Action on military climate change

“Is only the civilian economy responsible for climate change? I think not!" Dr. Rosalie Bertell

Wars also cause climate change.
But public discussion is focused on the civilian economy, because the military impacts are left out of the Reports of the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC).

The United States lobbied at the 1997 Kyoto Accord to keep military emissions out—in the interests of "national security". That decision 22 years ago still perpetuates public misunderstanding of climate change, showing the world's people only half the reality.

It’s time to add the missing puzzle pieces to the climate change picture: wars--the wars we see and the wars they hide--to shed light on wholistic solutions.

We can revitalize every local economy, as the Green New Deal proposes, by diverting part of the money we give the military, to public investment in the green economy instead; by redirecting soldiers to assist in weather / war disasters here and around the world; and to work on ecological reconstruction--starting with their 794 active contaminated sites and 865 unexploded bomb sites.

My immediate goal is to publicize these realities, along with Canada’s military plan. 

Beyond this, I hope to initiate a global coalition of peace and civil society organizations, Indigenous Nations, and refugee associations, to petition our world government, the United Nations, to acknowledge war as a cause of climate crisis, and take emergency action.

                I invite your participation 
            and ask your help with costs.

40764644_1568394442398026_r.jpegThis demonstration was in New York. Both photos are by courtesy of Tamara Lorincz.

Making the Links: The Climate Crisis, Militarism and War: Tamara Lorincz details U.S., NATO, and Canada's military in government and civil society documents.

Canada's 2017 Department of National Defence Plan is to spend $553 billion dollars of our taxes over 20 years to “maintain high end war fighting” with new jets, ships, drones, etc. They plan to militarize education: increase funding for defence R&D at universities.

Our foreign policy is the same as our military policy: to cooperate with US and NATO wars. There was no dissent by any MP from any party.

A pdf of her slides is available from


Independent Action

You could send whatever part of this information resonates with you, to your family, friends, and network contacts. 

To raise the issues with decision-makers and the public you may want to consider:

* Every Member of Parliament needs to hear from their constituents. 
The climate impact of Canada's wars--and the moral impact--is our  collective responsibility.
Snail-mail to any MP is postage-free; copies to local and online media reaches more people.

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres: his climate summit raised global awareness of the crisis.       Twitter: @antonioguterres
FB: UN Antonio Guterres:

The next climate summit is planned for December. This will be a Conference of the Parties, a meeting of the countries who signed on to the Paris Agreement, to review their progress in reducing their emissions. Military impacts have never been mentioned in any of these conferences, so this is the time to shout it out.

The planned venue, Santiago, Chile, has been cancelled due to popular uprising against austerity, government control, and calling out the military. A new venue will be posted here.

* Every scientist on the UN IPCC needs to hear from us.
They invite us to "engage with IPCC".

BC co-authors of previous IPCC Reports include Dr. Kirsten Zickfeld, SFU Department of Geography, and Dr. Andrew Weaver, BC Green Party leader.

Cooperative Action

If you take independent action I'd be encouraged to hear about it, and share it with others on my website. We could work together on specific mail campaigns, share information, consider possible actions. I welcome every idea, comment, and critique. 

Global Action

A global coalition to petition the United Nations
is detailed on my website:  If the potential of such direct, focused action appeals to you, do contact me, Hilda, at

About Me

Public information outreach to make sustainable solutions widely available has been my work for more than four decades. I organized public meetings and workshops for global and local experts with a solutions perspective. Drs. Rosalie Bertell (who helped BC defeat nuclear reactors and uranium mines), Hazel Henderson, Paul Connett and Amory Lovins showed us how to actualize solutions to the most difficult problems we face.

As a teacher, citizen activist, and sole proprietor (Sustainable Community development services) I worked with local, national and international organizations and Indigenous Nations to promote cooperation. I co/founded several community eco-action groups and coalitions; stood for public office as an independent ecologist; organized and participated in numerous direct actions.

Ending war has been the focus of my work because my family, with my infant self, narrowly escaped World War II in Europe. Three children born in war, three  in relative peace on Turtle Island, help me understand the world of difference. Inter-generational impact of war trauma has been my life experience and study. 

At this time of crisis, stimulating big-time fight or flight response in us all, a positive approach can perform wonders of healing. Once we see the whole picture, we can depend on the human drive to understand and fix it.

Information handouts

I wrote two leaflets to address both overt and covert war; gave them out at conferences, events, and demonstrations; emailed and snail-mailed them to Indigenous Nations,  civil society organizations and elected representatives.

I include them here to provide information for you to use.  Should you want to distribute either or both locally, I'll forward a pdf for reprinting (with your contact info added).


Starting on Earth Day this year, I gave both out and spoke with people at many events. 

Most recently: the demonstration at the Art Gallery with Greta Thunberg (250);
and the Che Guevara Conference (50).

At the Vancouver climate strike on Friday, September 27, 250, thanks to the first contributors on this page, I distributed 250 and spoke with about 400 people, children, teens, and adults, who were surprised to agree that no one talks about war; they'd known  in the back of their minds war must be part of climate change. 

I attended the first meeting of our local Green New Deal action group and their rally, with my sign: Include the military in the Green New Deal (60).

I went to three events in July after the last IPCC Report: the Green New Deal Vancouver stop of their 7-city tour; the Climate Convergence Conference; and the inaugural meeting  of the Surrey chapter of World Beyond War (500 total).

40764644_1573247509108167_r.jpeg That's me on the right, holding the sign, next to Tamara.

The wars we see
                                                                                                              This double-sided single fold leaflet starts here:



The wars they hide: Weather War

"Owning the weather" has been a goal of the global military since the second world war; after the US genocide of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the nuclear bomb was considered too dangerous to use. But escalating weather disasters around the world show that electromagnetic weapons are as dangerous to life on Earth: pathological humans are destabilizing our planet.

The global military's best-kept secret is finally being exposed, by global activist cooperation, academics, scientists, and concerned citizens. 

Social media is picking up. This was posted on Instagram  by Canadian actor Michael Seklund:


Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of WarDr. Rosalie Bertell tells how geomagnetic weapons to ‘own the weather’ for military use have been developed by the global military, despite the UN Convention on the prohibition of military or any hostile use of environmental modification techniques, 10 December 1976  (the ENMOD convention). They avoid censure by calling them industrial research.

She details every aspect of the complex high-frequency weapons system.  She explains  how electromagnetic lightning, using the same process as natural lightning, can ignite forests.


Wildfire Armageddon: NOT the new normal if we stop weather war

The unprecedented forest fires of 2017 and 2018 burned more lands, forests, and homes in BC than the past 25 years combined: 2.57 million hectares. My 'second home' in the northwest is one of the many devastated Indigenous communities.

The Tahltan First Nation lost 40 homes and structures, 118,318 hectares were impacted; a $12 million debt bomb to clean up and restore infrastructure, with the cost of rebuilding yet to come.

40764644_1573250727452021_r.jpeg Sunrise at the fish camp where infrared emissions were observed prior to the Stikine fires.

I distributed this report on the impact of the 2018 fires on Indigenous communities, who suffered disproportionately, and their settler neighbours, to First Nations, politicians, and civil society media. 

For broad distribution of this information, I wrote "Spring Heat Wave Signals Summer Weather War" when the heat wave this March (2019) broke records across the province. (Available on my website.)
The sudden reversal to record rainfall this summer also signals weather war.

I snail-mailed Wildfire Armageddon to Indigenous Nations, politicians and individuals, distributed it at events, posted it on my website:

Printing costs have recently been reduced thanks to long-time activist Devin Gillan, who supports this initiative with his labour, charges only costs. Devin is also a provider of sliding scale video documentation and logistics (sound/power) for community and activist events. You can reach him at 778.806-4946.

Research, writing, and connecting with others uses much of my time; income beyond costs would enable me to keep these issues up to date, and respond to possible proposals for a global coalition.

We need a bumper sticker!  Stop the Wars: Stop the Warming.

For millennia, around the world, united, cooperative action has been the path to change. I hope we can work together to globalize peace.


With active hope,

Hildegard Bechler

Sustainable Community development services

The ecological solution is the economic solution,
                and also the ethical.

                       If not I, who?
                  If not now, when?

                   Thomas Aquinas
            patron saint of activists!

READ MORE here, or refer to my website:

More of my background in these issues

In 1978 I invited Dr. Bertell, who was an epidemiologist and leading expert in health impacts of low-level ionizing radiation, to help us prevent nuclear power and uranium mining. BC Hydro had planned a reactor on Vancouver Island—15 km from my home; the BC government set up a committee to develop U-mines . Family and friends, community groups and Indigenous Nations in seven cities, financed Rosalie's travel, organized public meetings and media coverage.
This speaking tour was one among thousands of public information events and actions by people around BC over fifteen years. In broad cooperation through province-wide networks, citizens stopped both these nuclear war industries—the only place in the world that has.

This and more astonishing victories by people protecting Earth, suggests that together, we can take on even the military, to ease our common survival crisis.

Dr. Bertell became expert in electromagnetic weapons after being named to the Environmental Assessment of the proposed Solar Satellite Project for the US Congress the same year. At a cost of $3000 per kilowatt hour, it was clearly not about civilian electricity.

I join thousands around the world who carry on Rosalie’s work. She advised environmentalists to put local issues into the context of global military dominance, and take cooperative global action. Regardless of political obstacles, using the services of United Nations agencies increases their effectiveness, and works toward the public oversight of the military: the first step to ending war.

Details and references be found at my website:

More about my experience in this field will also be available on that site, in the context of forty years of community organizing, actions, and victories, of the many Earth protectors in BC. As well as preventing nukes and U-mines, we protected estuaries, rivers and farmland; appealed pesticide permits; helped Indigenous Nations prevent mega-dams, and fracking in the Sacred Headwaters;  stopped bitumen pipelines, and tanker traffic on the Coast.

Over the course of 30 years, citizens from Metro to Cache Creek prevented a toxic incinerator in Ashcroft, established recycling in Metro Vancouver, and in 2015 defeated Metro's plans to incinerate one million tons of garbage a year (for 30-50 years!) in the city. They need our feedback to establish more and improved recycling collection and local remanufacturing of recycled resources.

That's me on the left publicizing Amory Lovins' climate solutions, and the advice of Indigenous Nations who, with their settler neighbours and province-wide networks, stopped the Coast Mountain pipeline . My co-activist friend Richard joined the walk up Burnaby Mountain with 10,000 other folks, to prevent the expansion of the Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan pipeline: eco-disaster in the wings now owned by Canadian taxpayers.


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Hildegard Bechler 
Langley, BC
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