Shlichus in New Zealand

Hello to all family and friends!

Some of you may know Mendy Berger, some of you may know me (Mendel Groner), some may know both, and some none at all really.
Mendy and I were roommates together when we were sixteen years old, and since then we haven't been in close contact. We both went our separate ways and grew on our personal journeys. Hashem has brought us back together now to participate in a wonderful opportunity that seems too good to be true.
New Zealand is a very popular tourist destination and known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Mendy and I were invited to help out in strengthening Yiddishkeit in what is one of the most remote and under-served Jewish communities in the world.
The vast majority of Jewish children in NZ have no access to Jewish schooling or a Jewish education.

There are many Jewish people scattered across New Zealand who have assimilated after escaping the Holocaust, and many families need only to be reached out to, to reconnect them to Yiddishkeit.

There are also thousands of Jewish travelers who come to the shores of New Zealand each year. Many of these travelers are young Israelis who have just completed their heroic service for our nation, in the IDF.

Mendy and I are really enthusiastic about helping the Yidden and Yiddishkeit in New Zealand in this unique and vital Shlichus.

Additionally, we plan on bringing the light of diligent Torah study into this Shlichus as we plan on dedicating several hours a day to the study semicha, the requisite for a rabbinic degree.

It is now Tu B'SHvat, the New Year of the trees, and a day of celebration and introspection worldwide. The trees are budding and spring is coming. I find this appropo as we enter a new stage of growth and opportunity. We hope to be there by Rosh Chodesh Adar iy”h and plan to stay until at least Shavuos.

The money funded here would provide for at least the first expense of our Shlichus, the Airfare from NY to NZ.

By making this possible, you are investing in the final frontier of paving the road for Moshiach! And enabling the two of us to take a lead role in this exceptional Mitzvah and Shlichus. Something fantastic, something pure, something so positive.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for helping this dream come true. And thank you for putting yet another brick on the walls of the Third Beis Hamikdosh.
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Menachem Groner 
Pomona, NY