Rare Pediatric Brain Cancer - ATRT #TWrecksCancer


Trent has been diagnosed with a rare, fast-growing stage IV brain cancer called Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (ATRT).  

Within only a few short months, he has gone from being an active 8-year-old with dreams of becoming a “professional baseball player when [he] grows up,” to being immobile on the left side of his body due to the tumor’s size and edema on the right side of his brain.  His road to recovery is going to be a very hard battle to face.  Immediate brain surgery, daily radiation for 6 weeks, and then at least 6 months of inpatient chemotherapy are all needed just to try to save his life.  Due to the rare diagnosis, he will be sent to specialists in San Diego for most of the treatments. 

After his many months of intense treatment Trent will continue to need additional therapies for a long time to come due to the permanent physical and cognitive effects of the surgery and radiation—everything from physical and occupational therapies to modifications within the home to support a child with physical handicaps. 

Trent’s mom is a single mom who will need our help being able manage the enormous medical costs involved.

Please help in anyway you can. 

Please share this with as many people as you can.  

They can’t do this alone.


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We are going to start searching for items to be donated that can be auctioned off to help fund Trenton's medical expenses. If you own a business and would like to donated a service or product please contact Ali Hayward  Email: [email redacted] or call [phone redacted] for more information. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

With Love,
Auntie Ali


Oh sweet Trenton, we are all here to fill you with love and reassurance. 

Official diagnosis on 7-12-19: ATRT 

Trenton is currently at CHOC -Childrens Hospital Orange County and has a fantastic team of doctors.

His main doctors are:

Dr. Loudon: Neurosurgeon https://www.choc.org/providers/neurosurgery/william-loudon-md-phd/ 

Dr. Plant: Oncology https://www.choc.org/providers/oncology/ashley-s-plant-md/ 

Dedicated Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/Trentons-Road-to-Recovery-2346875538901147 

Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twreckscancer/

More info on Trent's Website: http://www.trentoncirigliano.com 


6/18/19: DAY 1- Trenton is currently in the hospital after a progression of symptoms that just were not adding up. He started off limping on the left side of the body, and it led to headaches and minimal movement of his left hand and arm. He had a CT scan where they have found a golf ball size tumor in his brain. We are all still in shock and it just doesn’t feel real. Sweet Trenton doesn’t know yet what is going on but he does LOVE his “vacation” at the hospital. He lights up when he talks about the moving bed, x-box in his bedroom, and even about how he is a “celebrity” because all the doctors were surrounding him. 

6/19/19: DAY 2- Today at 10:30 Trent goes in for an MRI which takes about 2 hours. Luckily he will be sedated because I can’t imagine forcing a kid (or an adult) to sit still like that for so long. All we can do right now is pray. We ask for you to pray for sweet Trent and that the tumor is benign and if needing to be removed that it is in an area that can be easily operated on.

Message from Kelly: Thank you everyone. Yesterday we received the type of news that every parent dreads but never really thinks could ever become reality. But this is reality, it is happening, and there’s nothing we can do to avoid facing it.

Please pray for Trent and Trent’s neurosurgeon. At 4:30 he’ll have a brain biopsy in order to find out what particular type of cancer we are going to need to attack. The biopsy itself comes with a range of risks, but it’s really nothing compared to what the future holds, so this is going to be a marathon. Once we know the results of the biopsy we have many decisions to make regarding what’s best for Trent’s quality and quantity of life. We’re going to need a lot of calm clarity in this time.

We’re confident because Trent is incredibly enthusiastic and positive. He’s having a blast here and is being so brave. He keeps saying, “I’m just trying to be the very best patient I can be.” He really is. All these blood tests. All the anesthesia. All the neurological tests. All the medication. All the many other discomforts of being sick. He exudes nothing but vibrant LIFE through it all. His humor is infectious. His smile is a light in the dark time. Please just keep praying.

UPDATE: Thank you for the tremendous amount of support pouring in from all of our family, friends and even friends of friends that we don’t even personally know. It’s just amazing what community can do help ease the pain. Trenton is recovering now from his biopsy and doing well. It’s now just a waiting game to get results back. We are waiting to find out exactly what type of brain cancer we are fighting. Whatever it is, we will fight. Keep your prayers coming...we appreciate every one of them.

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