Tracy 2060: Help Me Heal My Cancer

I need your help healing my cancer. In three weeks, I plan to start a new treatment protocol to get my aggressive metastatic cancer back under control. I want to see my son's children grow up and that means I need to make it to 88 years old. 

I also want to keep supporting other cancer patients through my work as a coach, speaker and advocate for those living with cancer.

Read on to hear the full story of my recent cancer flare up and the details of my treatment needs. I appreciate you considering supporting me, my family and my mission.

My cancer story began in 2012 with Stage 1B cervical cancer. I had a hysterectomy and went on with my overachieving, stressed-out life in New York with my husband and son. Years went by and life was great. 

Until 2016 when I was diagnosed with recurrent cervical cancer that was deemed “incurable” by conventional medicine.

I don’t do “incurable.” I found doctors that supported me through 9 months of chemotherapy, but simultaneously I started looking into complementary and alternative treatments. 

Along the way I also found the book, Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner which outlines 9 key factors that terminal cancer patients had down to outlive their dire prognosis. I’m a type-A overachiever, so I was thrilled to have a list to heal myself. 

Following the 9 Radical Remission factors lead to my own miraculous radical remission for two years. In the process, I changed every part of my life from my deterdant and cookware to leaving corporate America and buying a new healthier house. 

I started teaching and coaching, Radical Remission. I’m even helping Dr, Turner write the follow-up book titled, Radical Hope (on shelves April 2020). I thought I had it all figured out. But the universe has a funny of humbling a person. As I was preaching to others the importance of slowing down, depending on others, and listening to your body, I was trying to launch a coaching business, get paid speaking and writing gigs, and host Radical Remission workshops. 

I had changed every external part of my life and developed a solid self-care routine, but I hadn’t changed me. While I felt I was a recovering work-a-holic, those around me have made it very clear that I have a complete blind spot to how much I value accomplishing things. I was raised to base my self-worth on what I was able to DO and how much I could help other people in a day. 

In December 2018, the cancer started progressing again. I called it a “flare-up.” I figured I could fix the imbalance that was causing the cancer to be active by my son’s 12th birthday in March. I hired an amazing naturopath. Dr. Mark Bricca and nutritionist, Mary Ruddick. I converted to a hardcore theraputic ketogenic diet to starve the cancer without starving myself.

Although I did lose 20 lbs, we weren’t concerned. I added supplements. I went back to weekly acupuncture, continued weekly therapy, started EFT tapping, and even did EMDR trauma therapy. None of this is covered by insurance. 

By May 2019 my “flare-up” was a raging forest fire. My mind is strong. My spirit is bright. My body welcomes support. 

My current experience with cancer is very aggressive. 

Conventional medicine has no options for me, so I’ve decided to enlist a cutting-edge doctor in Boca Raton, FL, Dr. Mark Rosenberg. This could possibly be my only chance for survival. 

I looked at a slew of integrated doctors and clinics around the world. With Dr. Bricca’s recommendation, I believe the progressive work Dr. Rosenberg is doing with chemo-sensitivity testing, low-dose chemo, off-label drugs and support therapies like Vitamin C IV and hyperbaric oxygen are my last hope. 

I am able to start a 12-week treatment with Dr. Rosenberg in September. However, I welcome support. 

Even with the parts that insurance will cover, my cancer treatment cost is approximately $75,000 over a 12 week treatment. I broke out the costs at the bottom because I know the number sounds astronomical, but as a friend once said, “how can you put a price on your survival?”

I’m calling this campaign, “Tracy 2060” because I want to live until 2060 when I am 88 (a good angel number) and my son is 53 and I will have had time to help him raise his children. 

Tracy 2060 is a campaign to help me get to a long-term remission. I don’t want another 2 or 3 years, I want a full life as a healthy, vibrant, strong woman. I want to live to spread a message that there is always hope with cancer and in life. And I want to see my adorable 12 year old son, Blake, grow into the brilliant, sensitive man he will become. I need your help. 

I believe cancer is a message that points to something in your life that needs to change. I thought I understood that message in 2012. I definitely felt I got it in 2016. Apparently, I was wrong both times because here I am again in 2019 fighting a war and each time I go to battle, the battle is bigger. 

I’ve been praying, meditating and digging deeper on what is off-balance. I have come to believe there are three lessons I’m meant to learn: I needed to go through this to become a better teacher and help change how we as a society think and look at cancer. I believe my fight with cancer is forcing me to change my fundamental overachieving attitude. And lastly, I believe my experience with cancer is teaching me to ask others for help instead of always trying to go it alone. 

I’ll close this with a humble request. If you are able to give a one-time donation to help me beat this war once-and-for-all, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s to 88!  

With love, 

Tracy White

PS:  Shout out to Team Tracy White 2060 for their ongoing support of me, Paul and Blake — Stacey Staaterman Feeney, Cara David, Jennifer Taylor, Chip Schenck, Carrie Severson, Jill Johns, Roland Jones and others.

I can be difficult to connect with live right now. I am weak and resting much of the time. If you have questions or ideas about anything you've read, please connect with Stacey, Cara or Jen.  

Stacey is reachable [email redacted]
Or [phone redacted]



DR. MARK ROSENBURG (Boca Raton, Florida) — $64,120

12 weeks of treatment — Beginning on/around September 1, 2019

— In-house treatment (after insurance): $2,700 per wk ($32,400)
— IV Taurolidine: $170 1x day, 3 day/wk ($6,120)
— IV Albumin: $250 1x day, 3 day/wk ($9,000)
— TM/Oral Physician Research Mgmt: $500 monthly ($1,500) 
— Compound and off-label drugs, supplements: $900 per mo
— Chemo-related testing with Dr. Weisenthal $8,800 / 1x ($8,800)
— Complementary Treatments (acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, therapy, healing touch) $75 per wk ($3,600)


OTHER NEEDS — donation* or funds —$11,300

— Air Travel: NYC-area to/from Florida for patient: two flights ($1,000)
— Air Travel: NYC-area to/from Florida for family: four flights ($2,000)
— Local transportation (Uber, Car Service, Lyft) for patient: ($500)
— Housing in Boca Raton: 12 weeks ($6,000) 
— Food while in Boca Raton: $150 per wk ($1,800)

If you or someone you know is a "snowbird" and won't be using their home or apartment in Boca Raton during my treatment period, it would be a blessing if I could use the space. I would be the primary guest with occasional visits from my husband and son — and regular support from a local caregiver/friend who lives in the area. I can even water the plants!

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