Keep Our Grandkids Safe!

Our original page was reported as spam, and we were locked out, so we started the second GFM account to not miss any donations. We have since merged them together.

    This fund is about helping my son-in-law David keep his boys in Tennessee, in a safe home, with loving adults who care for them greatly. Most of you know my daughter, Kristen and her antics, a lot of my friends keep her on their page just for her constant drama. Well this time she has gone too far.

    The Boys Clay, Connor and Kalib have been living with their father since December 2015, because my daughter and her BF could not take care for the kids properly, and had been kicked out of the place they were staying. They moved 4 houses down and in 5 weeks saw the kids maybe 4 times. This arrangement had been fine with her until she was served with child support papers in November and doesn’t want to have to pay her part.

    Well this year while My daughter had the children for the summer there was an incident that took place with the children while in her custody. My mother found bruising on Clay and Lacy's bottoms. Not just a few marks, I mean brown, green and yellow all the way across both butt cheeks about 4 inches wide. My mother was extremely angry and addressed my daughter, her response was "this is the way I discipline my kids, and not for you to say anything about". I saw the marks on them and approached my daughter to talk about it. She was already mad and said she was leaving. I made the kids and mom get into my car and lock the doors. My Daughter and her Boyfriend tried to get into my car to get them out. I told them no and she called the cops. I begged her not to call the police because if she did it would be reported as child abuse. Well that is exactly what the officer told her at the scene. He told her that if she took them, he would arrest her on the spot for child abuse, to let them go with me and work things out later.

    The kids told me that it was the Boyfriend that had spanked them with a paddle (3-4 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick about 12-14 inches long, that he made himself for this purpose), on their bare bottoms, and 15 licks each. That it had happened more than one time. I knew it had, because the bruises were in various stages of healing.

    During this time, an investigation found that the children were staying in a single wide trailer, approx. 795 sq. ft., with up to 8 children, and 4 adults at any given time and 2 more kids every other weekend. Which according to SC ICC Safety regulations is against the law, it is required 200sq ft. per person, and boys and girls cannot occupy the same space, bedroom or other for sleeping arrangements. Which all the kids share the living room but maybe the baby. Under investigation at this time.

     My daughter said it was not the boyfriend but her that had spanked them and left the marks. She was charged with 2 counts of cruelty to children with excessive corporal punishment. DFACS became involved in the case and David was called to come and pick up the children and their sister who was not biologically related to him. He took on this responsibility to protect the children and their sister.

      Since this case was opened it has had many twists and turns and was finally found that David should have the three boys, and would let the ex-wife have visitation. He was very sensitive about how long or what went on when she had them, the boys started to complain about not wanting to go to their mothers because she did not spend time with them, and there were too many people living in the house, and they got treated differently when they were there. They had nowhere but the living room to sleep and it was 8-10 kids there at a time.

     On December 13 my daughter showed up at the children's school. She was not listed on any paperwork at the school to be allowed to pick up the children. She was supposed to meet David to pick them up for Christmas holiday on December 16, a plan was already made. The school called David and told him she was there to get the boys and he told them not to let them go, and he was on his way. Once he got to the school the principle, school officer and county sheriff would not even let him see the kids. The principle said that the mother had legal papers saying she could take the children and the school was allowing her to do so. David pleaded with them, saying that there was a case pending against her and the boys were not to go. They let them go with her anyways.

    Our first GoFundMe page was used and we collected $980.00 which is a big help, but not enough to retain an attorney, much less pay for what it is gonna fully cost. When he showed up for court today, my daughter had a lawyer who was able to turn things around on David and get his Protection order dismissed. The judge was convinced that she had physical custody of the boys and he had to let them go back with her.

      My mother and I will not be allowed to see the kids or even talk to them. We haven't seen Lacy since July 2017. My daughter is keeping them all from us because she blames me and mom for getting her arrested for the child abuse. She is not willing to stand up and accept her part in this whole thing. She is putting it off on everyone but her.

      We are changing our page to represent all the facts to this case now, we tried to be discrete for my daughter, but it is time for the kid gloves to come off. These kids deserve a good life, a happy life and safe live. They will not get this with their mother, she is too involved in herself. And believe it or not she has had a Registered Nurse involved in this whole thing. She convinced DSS in Aiken to let Lacy live with her while out of her mother’s care, but guess where my daughter and her Boyfriend were living, In the same house. And she allowed my daughter and her Boyfriend to be around her 11-year-old daughter, when they were told they could not be around any children. Then she was in Tennessee today with my daughter to get the boys. Now did I miss something or aren't Nurses mandated reporters of this kind of thing? I mean she knows how many people are living in that trailer with the conditions around it.

      We have to get a lawyer, with the current situation we have to have a good one to settle this thing once and for all. You all know me, momma or David and the boys. They are everything to us, we put them first, we care for them the way they are supposed to be cared for. Kristen has never had the kids on her own to have to care for fulltime. David has taken care the boys for just over 2 years, and without any support from her. We are not fond of having to ask for donations, but currently none of us have this kind of money. And we appreciated everything that anyone has donated. We are willing to take checks or even money grams over Facebook if need be.

     This man has stepped up to his responsibilities and taken care of his children, help us to keep them together in a loving and stable home. With access to the grandparents that have helped raise them. My mother has spent the last 10 years caring for most of the kids, especially Lacy, we have raised her since birth. Now Kristen won't even let the boys talk about me or my mother around her. She is trying to wipe us out of her life.

      Supporting us will ensure that these sweet boys will grow up with a father to look up to, and respect. Which in our current day times we need young boys to do.

      Thank you very much for your ability and willingness to help it is greatly appreciated!

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