Baltimore (or NYC) and ME!

On March 29, I had just arrived at the theatre for rehearsal for The Glass Menagerie when my iPad caught a whiff of wifi signal and my notifications BLEW. UP. No less than 7 (Edit: Now 14) messages, comments, and tagged posts lit up at once, all of them seeming to contain the same link. (Literally did not see that pun coming but I don't regret it.) All of the messages led back to the same post: 

"NBC’s Hairspray Live! Sets Open Call for Tracy" 

A little backstory to this:
I have had the honor of playing the role of Tracy twice. First in 2011 at Encore Theatrical as the matinee/swing Tracy, and again in 2012 at Jonesborough Repertory Theatre (full time!) She was the first lead role I ever played, and as such, she was a catalyst for the confidence and personal growth I've developed since as both an actor and a human being. Okay, back to the present--

I laughed at the sheer number of people who had connected me to this link, thinking that was sweet of them to think of me...  but suddenly my ears were ringing and the world around me disappeared as my brain went into hyperdrive. What if I could actually audition? "Shake it off, Faith, think about it later," I told myself. It wasn't as simple as that. The thoughts of possibility consumed me and the one phrase that kept revolving around in my mind was "I'd rather know than always wonder 'What if...?'" 

One part of my brain was saying "You can't leave TN until probably like 10PM on the 23rd (closing show of Glass that night), Faith. Like, really?" But the other side of my brain was screaming, "I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT!" (Because the entirety of the Hamilton soundtrack is rattling around up there with it.)

I can't sit around and "Wait For It." I have to try.

BUT. I definitely need some help.

All money raised will be used to offset the cost of two round trip tickets -having never been to The Big Apple I don't plan on going alone cause #CasuallyMortified of something I dont know anything about- roughly $875, the cost of a hotel room for the night -$160 for a Holiday Inn Express within walking distance. (I keep it classy. Ha!) Cab fare will most likely be another $100 as we'll be going to and from Newark, NJ into the heart of NYC. 

This all goes down on April 24. 

Is anything guaranteed? Absolutely not. We arent even promised tomorrow. But while we live, let's live life to the fullest and grab each and every opportunity of advancement on the journey to acheive our dreams.

I have no idea what to expect, but I'm not just gonna sit at home and wonder. 

I have little more than my words (and most excellent of hugs) to say thank you for helping me. If I can think of some excellent perks I will certainly put them on here. Until then, all the world's hugs (and we can even talk about cookies) are yours. 

Thank you for believing in me. 

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