Support Survivors Fighting for Title IX Reform

Donate to help a student survivor facing unreasonable fines for speaking out against the broken Princeton Title IX system.

Student activism has been consistently stifled on Princeton’s campus. Most recently, the University has imposed unreasonable sanctions on an anonymous student attempting to draw attention to the egregious injustices faced by many survivors in the Title IX process.

The student wrote “Title IX Protects Rapists” on University walkways in addition to participating in a protest and distributing leaflets. The University is fining this student $2,722.58 due May 17 in addition to 50 hours of community service and 4 years of probation. This is an insurmountable financial burden for the student.

The University is taking damages to its property far more seriously than it took the sexual assault suffered by this survivor and many others. With this action, the University is suppressing the voices of survivors speaking out against the injustices of the Princeton Title IX system.

Please make a donation to support this cause. All proceeds will be paid to the University on behalf of the student to cover the fine.

Big or small, your contribution matters - we want to make a statement that the campus stands behind survivors in calling for immediate Title IX reform. Please share this widely.


More information on Princeton Title IX: 

Title IX does protect rapists - numerous student accounts support this. Here are just a few of the many issues with Princeton’s Title IX process:

Many survivors say that their Title IX processes were extremely traumatizing, compounding the trauma they already faced. The questioning often feels like an interrogation.

Rulings are often victim-blaming. The University educates students that a person who is incapacitated by alcohol/other substances cannot consent. However, multiple students have lost their Title IX cases because they were intoxicated when they were assaulted.

There are no financial resources available for survivors to get a trained legal professional to help them in their case. This advantages wealthy assailants who can afford powerful attorneys.

The Title IX process is extremely opaque - students are never educated on the process and do not know to collect the evidence they need to win their cases.

 Punishments are assigned based on precedent. This outdated precedent has disproportionately kept assailants on this campus and protected the University’s image. This is a system that perpetuates itself.

Assailants often quickly return to or remain on campus, forcing survivors to face constant trauma and fear.

There is no avenue for students to make complaints about the Princeton Title IX process and the injustices they have faced. This anonymous student was betrayed by the University and needed to make themselves heard. We hear them.

Survivors can only appeal the outcomes of their cases on technicalities - when they are treated unjustly but there is no new evidence and no University procedures have been violated in the Title IX disciplinary process, there is nothing they can do.

Student grievances have been directed to the head of Title IX herself.

The University’s greatest interest is protecting itself and its reputation, not its students.

To survivors: In this traumatic and vulnerable time, please know that the SHARE office and peers are still here for you, always. We stand by SHARE as a confidential, safe, and survivor-centered resource. We want and need Title IX reform, but first and foremost, we are here to support survivors. There are strong and compassionate resources for you, including the SHARE office and all of us.

SHARE Peers for Title IX Reform and SpeakOut

Signed by the following SHARE Peers:

Jamie O’Leary ([email redacted])
Tori Gorton ([email redacted])
Emily Kunkel
Layla Varkey
Ananya Agustin Malhotra ([email redacted])
Curtis Leonard
Reed Melchionda
Heavyn Jennings
Chesley Chan ([email redacted])
Michelle Campeau
Grace Miles
Ethan Glattfelder
Ysabel Ayala
Lisa Sheridan
Tife Aladesuru
Annie Sullivan-Crowley
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  • Erin Valentine  
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  • Emma Latham 
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  • Laura Donnelly 
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  • Shelby Rider 
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Jamie O'Leary 
Princeton, NJ