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First of all, I would personally like to thank you for getting to the point where you are reading this story. I have written articles for newsletters and magazines, but this is by far the hardest story that I have ever had to write.

My name is Blake Harmon and my wife Lisa and I are blessed to have 4 surviving beautiful kids! Our son (my stepson) Ryver is 22 now and has been a blessing in my life, our daughter Mckinley is the smartest 5 year old I know and our son Brevig who is 3, is the wittiest little man this side of the Mississippi!

This story however is about our daughter (my stepdaughter) Winter who has been in my life since she was less than 2 years old. She is such a beautiful, smart young woman and now is stuck in the middle of a mess.

Her biological father served papers to us on January 9th that were not only defamatory to my wife, but made many ridiculous accusations that are easily proven false in an effort to tear our family apart and:
-gain "sole legal decison making"
-be the "primary residential parent of", and
-collect child support from US for Winter.

Winter is a very active young lady in the community! Here are just some of the things that she is involved in:
-Quartzsite Denim n' Dust 4-H Group
-Active with her church youth group
-Active in the towns after-school program

Through those activities, she has made many friends and learned a great deal as well! She shows animals, is grat at art and aspires to be an animator!

I do not want to complicate the legal process by sharing case information, but if he succeeds, the end result will be separating her from the only family she really knows, taking her away from her brother, sister, friends, her social activities and preventing her from living a great life in "Rural" Arizona and up in Alaska (during the summer for work), seeing and doing things that most people only read about in magazines including gold prospecting, exploring, fishing, hunting & so much more! This would all be lost in exchange for living in a single parent townhome in the concrete jungle of Las Vegas (Henderson specifically) going to a school with 1,500 students which would be detrimental to her education compared to the homeschooling we provide ESPECIALLY because of her special needs being on the autism spectrum which really needs one-on-one attention.

The only goal my wife and I have ever had in life is to lead by example and provide a good life for our children and I believe with all of my heart that we are doing that.  We provide them with a roof over their heads, clean clothes, food on the table and a life full of exciting new adventures. We are not the kind of people who ask for handouts, but with the time sensitive nature of this situation, we have been left with no choice but to reach out to our many dear friends, family and maybe even strangers in order to meet the financial needs of legal representation.

I have made a deposit to a great lawyer who came highly recommended and spent nearly 3 hours of his time with us at NO COST going over our case. He is only going to charge a flat rate fee no matter how much time is necessary so that we can plan for this with no surprises which is a LOT better than $150 to $300 per hour open ended.

Even so, the legal process is expensive and we are asking for help from the thousands of people who we have interacted with us through my job at the Gold Prospectors Association Of American (until 2012) and then at our store, Miners Depot ever since who have seen Winter and all of our kids and know better than what is being accused of us.

Like I said, we do not like asking for handouts but need your matter how big or small of a contribution you can make. We are looking to raise $10,000 to cover the lawyer fees and associated legal expenses. After talking to the lawyer, we are confident that this will take care of our needs. If by some chance the costs end up being less than we raise, we will use the remaining funds towards equipment to support Winter with her passions of Art & Animation.

Timing is incredibly important as we only have until the 29th of January for the lawyer to deliver the rebuttal and he definitely needs to be paid for that to happen!

Be sure to check out the awesome rewards we are giving for your support! I know it isn't much, but I promise you that it comes from our hearts!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and we are eternally grateful for your support!


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