Savannah Red's Paper Doll (EP)

Since I was 4 years old, I've wanted to be a full-time singer. I would sing all the time - in stores, in the car, at home, in airplanes... It was innately what I did that made me happy, kept me calm, and kept me busy. One of my favorite stories about my childhood is how my Aunt Kathie told me, "When you were little, we would go shopping and let you wander about on your own, and you would be just singing your little heart out! The salespeople would ask, 'Who is that precious little girl singing those sweet songs?!' and I would say, 'That's my niece!'" Growing up, I would make up songs about everything, from bugs to grapes to study material about evolution so I would pass a test! (And I remember that one if you ever want to hear it!) I never thought I was particularly good at songwriting, so I didn't think much of it, I just did it for fun or utility. 

When I was in high school, it was hard for me to have really close friendships and I felt like I didn't fit in on many levels, but music was what I really held on to in order to get through those awkward times of adolescence. Many opportunities came my way for me to do what I love to do the most, thanks to my awesome family (Mom and Dad, you are the best!), my church growing up (Mrs. Radford, you are a gem!), and my school (Rahn Hutcheson, you are a gift!). Being able to express myself through singing was probably what kept me alive during that time. (High school is tough!) Then college came around, and my insecurities were at an all-time high. Due to a raging case of perfectionism and debilitating fear of not being accepted, I kept my music tucked away in my dorm room for the most part (Casey Smith, you were my best audience member!) and didn't come out of my singing closet until halfway through my senior year - only to go right back in. I thought I couldn't hack it, so I decided to let that dream go and play with some new dreams for a little bit.

I had so much fun with these new dreams, too! Don't get me wrong; I lived it up. Even though I was having fun and engaging in wonderful opportunities, there was something tugging at my soul that I couldn't ignore anymore. At the end of 2012, it became very clear to me: I am a singer - a songwriter as well - and the world needs my music. (Thank you, Mark Scherer, for opening me up to my truth!) It was time to kick fear to the curb, open my freakin' mouth, and "let that gorgeous soul shine" outta me! (These are lyrics to my song "Something New" which is on the EP!) It is my belief that when you hide your light, the entire world is less as bright as it is supposed to be, and I hope that my music helps to brilliantly illuminate this lovely spinning rock in space.

My "Paper Doll (EP)" means very much to me, and I am so excited that this moment has finally arrived! The EP has all original songs written mostly by me, and I can't wait to share them with you! You'll hear songs from sappy love to get up, let's go! as well as inspirational, live your dreams to sexy, sultry steaminess on this musical journey through the innerworkings of my world. I've had so much fun writing these songs, and recording them so far has been such a blast as well. I feel really, really good about this, and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about it.

What your donations contribute to:
+recording and engineering (Scott Everett is incredible!)
+pressing and printing
+graphic design and packaging (Thank you, Jillian Simmang, for my logo design!)
+website, social media, and marketing efforts
+paying the wonderfully talented musicians who are helping me get my message from my heart and into your ears! (Thanks a million to Tosin Awofeso and Ian Bailey and many others who are working on this project with me!)

But wait - there's more! I've been working with some super talented friends of mine on a project that actually inspired the EP and title track... That's right! It's a Savannah Red Paper Doll! Expertly designed by the incredibly talented Melissa Taylor of Katastrophic, you can get your own super cute yet super saucy Savannah Red Paper Doll as part of the donation packages. How cool is that?! You're gonna love that, too!

So, let's start the donation process, shall we?! Check out what you're gonna get!

Donation packages:
•Up to $15: You'll get a personal thank you from Anslee because you are super awesome! 
•$15: You get a Paper Doll (EP) hot off the press! Hooray! (If you live outside of Austin and wanna contribue some extra $ for shipping cost, that would be super baller!)
•$35: You get a Paper Doll (EP) and the Savannah Red Paper Doll - including 3 outfits, an instrument, and more! Fun!
•$50: You get 2 Paper Doll (EP)'s and the Savannah Red Paper Doll!
•$70: You get 2 Paper Doll (EP)'s and 2 Savannah Red Paper Dolls!
•$100: You get 2 Paper Doll (EP)'s, 2 Savannah Red Paper Dolls, and a cover song dedicated to you on YouTube. 
•$250: You get 1 Paper Doll (EP), 1 Savannah Red Paper Doll, and a song written just for you. Oooooo! This is a fun one!
•$500: You get 1 Paper Doll (EP), 1 Savannah Red Paper Doll, and a 1-hour private concert in your living room by Savannah Red! So intimate! (Texas residents only.)
•$1,000: You get 2 Paper Doll (EP)'s, 2 Savannah Red Paper Dolls, and a 2-hour concert by Savannah Red! (Texas residents only.)
•$2,500: You get 2 Paper Doll (EP)'s, 2 Savannah Red Paper Dolls, a song written for you, and a 3-hour concert by Savannah Red anywhere in the continental US!
•$3000+: You get 2 Paper Doll (EP)'s, 2 Savannah Red Paper Dolls, a song written for you, and your name as the Executive Producer of Savannah Red's Paper Doll (EP). You're kind of a big deal! (Obvi.)

Thank you SOOO MUCH for your help in getting this dream of mine up and running! I couldn't do it without you! I'm excited to share my gift with you, and I appreciate your support and love along every little and gigantic step of the way.


Savannah Red
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