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There is a sinking feeling, an empty void inside of me; our beautiful daughter Melissa is gone. We worked so hard, we did everything humanly possible, we gave it every effort, and we are so grateful that you did too. She passed away on May 18th of this year and her obituary is in this link: 

She was young and through this whole journey we were keeping our hearts and minds on the possibilities of her healing. We kept our eyes focused on what could happen, we believed it, we trusted in a miracle even to the very end. There are many reasons for this and no  matter what, I still think that keeping our hopes up and our eyes on the positive possibilities was the best thing that we did!

We enjoyed each other during her last months as much as possible instead of constantly being in a state of crying and fear or doom and gloom, we kept smiling through the tears, laughing in spite of the intense, intense pain, and she wanted it that way too. Had we been able to start earlier, I believe that things would be different today...or would they?

As you may or may not know, Melissa was always helping people, especially those who were really struggling, even inviting homeless, dumpster divers into her home and feeding them. She had a big heart and a gentle spirit...if you crossed her or hurt her she would either go silent because she knew that once pushed into a corner she would say or do something she might regret. If her heart got broken, as it often did, she really had a hard time with it because she cared so deeply and loved so much. 

Since her passing we have been dealing with a tremendous amount of other stuff from her short life. That is why I am keeping this gofundme page open.

There were some undesirable traits of some of the people who were in Mel's life because she wanted to give them a helping hand...but some of these people could not be helped, they merely used her and abused her. There are bills that we are paying because of those who took advantage of her even after her passing and as soon as we found out we put a stop to it as quickly as possible but it took time to uncover the information.

The biggest reason that I am keeping this page open is because we are in a court battle and this is a huge battle. We have been using what money was raised to pay for the funeral, for the children, and the biggest cost is for the lawyers.

We are doing this for the children and we are seeking your help by sharing this page others may see it and take action. We all know someone who is struggling or who has been struggling and if we believe that it takes a village to raise a child, then I am asking you, the other members of that village to help in any way you can.

The children deserve to have every opportunity available to them for a happy, successful life. 

With much gratitude.

This is an update on the original post. It was written by Melissa and posted today 18.03.19. I think it is important that I put her statement here.

URGENT- PLEASE READ AND SHARE- I have aggressive cancer.
People have been wondering what's been happening with me. I am a very private, independent person and to share my personal story is a huge leap of faith for me.

I am posting today because I am facing life threatening, dire circumstances and I need your help.

Three weeks ago on a Monday morning, I woke up to take my children to school but this particular morning I couldn't even roll over to my side without screaming in pain. 
My dear friend Brittany brought me into emergency. I was admitted after the results of my previous CT scan came in.

I have metastatic cecal cancer. I am diagnosed with invasive colonic adenocarcinoma.
The CT scan shows significant progression of the disease with enlargement of the primary cecal tumor, extensive metastasis in my liver, lymphnodes, lungs, peritoneum, and right ovary.

I have now been in the hospital for three weeks and as a result I am involuntarily separated from my children.

The doctors have informed me that this cancer is incurable through the western medicine that is available to me here in Canada - my only option is to seek treatment elsewhere. 
Through my research I have decided on the "hope4cancer" treatment center in Mexico. These treatments are very costly and are not your typical western medicine, however hope4cancer's success rate is extremely high.

The severe pain that I experience is increasing daily. Every day that I spend in the hospital is another day away from my children.

I need to get to the hope4cancer clinic right away before my body is unable to fly. [make the flight]
There is still hope that I will make it as long as I can get there right away! please help my children to not lose their mom.

Please share this GoFundMe and the hashtag with everyone you know. #meltomexico
Time is of the essence!

Thank you for being a part of my life whether you're family, friends or acquaintances, I truly cherish you and have nothing but gratitude. I love you all. ❤

Original Posting:
What price can we place on a life? 

I will do whatever it takes to get the help so my baby girl will have what she needs in order to heal. OK I know she is not a baby, but she is my first born. As I consider what has happened to her and her children in the past and as I consider what they are going through now it causes my mind to remember her life long trials which brings me to tears.

My mind travels all over the place; I cannot help but remember her birth, her first days, months and years of life. I remember when she was newborn I would lay on the floor beside her and have my hand on her back, sometimes I would just stand by her crib and watch her in amazement. I used to think I could see her growing right in front of my eyes.

Giving birth to another human being is one of the most glorious experiences. Teaching them, watching them take their first steps, eating, talking oh my what pleasure, what joy. If you have children, do you remember when your baby first smiled? Do you remember the sheer pleasure and overwhelming love you felt? That is what keeps going through my mind and I cry, a lot.  

I cry when I think of the people who have been abusive to my precious child and there was nothing I could do except remove ourselves from that very dangerous situation. I cry when I think of how she has worked so hard to give my grandchildren what they needed and yet...ok I cannot go into such things, I need to stay focused and positive.  

Her name is Melissa and she is a single mom with two children. She has been dealing with so much injustice and unfairness for so many years that it has brought her to this point. :'(  

She has cancer and it is rising rapidly.

I am asking for support so she can get the cancer treatment needed yet not covered by insurance or any other means.

We need your help please!

Please consider donating as little or as much as you can in order to give my girl and her children a chance at a better life. 

I believe that each one of us has a right to heal our bodies the best way possible and that is what we have been doing, however without the
resources it leaves these avenues exclusively to those who have the means.

I also believe that when we pull together we can help those in need and we can make a difference. 

I believe it is true that what we put out there into the world grows and so I am placing my intention and my attention on allowing the best outcome for all and accepting it with gratitude. 

I am also placing my intention on sending you, anyone who reads this and anyone who supports our cause, all the love and blessings in the whole universe because you deserve it too, we all do. 

This short video is her son when he was 3, he is 8 years old now and just as cute and sweet. I want to post more photos of my daughter and her children and since this is my first gofundme I am not sure how but I will try. 

Thank you so much for your kind heart and for your generosity. <3 


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