garden planting and baby animals, summer if you are into beaches/outdoors/watersports/campfires, late summer/early fall if you are wanting to learn canning/food preserving or farm to table cooking and winter if you are looking to curl up with a cozy beverage to craft or write. Cheesemaking, meditating business planning, egg collecting, and family manifestos can be done anytime :) And really most activities can be worked in whatever season you come!}

What does this mean for those who have not yet pre-booked their Farmstay?

You can now be a part of helping us get to the magic downpayment number for our tiny house. As soon as we make that payment of $2000 to our tiny house builder, our build date (set to Start Jan 2017 and finish April 2017) will be secured! We are already half-way there with the generosity of our early supporters.

Who's going to be next to pre-book their Farmstay and help make it happen?!

Our loan will start when the building process begins so in the meantime any additional pre-bookings through GoFundME after the $2000 tiny house downpayment will go directly to getting the tiny house site ready, beautifying the grounds with our wildflower meadow and tiny fruit orchard that will surround the tiny house, adding some covered spaces for gathering, and of course making our first payments on the tiny house that we will have to cover before any other income comes in from Farmstay visitors.

We know this tiny house will become self sustaining once The Farmstays get up and running...but those of you who pre-book your stay now help The Chittle Homestead pay the up front costs of making this vision happen! Help the farmer sow the seeds for the summer bounty we can all enjoy....in this case, the tiny house bounty :)

Thanks to all who have been in this with us from the beginning. We do not take for granted your firm commitment to us as we navigate how to make this happen and we are even more committed to you to give you the best experience of your lives while also living our lives in a way that fiercely stands for the planet, our food, our communities, and all of our collective happiness.

Thanks to all who are thinking of joining in the fun and being apart of this journey with us by pre-booking your Farmstay or contributing to this campaign.

We are just a little family putting one foot in front of the other to stay true to our values and make our bold life projects happen. We are honored to have you as witnesses.

From our family to yours,

Tessa, Ian, Aza
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$1,125 of $10k goal

Raised by 7 people in 10 months
Created June 23, 2016
Tessa Graham Chittle  
Carole Sheldon
4 months ago
Leslie Raznick
7 months ago

Thank you for a delicious, nutrition and heartfelt dinner!

Michelle Blakeley
9 months ago
Priscilla Carson
10 months ago

'Love your new plan and can't wait to experience the Farmstay!

Katie Gordon
10 months ago
Marci Miller
10 months ago

We are excited to support you in living your dream!

basima williams
10 months ago
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