Kathina-Robes Offering Ceremony KMPC 2021

2600 Years of Great Tradition, Promoting Loving-kindness, Compassion, Peace and wisdom for whole world
Meditation, (Pindapath) Alms giving, Robes & other gifts offerings for monks, Nuns, Dhammatalks, 28 Buddha offerings (Puja), Chanting, Sharing merits, & giving Blessing for all.
Celebration will be held at - (KMPC&BV) Kentucky Meditation Peace Center & Buddhist Vihara 4815 Manslick Road, Louisville, KY 40216
Date & Time:

October 30 (Saturday) 2021, 5pm to 10pm,
(“Dansala” – Foods for attendance, 28 Buddha Offerings, Special Chanting and giving blessings for all, (We expect more than 12 monks, nuns for the special chanting & if you want to get bless your special items(Budha statues, healing crystals, meditation prayer beads ects,) bring them to the temple earlier).
October 31 (Sunday) 2021, 9am to 3pm (Kathina Day, Special Day for offerings Robes, Gifts, & Alms)
If you planning to bless your Buddha statues and other special gifts/stuffs/things please bring them earliest as possible
Also If you would like to sponsor Robes, alms, and other gifts for monks & nuns, for invoke blessings to you, your family and loved ones, and in memory of your departed ones. Please call or write to the monastery (Kentucky Meditation Peace Center & Buddhist Vihara)
If you like, you may sponsor anything of these. Even it has mentioned the prices for the girts, you can make whatever contribution according to your ability and take part of these great offerings.
Eighfold requisites: = $150
Set of Robes = $100
Also you may sponsor, participate for 28 Buddha offerings & other parts of the two days events

Monetary gift/donations for the temple.

The other gifts for offering "Pindapatha" for monks & nuns you may bring and some of items may available at the center making a little contribution for the center.

You may sponsor, participate, & take part of these meritorious deeds for invoke blessings for you, your family, friends, and transfer merits for dear departed loving ones (in memory of departed relatives).
To signup/sponsor for the program please visit our website below
We are expecting around 15 monks and nuns for the event from around the country representing different traditions. If you like you may bring whatever suitable vegetarian foods, drinks, and gifts offerings for monks, nuns and sharing with others.
All are welcome for this great event. Following the safety procedures according to state's rules and regulations protect you and your loved ones from Coronavirus (Covid - 19).

Thank you very much & wishing you all the best !

For more information please contact the temple,

Kentucky Meditation Peace Center & Buddhist Vihara
4815 Manslick Road, Louisville, KY 40216 Telephone — (502—224,-2564(Cell) or (502—915,7777(Temple)
Email : [[email redactado]] & Web (http://www.kmcbv.org) (http//kmpc.co/) Facebook — Kentucky Meditation Compassionate Peace Center (https://www.facebook.com/louisvillemonastery)


Bhante Nanda Kentucky Meditation Center
Louisville, KY

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