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Hello everyone and welcome to the VLBA GoFundMe Page.

Following the recent announcements regarding the funding partnership for the safer-sex packs (Condom & Lube Scheme) and funding for George House Trust this week, Manchester’s Gay Village venues called an emergency meeting on Friday 6th of August.

In this meeting it was discussed how we as a community, can help to support the much-needed help and funds to continue the work within our Village and our city. We all understand and know from the strong response on social media along with press coverage this week that both projects are very close to all our hearts; not just from people within our Village, but worldwide. Having met with representatives from the LGBT Foundation and GHT we have agreed to attempt to meet their needs to set-up a new funding stream for them and launch TARGET £100k.

The Safer-Sex Pack project was set up in 1994 and has been the longest running free service in the world. With this money, over 90,000 safe-sex packs can be produced, distributed and facilitate a whole years’ supply, and also the continuous work that the GHT do as we fight to eliminate the stigma of HIV and support people living with HIV.

Each venue has agreed to make a contribution to the GoFundMe Page as we launch this community fundraising campaign and will be holding fundraisers to achieve the target over the course of the rest of 2021 and through until August 2022. We welcome you all to join us as we stand together to hit our target of £100k.

We pledge 100% transparency on this page and will provide full and unrestricted access to all data and confirmations of monies received to both charities. If we are successful and achieve over and beyond this amount, we will ask YOU, who you would like to see any additional money go to, to support other projects within and around Manchester’s Gay Village.

Please donate what you can - TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER! Every penny counts and EVERY penny will be counted.



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