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Hi, my name is Chris Ward aka mc chris, you may know me from my work on Adult Swim or with Kevin Smith, or maybe you know me just because of my music. I've been a rapper for over two decades, and in that time, I've experienced some lows but so many highs, the main one being meeting my supporters as I've travelled the US and UK. One of the reasons I still have fans is that I've not only been a part of some legendary animation but also have cultivated a collection of like-minded people that I truly cared about. I prevented suicides, consoled the grieving and depressed privately and connected folks who have become lifelong friends and partners. I've changed lives and inspired countless people. Unfortunately, I've also attracted a lot of abuse and harassment from some not so savory characters. It hasn't always been easy, and after everything that's happened to me, I'm surprised I'm still here making music, talking to fans, trying to make the world a better place. I was on tour when the pandemic started. Three months after that, I was sued for divorce. My soon to be ex-wife left not long after that, and for the past two years, I have been a single father to my son who is about to turn seven. When all this started he was four. I had been doing lives on Facebook detailing my experience living with someone struggling with mental illness and they knew first hand that the situation had become dire. My fans immediately came to my aid, paid my retainer, bought me a suit, and supported me through small doantions for the next two years. This brought us to last Tuesday when I received ten emails from the lawyer, all of them invoices totalling over $12,000. After speaking with them on the phone, they lowered it to $10,000 and asked how I would pay the remainder of it off. I immediately gave them $1100 to finish paying the retainer and said I would talk to them today, Friday, April 1st. So, I am once again asking for help with this massive legal bill. I have tried to settle this out of court to no avail. I hate how much I have depended on the fans during these past two years. All I ever want to do is work and earn a wage doing what I'm best at for the audience it took two decades to build. If you can make a small donation, that's all I ask. There are so many of you that if we got a $5 donation from 3000 of you my problem would be solved.
So that's it. Again if you can make a small donation there are enough of you that this matter can come to a conclusion. I enjoyed fundraising for my new album because we were going to make something. And we've recorded it and it sounds great. It's been an amazing experience to finish an album I've been working on for most of my son's life. You know I like to make music and have released something almost every year since I left Cartoon Network. You know I love to tour and work hard, running my own merch table and doing my own driving. The pandemic and the divorce has threatened these things, but I know we can get past it and get to work on future projects. So please help me put this chapter to bed and move on to better days. I am truly thankful to all those fans that have supported me through this time. If you too are struggling, please just share the post links and like the posts. That does so much. I don't want anyone to suffer any more than they have to, especially on my account. Here's to a better future where I can be free of abuse, especially financial abuse. I look forward to making money and actually being able to keep it. Thanks again. I will be forever grateful. I just want to make music and entertain you.
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