Merced Puppies' journey to recovery

We are neglect rescue cases from Atwater California. We have severe skin disease, demodex +, overgrown nails and we are emaciated. When we are done with our treatments we can be adopted out to a forever home. Finding out what is wrong with us and the treatments will be the expensive part. Please help us.
Hi our names are Mr Jensen, Mr Jared, Miss Katie and Miss Lauren. Dr's think we are 4 months old. We are an Argentine Dogo/Dogue de Bordeaux cross (DNA Tested). Full DNA report will be given to our adopted families as well as our complete health records. Here is our story from our POV.
We were all found in an alfalfa field in Atwater by Merced County Animal Control on June 8th 2017.
06/08/2017 Our photo at Animal Control.

We all were very sick so we saw a Dr at the shelter. Dr scraped us and we tested positive for Demodex. We were given vaccinations and ivermectin injections. We need to get out ASAP and start treatment.
06/10/2017 We need a rescue ASAP.

Shelter staff went home the day we were brought in not knowing where we could go for rescue. When they arrived to the shelter the next day there was an email from Miss Gabriel Foundation asking if there were any sick dogs they had in mind for rescue as they were passing through the area to rescue another dog.

Of course this was the answer to the shelters dilemma and rescue was set up with MGF.
06/10/2017 Our freedom photo leaving the shelter.
We are in need of ongoing medical attention for our sickness. We were then transferred to the MGF on June 10th 2017. MGF will take us too our new Dr to develop a treatment plan.

At MGF they will foster us and give us the 24/7 medical care we will need. They have a motto and it is "Giving a second chance to dogs who never had a first chance." MGF needs your help to make this happen.
We saw our Dr on June 12th 2017. He has a medical plan he believes will help us.

First checkup visit set up a medical plans. Demodex positive. Given nexgard to treat the mites. Intestinal worms confirmed. Given a dewormer from the Dr. Sent home with antibiotics for skin disease and medicated shampoo. We are also fearful canines.

06/12/2017 Our 1st bill is $186.00
(total medical cost to date is $186.00)
06/12/2017 These 4+ inch worms are crawling out of out butts.
We saw our Dr on June 21st 2017. We are all having bloody stools.  Saw our reg Dr (Dr Liana) and made sure we are on the right treatment plan. Started on a second antibiotic for our bloody poop. Picked up more prescriptions.

06/21/2017 Our 2nd bill is $232.00
(total medical cost to date is $418.00)
06/21/2017 Waiting for my Dr trying to be brave.
We saw our Dr on June 28th 2017. We are getting our second set of vaccinations.  We are looking better and ready to see the other dogs at the rescue 1 week from today.

06/28/2017 Our 3rd bill is $60.00
(total medical cost to date is $478.00)
06/28/2017 Almost 200 pounds of puppy on the scale.
Picking up more prescriptions.

07/05/2017 Our 4th bill is $50.00
(total medical cost to date is $528.00)
07/05/2017 Dirty puppy.
We saw our Dr on July 18th 2017. We are getting last set of vaccinations. We were given the third set of vaccinations us puppies need to go anywhere. RX's and supplements also needed picked up for us.

07/18/2017 Our 5th bill is $130.00  
(total medical cost to date is $658.00)
07/18/2017 Resting with my pack.
We saw our Dr on July 25th 2017. We are getting last set of vaccinations. Getting our last set and now protected to go out about in towns.

07/25/2017 Our 6th bill is $30.00
(total medical cost to date is $688.00)
07/25/2017 Getting some love at the Drs office.
We saw our Dr on August 22nd 2017. It is surgery day. We all had our altercations done, we received some medication, got all our vaccinations up to date, we all got micro chipped and all got a 1 year county license.

08/22/2017 Our 7th bill is $776.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,464.00)
08/22/2017 No joke!
Picking up more prescriptions.

08/23/2017 Our 8th bill is $4.00  
08/23/2017 Our 9th bill is $4.00  
08/23/2017 Our 10th bill is $4.00  
08/23/2017 Our 11th bill is $4.00
(total medical cost to date is $1,480.00)
08/23/2017 Getting outside to play.
Picking up more prescriptions.

08/29/2017 Our 12th bill is $200.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,680.00)
08/29/2017 Mealtimes are awesome.
I saw my Dr on October 23rd 2017. I needed the Dr to look at my growing neck wound and my ears hurt and my spay site is blistering again. Dr dx me with histiocytoma on my neck. A common non cancerous tumor in puppies that usually disappear on their own after a few months observed. If not it can be removed no problem. I have a bad ear infection causing bleeding in my ears and I am to continue rx started at home before my appointment. My spay site is getting blisters from my internal soluble stitches splintering and coming out. A blister was popped and a piece of stitch was removed. My skin is very sensitive to things which is why I am having trouble again. With quick proper treatment I will get well very soon.

10/23/2017 Our 13th bill is $12.50
(total medical cost to date is $1,692.50)
10/23/2017 Sun feels good.
I saw my Dr on November 7th 2017. I needed the Dr to recheck on things. My histiocytoma is gone. All that is left is a circle bald spot where it was but hair will grow back. The yeast attack on my body is better so my butt and belly look good. However my ears especially the left one is still infected. So I was given claro drops in both ears that work on my infection for 1 week. Its expensive drops but worth the relief.

11/07/2017 Our 14th bill is $55.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,747.50)
11/07/2017 Watching the group move around.
I saw my Dr on November 21st 2017. I needed the Dr to recheck on ears. Still have an ear infection and Claro placed in both ears. I will need more rechecks since this ear infection is not going away.

11/21/2017 Our 15th bill is $55.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,802.50)
11/21/2017 Fog is thick today.
I saw my Dr on November 28th 2017. I needed the Dr to recheck on ears. Still have an ear infection. Dr dug out yeast build up and told us to come back in two weeks.

11/28/2017 Our 16th bill is $10.00  
(total medical cost to date is $1,812.50)
11/28/2017 Waiting for my Dr.
I saw my Dr on December 5th 2017. I needed the Dr to check on a growth on my chin. It is a Histiocytoma and should go away very soon. Looked to perfect of a circle so Dr checked for ring worm just in case. It was negative for ringworm.

Picking up more prescriptions for everyone.

12/05/2017 Our 17th bill is $81.02 
(total medical cost to date is $1,893.52)
12/05/2017 Chow down time.
We saw our Dr on December 12th 2017. I needed the Dr to check on ears. I have an ear infection and Claro was put in my ears. I need to come back in two weeks.

12/12/2017 Our 18th bill is $100.00 
(total medical cost to date is $1,993.52)
12/12/2017 Got myself a treasure.
I saw my Dr on December 19th 2017. I needed the Dr to check my ears since my siblings have infections. My ears are clean and clear.

12/19/2017 Our 19th bill is $15.00  
(total medical cost to date is $2,008.52)
12/19/2017 Playing with my pack.
We saw our Dr on December 26th 2017. I needed the Dr to recheck on ears. Still have an ear infection but it is improved. Recheck in two weeks.

12/26/2017 Our 20th bill is $30.00  
(total medical cost to date is $2,038.52)
12/26/2017 Chewing on a nice stick.
We saw our Dr on January 9th 2018. I needed the Dr to recheck on ears. My ears are all good now. Time for a weekly flush to preventive future ear infections.

01/09/2018 Our 21st bill is $58.00  
(total medical cost to date is $2,096.52)
01/09/2018 Watching over my pack.
We saw our Dr on February 20th 2018. I needed the Dr to start our flu vaccination. Flu vaccinations needed to start on everyone in the house since the flu made it's way to Grants Pass and I am at risk for the flu.

02/20/2018 Our 22nd bill is $75.00
(total medical cost to date is $2,171.52)
02/20/2018 Getting our fly shots on the bus.
We saw our Dr on February 27th 2018. I needed the Dr to recheck on ears and nails trimmed. Ears are still looking good and had our nails trimmed again.

02/27/2018 Our 23rd bill is $45.00
(total medical cost to date is $2,216.52)
02/27/2018 Giving my Dr a smile.
Dr Liana wants to see us often to check on our progress for healing.
We will get better but only under medical treatments. Our Dr visits may be frequent, at first, due to our severe condition. Diagnosing can also be costly. I hope you can find it in your hearts and pocket books to please donate to our rehabilitation and recovery. 100% of these donations go into our care.

Donations are welcomed and are always needed for the veterinary/daily care of sick dogs like us. By your donations, the neglected cases get to come here into MGF for a second chance.

We did not want to get this sick. We wanted to be loved and cared for. Our previous owners let us get this way. Our medical bills will be ongoing during our treatments to get better. The hope is to not need a medical plan after we heal and repair. We want to live and we want to find our fur-ever families. It will take a village to help us. We need your help please.
06/11/2017 Making new friends.
06/18/2017 Being observant.
06/25/2017 No overdoing it.
07/02/2017 A little hot today.
07/09/2017 Checking things out.
07/16/2017 Puppy ADD.
07/23/2017 This is great!
07/30/2017 Time for snack.
08/06/2017 Soft spot for me.
08/13/2017 Making my bed.
08/20/2017 Outside with the pack.
08/27/2017 I love mud!
09/03/2017 Walking around.
09/10/2017 Here kitty kitty.
09/17/2017 Outside looking around.
09/24/2017 Resting my body.
10/01/2017 Taking mother nature in.
10/08/2017 I hear something.
10/15/2017 Stuffing in the yard.
10/22/2017 Having some fun.
10/29/2017 Lets play!
11/05/2017 Do you see what I see?
11/12/2017 Airplane in the sky.
11/19/2017 Who did this?
11/26/2017 Where are we going?
12/03/2017 Good stuff down here.
12/10/2017 Who is outside today?
12/17/2017 Warming up outside.
12/24/2017 Can I join?
12/31/2017 I hear something.
01/07/2018 Getting into a mess.
01/14/2018 Being bossy to Peaches.
01/28/2018 Ear malfunction.
02/04/2018 The sun is out.
02/11/2018 Gaurding my spot.
02/18/2018 Playing inside today.
02/25/2018 What is everyone doing?
03/04/2018 It's my toy first!

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Send funds or donated items to:
Miss Gabriel Foundation
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06/13/2017 Jumpers we need to wear to protect our skin from ourselves.

We are missing fur from our skin disease. We will continue to lose our fur during our rehabilitation. The clothes that will suit us best can be found at our Amazon Wish List. Thank you.
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How To Help Merced Puppies'

Please consider making a small tax deductible donation for our medical care. Also help get the word out and share our plea. Without your help, MGF cannot rescue more like us. Community donations are their only source of funding.

100% of these donations will go to our medical cost. Should our medical bills get paid off, it will go towards our care and feeding that the Howell's are currently paying for out of their personal funds. They are unpaid volunteers. This foundation is their way to help dogs like Miss Gabriel Howell.

Please consider signing up for a $1 or more, monthly reoccurring donation.

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Merced Puppies' of Miss Gabriel Foundation
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Miss Gabriel Foundation
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Kimberly Howell
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