Rescuing Woman Leader & her Family

Let me introduce you an AMAZING young woman--Maryam!
Maryam has spoken up for women's rights in her country since the 8th grade.
At age 16, she won an award from a Harvard women's group for her essay on Afghan women's rights. The next year, she won a full scholarship to a major North American university!
This brave 19-year old is now working tirelessly to rescue her mother, father, and three siblings from the Taliban and bring them safely to her home. 
Maryam's mother has been a women's educational advocate for 20 years, working for the largest women's NGO in her country. Her 21-year old sister is the first female Afghan railroad engineer. The family is at-risk under the Taliban due to their activism on behalf of women, and their connections to the West.
Maryam's brother was beaten this Spring with steel cables by the Taliban and taken by the police for no reason. Her father was beaten as he went to intercede for his son. The family has been subject to random house searches, with the Taliban looking for evidence of Western connections.
With the Taliban regime not allowing women to work, or go to school, or even freely walk about; and the threat of random violence at any time, we knew we had to get them out from under this capricious and cruel new government. 
Miraculously, the family are now on their way to Canada! It was very difficult to find an escape route for them, and took many months. But thankfully, in April, they made it to a 3rd country, where they have temporary permission to reside as long as we provide for all their needs ongoing.
This fundraiser has been helping us feed and house the family since last September, and we now need roughly $1,500 USD/month to continue to support all their costs to get them to North America by this fall. 
Wonderful donors like you have made it possible that this precious family had food and shelter, and a means of escape, up to this point! Would you be so kind as to help us continue to keep them housed and fed until they can make it all the way?

Please share and let's see this family make it! 
Thank you so much! 

(We will be raising funds ongoing also to cover the family once they arrive in North America. Thanks for your contribution!)

Guardian article of family at HKIA in August 2021
(The family was interviewed in this article back in August under aliases).

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