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Go Big Or Go Home - Time To Commit

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In a nutshell:

I’m going to shave my head, and donate my hair. It is there mainly to define my femininity, and of course for vanity.
In that kind of construct i feel is a bad reason to keep it, when there are people out there who feel the same, but don't have a choice in the matter.

I hardly use my hair. 
I mean my hair is well kept.
It is shiney, it is SUPER soft - soft enough that pins won’t stay in, it won’t stay held back etc etc… I rarely style it, it’s uncoloured…
So maybe it's best someone else have it. Someone who misses their hair. Someone who wants to braid it, curl it, style it, comb it daily (aha), put pretty pins in it or  straighten it.

I know that, as I’m female and thus, by extension, am feminine. No amount of hair, clothing, or make-up will change that... but many girls experience prejudice when they don't have (much) hair on their head… people who lose their hair don't have an option to put up with those judgements.
Maybe it’ll boost their self-esteem while I try to question whether this collection of proteins spouting from my scalp is such a big definition of self (as they themselves, already had to battle with).

I also want to challenge why women feel a sense of shame, and less feminine with short hair (similarly where men are often teased for having long hair). This really sticks with the main issue which inspired me to do this; especially for people who are sick and feel like this through no choice of their own:

“Having lost all my hair during chemotherapy at age 17... seeing shaved heads on girls made me feel better.
If they rock it willingly and without shame, I had less to be scared of also.

So thank you, ladies, and keep going what you do.“

I met a girl when I was 12 who had a cute pixie cut. I can’t remember her name, but she was awesome and confident. It brought out her freckles and eyes and since I met her, I’ve always wanted to do this.

Statistically 80% of donations of hair are from people under 18. Let’s change that.

Time to commit!

Unless stated at the time of your donation, proceeds will go to:

If you would like a different charity to get your donations just let me know which one; I will honour this, and will send you a photo of completed donation appropriately.

Here's an interesting link for those wanting a wig or more information about it all:



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