Menstrual Cups in Nepal: Chhaupadi

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Rato Baltin Project 2018

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The Problem:

During the last year, 5 young girls have died in a  Chhaupadi hut  in west Nepal because they were menstruating.

In West Nepal, the lack of safe sanitary options often results in health problems and school absenteeism. Menstruation is a topic touched by embarrassment, insecurity, and degrading traditions for women like Chhaupadi.

Chhaupadi is characterised by the banishment of women during menstruation from their usual residence, due to supposed ‘impurity’. It has been criticised for violating the basic human rights of women, and for associated physical and mental health impacts. Despite having been outlawed and criminalised, it continues to exist.

Photo © Moisara Thapa - Basti - One of our students

Our Solution:

The Rato Baltin Project run by the NGO be artsy is a Menstrual Health Management and sexual education program that aims to eradicate this practice. The Project is for girls, boys, women and their communities. We think that education is the only way to change these deeply held beliefs.

An important part of the Rato Baltin project is the distribution of a healthy and environmentally friendly solution: The Menstrual Cup.

Twice a year, we visit remote villages to distribute menstrual cups andconduct hygiene and sexual education training. We also revisit villages to check in on those who have already recieved training and a cup, see what has changed, and evaluate the results of the program.

We have already distributed more that 250 menstrual cups to school girls in remote villages. Each girl received a cup and training on how to use it. They are also given a metal bucket (Baltin) to have clean water and somewhere to boil the cup.

The Issue:

be artsy is seeking long term funding sustainability to ensure we can continue our work in these remote communities, as well as help more girls. 

Ruby Cup very generously donates cups to be distributed to girls in school, as a way of addressing absenteeism. However, not all girls in remote villages attend school. Some are married young and even have children, while others spend their days working in the fields. We want to be able to provide these girls and young women with menstrual cups and hygeine kits, alongside their sisters still in school.

Getting to these remote areas also involves significant logistic costs, as well as paying the salaries of the local Nepali nurses delivering the trainings. Without sustainable funding, we can't continue our work.

We had really good results in 2017. Girls are changing the chhaupadi tradition after our classes, and using the menstrual cup.

We are preparing in 2018 to provide another 325 girls and women with mentrual cups, and provide sexual and menstrual education in 5 more secondary schools.

How You Can Help:

The work we do is only possible thanks to the dedication and support of individuals like yourself. Even the smallest amount can go a long way to changing the life of Nepali girls and women, supporting menstrual dignity and sexual education. 

We urgently need to buy menstrual cups for girls not in school, the materials for hygiene kits (bucket, towel, soap, Nepali instructions, pens and teaching materials for every girl), salaries for the Nepali nurses, and fund the travel logistics to the  5 remote villages we will work in 2018  ( Achcham district). 

Donating even 5€ supports the continued work we do in these remote communities.

There are a number of other ways to help . How about sponsoring menstrual cups for girls and young women that do not attend school, OR a nurses salary?

Hygienic kit: 19€
Cup + hygienic kit: 32€
One Week Nurse salary: 45€
One Month Nurse Salary: 190€
A Month Money Pocket for local Volunteer in KTM: 35€

You can also give regular donations to help us: 
- plan ahead for spring trip
- replenish hygiene kits
- hold events such as exhibitions to spread awareness
- buy cups to sell on, with 100% of funds ssupporting the organisation for buying cups for young women that not attend school and bringing a more hygienic, sustainable sanitary solution to Nepal

You can use, too, paypal directly: PayPal.Me/bearsty

If you don't like using PayPal or Credit card, you can donate to us using:

Account Holder: Associació be artsy
Bank: Banc Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934

If you would like to be a regular donator, or you are a company that is interested in being a sponsor, your generosity will be met with regular updates and a company mention (logo) on our web page. Please do contact us : http://beartsy.org/contact/

To all our recurrent donors and those considering becoming donors, if you give a minimum donation of 70 euros (equating to 5 euros per month plus the cost of the crowdfunding platform), you will be, if you want, an associate collaborator.

Being an associate collaborator means you become a recurrent contributor. You'll receive news about the projects through email, have the possibility to take part in the general assembly and hear first hand about the project, via Skype or another online format.

We also have another crowd funding campaign through a Spanish website. We hope to cumulatively raise 16,500 euros through the two platforms to fully fund the 2018 Rato Baltin project. Both sites serve a need as donations made through the Spanish site are tax deductible, as we are a Spanish NGO. The link to the other site is here:  https://www.migranodearena.org/reto/17851/ratobaltin-2018-copas-menstruales-contra-el-chhaupadi-aportaciones-2018

Thank you! :)

More info:



Copas menstruales en Nepal: Chhaupadi

En West Nepal, la carencia de opciones sanitarias causa problemas de salud y absentismo escolar. El Chhaupadi supone echar de casa a las mujeres durante el tiempo de su menstruación, violando así los derechos humanos más básicos.

Como solución, el Proyecto Rato Baltin, gestionado por la Asociación be artsy, ofrece programas educativos de higiene y sexualidad a jóvenes y adultos de ambos sexos, para intentar erradicar esta práctica.

Una parte importante del proyecto Rato Baltin es la distribución de la Copa Menstrual. más de 250 han sido ya entregadas a chicas en edad escolar este año, junto con un cubo metálico (Baltin) que les sirve para llevar agua limpia a las letrinas y  para hervir la Copa.

También nos gustaría, en un futuro, poder donar copas a las chicas jóvenes que no van a la escuela por varios motivos (pobre, casadas con 13 años..).

Para este proyecto en concreto puedes colaborar , por ejemplo con:

- Materiales para el Kit Higiénico: 19€
- Copa Menstrual + Kit Higiénico: 32€
- Salario semanal de una enfermera: 45€
- Salario mensual de una enfermera: 190€
- Un mes de dinero para el bus para voluntarios locales en Kathmandu: 35€                                    

Si quieres ayudarnos con donaciones regulares o eres una empresa y quieres apoyarnos ponte en contacto con nosotras!  http://beartsy.org/contact/  Eso nos ayudará a planificar nuestras acciones.

Titular: Associació Be Artsy
Banco: Banco Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934



Más información:


Copes menstruals al Nepal: Chhaupadi

A l'oest del Nepal, la manca d'opcions sanitàries causa problemes de salut i absentisme escolar. El Chhaupadi suposa fer fora de casa a les dones durant el temps de la seva menstruació, violant així els drets humans més bàsics.

Com a solució, el Projecte Rato Baltin, gestionat per l'Associació be artsy, ofereix programes educatius de Salut menstrual i sexualitat a joves i adults d'ambdós sexes, per intentar eradicar aquesta pràctica.

Una part important del projecte Rato Baltin és la distribució de la Copa Menstrual. Més de 250  han estat ja lliurades a noies en edat escolar aquest any, juntament amb una galleda metàl·lica (Baltin) que els serveix per portar aigua neta  cap al lavabo i per bullir la Copa.

També ens agradaria,  poder donar copes a les noies joves que no van a l'escola per diversos motius (pobres, casades amb 13 anys ..).

Per a aquest projecte en concret pots col·laborar, per exemple amb:

- Materials per al Kit Higiènic: 19 €
- Copa Menstrual + Kit Higiènic: 32 €
- Salari setmanal d'una infermera: 45 €
- Salari mensual d'una infermera: 190 €
 - Diners pel bus per voluntaris local a Kathmandu: 35€

Si vols ajudar-nos amb donacions regulars o ets una empresa i vols donar-nos suport posa't en contacte amb nosaltres! Contacte: http://beartsy.org/contact/

Titular: Associació Be artsy
Banc: Banc Sabadell
IBAN: ES23 0081 0900 8200 0430 1934



Més informació:


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Hello friends, we are really happy to explain you that we are quite ready for this year Rato Baltin.
We will begin our Journey to Achham in April 17th!
We already have set up the new villages. We have been locking that are places with the Chhaupadi tradition alive to try to change the view that the girls have about their body, and they voluntarily begin to change the tradition.
We will go to Mangalsen municipality, to the villages of janalibandali, Basti, Kuntibandali, Oligau and Kaligau.

Please help us reach more people. Share our crowdfunding page with your friends and family. Girls in West Nepal need us! :)
https://www.gofundme.com/menstrual-cups-in-nepal-chhaupadi (english)
Thank you. <3
Achham district
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Hello, valued and appreciated friend!

We have been working on our proposal for the 2018 project.

We will be working in 5 secondary schools with boys and girls, as well as groups of women and men's groups in 5 villages. We will provide 325 girls and women with menstrual cups and hygiene kits, and will carry out trainings around Kathmandu.
To achieve these goals in 2018, we will need 16500 euros.

To all our recurrent donors and those considering becoming donors, if you give a minimum donation of 70 euros (equating to 5 euros per month plus the cost of the crowdfunding platform), you will be, if you want, an associate collaborator.
Being an associate collaborator means you become a recurrent contributor. You'll receive news about the projects through email, have the possibility to take part in the general assembly and hear first hand about the project, via Skype or another online format.

Whether or not you donate yourself, please help us reach more people. Share our crowdfunding page with your friends and family. Girls in West Nepal need us!
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A new girl is dead because Chhaupadi in Achcham. And it was in a "Chhaupadi free" village, like the one we were working last year with the #RatoBaltin.
We need to finish with the hypocrisy of Big NGOs that only spend money in no important things, and don't really care what people in villages need.
The small ones are working more effective and quite without founds. If we could have only a part that the money that the big ones used for nothing, we could really make a big difference.
In our 2017- Rato Baltin Pilot Project Impact Evaluation http://beartsy.org/2017-rato-baltin-pilot-project-impact-evaluation/ you can see how effective our #RatoBaltin project is, but we need finantial Help: https://www.gofundme.com/menstrual-cups-in-nepal-chhaupadi
Please help us to creed the word. Share the crowdfunding writhing your contacts!
Thank You! <3
Una nueva chica ha muerto por culpa del Chhaupadi en Achcham. Y fue en un pueblo "libre de Chhaupadi", como el que estuvimos trabajando el año pasado con el #RatoBaltin.
Tenemos que terminar con la hipocresía de las grandes ONG que solo gastan dinero en cosas no importantes, y realmente no les importa lo que necesita la gente en las aldeas.
Las pequeñas ONGs trabajamos más eficazmente y no tenemos recursos suficientes para hacer más. Si pudiéramos tener solo una parte del dinero que derrochan algunas grandes ongs podríamos hacer una gran diferencia.
En la Evaluación del impacto que ha tenido el proyecto Rato Baltin 2017 http://beartsy.org/es/2017-rato-baltin-pilot-project-impact-evaluation/ podeís ver quan efectivo nuestro #RatoBaltin project es. Pero necesitamos ayuda financiera: https://www.gofundme.com/menstrual-cups-in-nepal-chhaupadi
For favor, ayúdanos a difundir, comparte el crowdfunding entre tus contactos! :)
Gracias! <3

Una altra noia ha mort per culpa del Chhaupadi a Achcham. I ha estat en un poble "lliure de Chhaupadi", com el que vam estar treballant l'any passat amb el #RatoBaltin.
Hem d'acabar amb la hipocresia de les grans ONG que només gasten diners en coses no importants, i realment no els importa el que necessita la gent del poblats.
Les petites ONG treballem més eficaçment i no tenim recursos suficients per fer més. Si poguéssim tenir només una part dels diners que malbaraten algunes grans ongs, podríem fer una gran diferència.
A l'Avaluació de l'impacte que ha tingut el projecte Rato Baltin al 2017 http://beartsy.org/ca/2017-rato-baltin-pilot-project-impact-evaluation es pot veure com d'efectiu ha estat el nostre #RatoBaltin Project, però necessitem ajuda financera per a continuar: https://www.gofundme.com/menstrual-cups-in-nepal-chhaupadi
Si us plau, ajude'ns a difondre. Comparteix el Crowdfunding entre el teus contactes!
Gràcies! <3
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Hello !
We have not explained anything to you for days, but we are analyzing the data we have from the last trip and that are very encouraging in the fight against chhaupadi, using sex education, participative photography and menstrual cups. A great success.

Today we celebrate #GivingTuesday. A day to donate. If you feel like making a donation to the project, Sign up to give an euro per month to our teaming group or sharing the crowfunding we have on social networks, we would greatly appreciate it. We have so many things to do, so many villages where to go to facilitate the lives of these girls!

Thank you very much for being with us, we will soon send you the results and great news for the Rato Baltin 2018

The team of be artsy's volunteers .


Fa dies que no us expliquem res però és que estem analitzant les dades que tenim de l'últim viatge i que són molt esperançadores en la lluita contra el chhaupadi usant l'educació sexual, la fotografia participativa i les copes menstruals. Un gran èxit!

Avui celebrem #GivingTuesday. Un dia per donar. Si us ve de gust fer una donació al projecte, apuntar-vos per a donar un euro al mes al nostre grup de teaming o compartir a les xarxes socials el crowfunding que tenim obert, us ho agrairem molt. ! Tenim tantes coses per fer, tants poblats on anar a facilitar les vides d'aquestes nenes!
Moltes gràcies per estar al nostre costat, aviat us enviarem els resultats i grans novetats per al Rato Baltin 2018

L'equip de personas voluntàries que formem be artsy.


¡Hola !
Hace días que no os explicamos nada pero es que estamos analizando los datos que tenemos del último viaje y que son muy esperanzadores en la lucha contra el chhaupadi usando la educación sexual, la fotografía participativa y las copas menstruales. ¡Un gran éxito!

Hoy celebramos #GivingTuesday. Un día para donar. Si os apetece hacer una donación al proyecto, apuntaros para dar un euro al mes a nuestro grupo de teaming o compartir en las redes sociales el crowfunding que tenemos abierto, os lo agradeceremos mucho. !Tenemos tantas cosas por realizar, tantos poblados donde ir a facilitar las vidas de esas niñas !

Muchas gracias por estar a nuestro lado, pronto os enviaremos los resultados y grandes novedades para el Rato Baltin 2018

El equipo de personas voluntarias que formamos be artsy.

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Raised by 69 people in 11 months
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