Ivory Coast Orphan Children Home

Hello to All, My name is John Pasqua and through chance, faith or destiny I connected, via a well known social network for professions, to a special person called Edmond Kouakou Konan and his soccer football team of orphan children in the major city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast,  a mainly french speaking country in west Africa. With consent from Edmond I have outlined the main extracts and photo's of our correspondence from the last months, that is, starting from the first day of contact 2 feb. 2018. The below correspondence outlines the strength, tenacity, courage, determination and love of Edmond and the children to improve their lives.  We would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to read the below, view the photo's and "THE STORY OF OUR FOOTBALL CLUB" by Edmond Konan, sent to me on the 10 may as it provides a clear understanding of their challenges. I am sometimes feel a little embarassed on their praisings towards me because in reality they are the heroes! The below extracts of correspondence, we hope, will help further explain the "Ivory Coast Orphan Children Dream" project for these children, that is, to play soccer football games in Europe against children of their own age, during a one week visit, and on Green Grass grounds. Oh by the way, until today, I have never personally met Edmond nor the children, although through the limited correspondence and photo's we have all become good friends. I would like to fill you all in on the last few months of message correspondence with Edmond. Due to many force majeur circumstances like heavy rains the place where the orphaned children stay is in terrible condition so together with Edmond we have decided to modify the project so that the funds received go into building a decent home to accomodate the children. 2 feb Edmond Konan 22:58 Hello big brother How are you?? 9 feb Edmond Konan 15:22 big brother I train children in ivory coast but we miss balloon we can help us 12 feb John Pasqua 17:52 Konan, how many soccer balls do you need? Edmond Konan 17:56 big brother 10 balloons. thank you for giving answer big brother John Pasqua 18:29 Dear Konan, please give me your address so that I can see what I can do to send some soccer balls Edmond Konan 20:26 big brother it is on this address the 14 bp 1885 Abidjan 14 Name: konan First Name: Edmond kouakou  Country: Côte d'Ivoire City: Abidjan Postal code: 14 Big brother footbal Ivory Coast is very very hard. 16 feb Edmond Konan 16:36 big brother please you can help us all our balloons are spoiling John Pasqua 17:18 I will do my best in the next months. Regards Edmond Konan 17:59 ok, thank you, big brother. 22 feb Edmond Konan 09:25 Hello big brother How are you? all the players greet you big brother    John Pasqua 11:12 yes greet them from me as well. I will try my best within the next months with the soccer balls regards, Edmond Konan 16:16 Thank you big brother 1 mar John Pasqua 14:24 Edmond, we need a more detailed address because the address you gave me does not show up for the transport service. If we have an address that the transport/shipping service can find then we can eventually send the soccer balls. Regards, John Edmond Konan 17:23 My address is 14 bp 1885 Abidjan 14 Name: konan First Name: Edmond kouakou Country: Côte d'Ivoire City: Abidjan Postal code: 14. Big brother it is on this address that I receive  big Brother it's me who is wearing red jerseys, my address is true I went to explain to my post. I am in a balloon problem John Pasqua 18:42 I believe you Edmond it's just that the shipping company not find it. In a few weeks I'll be able ship the soccer balls and I hope that they make it. Regards John 5 mar Edmond Konan 08:42 hi big brother how are you going ?? we pray to God that he gives you enough means to help us. John Pasqua 10:17 Dear Edmond, I will do my best my friend. Hopefully I will be able to send the soccer balls this month. I will try my best and God bless you and your team. Regards, John 13 mar John Pasqua 14:50 Hi Edmond, How are you all today? I am happy to inform you that today I have sent 10 soccer balls & pump for your team to your address by DHL. The tracking Waybill of the DHL shipment is: 70 3818 6676. If you want to track the package you can check it with this number through the DHL website. Please let me know when you receive it. Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 15:31 thank you thank you thank you thank you, big brother, the children and I are dancing we are very happy, you have a big heart an angel that God put on our way, that God who does everything gives you what your heart desires ha yes I am happy very happy 14 mar Edmond Konan 13:51 Hello big brother How are you?? Thank you for your great heart and for the love you give to all the children of Africa.  John Pasqua 14:05 Edmond, I'm just a normal person, and in my little way, I hope I can put a smile on a few more faces of people in need. 18 mar Edmond Konan 16:06 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 16:41 Good thankyou Edmond and I hope all of you are doing well. I see that the soccer balls are stuck in customs in Abidjan. I hope that they are able to release the package and send them to you this week so the boys can start using them to play soccer. Regards, John Edmond Konan 18:58 yes big brother, we are going to look for ways to get back to customs 20 mar Edmond Konan 07:51 Hello big brother How are you?? thank you, my dear brother for everyone . I received the balloons. big brother you are an angel I will give you all the pictures the Saturday. John Pasqua 08:43 Dear Edmond, I am so happy that you have received the soccer balls. All my regards to you and the team. John Edmond Konan 15:43 ok big brother I will send you the photos this Saturday without fail. thanks again to you because we are very happy to have received such a nice baloons 22 mar Edmond Konan 08:33 Hello big brother How are you?? thanks big brother I'm moved thanks for the joy you give to children thanks big brother thanks big brother thank you great brother  John Pasqua 12:01 Dear Edmond, the smiles on the faces of all of you are fantastic, I'm so happy for all of you. When you have time it would be nice to know the names of all the players in the team. I send my Best Regards to all of you. Take care John Edmond Konan 12:47 ok thanks big brother the children all the night talk about the good of you, after I will give you every name of the children, one day you will come to Ivory Coast and say hello, we are too much too happy . 24 mar Edmond Konan 08:06 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 08:43 I'm doing well thankyou Edmond, what about you and the boys? Is the team playing soccer-football today? Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 10:03 yes big brother we play today at 1 pm, really thanks big brother you have given us a hope of to believe in football John Pasqua 14:59 Good luck with the game today. Best Regards, John 27 mar Edmond Konan 07:50  28 mar Edmond Konan 09:21 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 14:44 I send my Best Wishes to all of you and your families for a very Special and Happy Easter this Sunday. My surname is Pasqua which means Easter in Italian. Best Regards, John 29 mar Edmond Konan 00:28 thanks, big brother, I'm happy thanks a lot for all, you are like a real father to us you like the man thanks thanks thanks a lot you have a big heart respect to you John Pasqua 11:41 Blessings to you all for Easter Sunday. Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 16:16 thank you big brother we are very happy to have you respect to you big brother. 1 apr Edmond Konan19:07   John Pasqua 20:38 Edmond and all of the team, thankyou so much as today you made my Easter very special. A big hug to all of you from big brother John 6 apr Edmond Konan 09:03 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 09:08 Good thankyou Edmond. How are you and the boys? In the near future my colleague Aziz will probably be making a visit for work to the Ivory Coast. When he does I will ask to call you and try to meet you to say hello. Big Regards to all of you John Edmond Konan 23:56 big brother we are all happy to receive your friend, thanks big brother respect to you 7 apr Edmond Konan 15:39 Hello big brother How are you?? big brother I was at our football federation  we worked hard yesterday in the rain  a great gesture thanks for all big brother you speak french??  Big brother I explain the exercises to the children. John Pasqua 18:06 Edmond, sounds like you are doing excellent work with the boys in football. It must be difficult but rewarding. Unfortunately I do not speak French but only English and Italian. My work colleague Aziz speaks French he will try to call you on Monday. Enjoy the Sunday and big Regards to all of you. John Edmond Konan 19:03 ok we will invite to follow our training, thanks a lot big brother John Pasqua 19:40 Edmond, would you be able to meet him for lunch or dinner on Wednesday or Thursday? because I do not think he is able to make it to training because of his work schedule. I have asked Aziz to offer you lunch or dinner because he must deliver you some shirts that I have bought for the team for training. 8 apr Edmond Konan 09:14 Hello big brother How are you?? big brother you are a very good man that God put on our way the children are very happy for this big gesture of jerseys, he told me about you if you have friends on Saturday morning he can come Wednesday night, kids want to take pictures of pretty presents and with your friend John Pasqua 11:05 Edmond, tomorrow I will ask Aziz to call you to see the best time to meet with you. Yes I agree if he can meet you and the boys and take some photo's it would be great. I wish you all a fantastic Sunday today and I hope the football game or training goes well. Best Regards, John 9 apr Edmond Konan 08:23 hi big brother how are you going ?? John Pasqua 09:27 Good thanks Edmond. Thankyou for the number so my friend Aziz will call you today. Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 16:54 thanks, thanks, big brother, you have a big heart may God be with you as always. I thank God who allowed me to know you. thank you mercis thanks a lot great brother. all night the players talk about you. they say one day you would like in Ivory Coast. big brother thanks for allowing children to feel loved. big brother the balloons very good balloons thanks for the jerseys we will make the pictures with your friends to send you. big brother says to your friends if he is busy in the morning he can come the evening at 15 or 16 hours give the jerseys to the boys and make the pictures with us. for us he represents you. he represents a great good man who is you respect to you big brother. John Pasqua 20:00 Edmond, you are the good man, I can only help a little, however you are with the boys every day teaching them to play football, being their coach, mentor and friend but also making them understand that working together as a team and growing in a good way are the correct values in life. Edmond Konan 20:47 Thanks Thanks Thanks Great Brother and respect to you, on this earth it is difficult to find men as you are good big brother Respect to you big brother. big brother please your friends is Ivorian, that he comes from the Ivory Coast?? John Pasqua 21:13 Aziz grew up in France but his parents are from Morocco and then he moved to Italy and studied engineering at University. He works in the same company as me. 10 apr Edmond Konan 14:06 Hello big brother How are you??? all players greet you  thank you Big Brother respect to you.  Edmond Konan 14:30 the morning has 6 hours to go to training .   11 apr Edmond Konan 08:10 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 10:16 Good Edmond thankyou. I hope Aziz calls you today. Best Regards to you and the boys. John Edmond Konan 18:29 yes big brother I'm waiting for his call big brother I tried to call him. big brother we are all at the field me and the players we are still waiting for him, today all my players are very happy he waits, thanks and these graces to you big brother thanks a lot thanks for all i'm happy to see the happy child. Hello big brother How are you??? John Pasqua 22:05 Good thankyou Edmond. 12 apr Edmond Konan 05:30 all children are happy to know you  John Pasqua 10:06 This is fantastic and thanks to all of you. Today my friend Aziz should contact you and hopefully organize to meet. Take care and Best Regards, John 13 apr Edmond Konan 05:23 very very very happy thanks big brother big brother the words miss you have made a good gesture respect to you. Thank you big brother  John Pasqua 06:34 Edmond, I am so happy you were able to meet with Aziz. God bless and Best Regards to you and the boys. John 14 apr Edmond Konan 00:56 big brother we are happy to thank you big brother, thank you, big brother, it's joy thanks to you John Pasqua 10:23 Dear Edmond my friend, I hope you are all doing well and I hope that you and the boys like the training shirts. Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 16:05 big brother you are very very very good all the night and the day we are very happy. you sent us pretty jerseys too beautiful 17 apr John Pasqua 18:14 Edmond, I just wanted to say hello to you and the boys. Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 19:23 thank you very much big brother at all times and at any time you think of us even happy . you are very good. Big Brother respect to you big brother 18 apr Edmond Konan 17:36 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 18:05 Good thankyou Edmond and what about you and the boys, are you winning the football games? Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 18:11 Merci John, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes all matches big brother John Pasqua 20:47 This is fantastic Edmond and helps boost the confidence of the boys. Congratulations to all of you. Best Regards, John 19 apr Edmond Konan 09:06 thanks, big brother for all we are happy very happy thanks to you.  John Pasqua 09:35 All of you are fantastic. A big hug to all of you from your biggest fan and friend John 21 apr Edmond Konan 14:48 big brother thank you so much, we give you a hope, thank you from all our hearts. I have a winning team, the new balloon and jersey we took a lot of care, thanks, big brother all the children tell you thanks  John Pasqua 15:17 You are training them well, so they will keep on winning. Best Regards John 22 apr Edmond Konan 01:58 yes big brother it's not hard work that makes us win big brother the majority of the children I train are orphans of father and mother I made a partnership with a school or saint moise a school. God who created us we group together at any time as a family because of football then God allowed us to know you   and you renew our equipment thanks to you the balloons the jerseys the joy of the children thanks a lot a lot, thank you very much you did for us God will repay you thanks a lot of all hearts you will remain a man with a white heart thanks thanks, big brother John Pasqua 09:56 Dear Edmond, it is very special that you are all like a family, like a team, each one of you helping the other, looking out for the other. God will always be with us all. Big hug to all of you from your friend John 24 apr Edmond Konan 09:30 thanks, big brother a good Sunday we went to pray all morning. big brother you believe in God??? us before sleeping train to eat to play a game we pray God, really big brother you are a good man thanks for all John Pasqua 12:24 yes Edmond I fully believe in God. Like you I pray to God everyday for many people including you and the children. God will always be near us even in difficult times. It is important to have faith. A big hug to all of you Edmond Konan 12:35 ah OK one day you will come say hello John Pasqua 12:39 yes I hope that one day I can come and sit down with all of you, share food together, laugh together, and watch the children play football 25 apr Edmond Konan 22:22 ok thanks big brother we are waiting   one day your visit . 27 apr John Pasqua 23:19 Hello Edmond, I hope you and the boys are all doing well? Take care and Best Regards from your friend John 30 apr Edmond Konan 01:24 Fine thank thank thank you big brother, big brother I have a player who is sick, we are going to the hospital doctor we are done do examines it is typhoid fever, we have to pay the drugs it's going, god who created all things thanks and thanks to you for your big heart, thank you, my dear brother, for you. May God watch over you Big brother John Pasqua 08:58 Dear Edmond, I'm praying to God with all my strength to protect this boy and make him recover from this fever. What is the boys name? A big hug to him and all of you. Your friend John Edmond Konan 09:18 yapo ezarad bakayoko aboulaye, the names of the two sick children who tire me thanks to God it goes. Thanks for all, big brother John Pasqua 11:16 Dear Edmond, please send my best regards Yapo and Bakayoko and tell them big brother John is thinking and praying so that they get well soon. God bless them and all. Best Regards John 1 may Edmond Konan 01:33 Thank you Big brother Big brother all these children thank you for all 2 may Edmond Konan 05:59 Hello big brother How are you? John Pasqua 07:55 Good thankyou Edmond and you and the boys? Are the boys recovering from the typhoid fever? Edmond Konan 08:54 Yes big brother it's okay now we're very happy. You like man Thank you very much you are I really miss the words Big brother you are very good. Respect to the great quality that God has given you John Pasqua 18:01 Thankyou and I also respect you for all of your time, hard work, dedication and patience teaching these orphan boys how to work together as a team and so that they become good people even during difficult situations. Best Regards John Edmond Konan 18:38 Yes big brother very difficult I will follow the children. Big brother is one of the little ones who was sick Yes we work in very very difficult situations. I give all my time to children because God loves children. Thank you Big Brother To interest you in us 3 may Edmond Konan 09:54 Hello big brother How are you?? you will remain a man with a white heart thanks thanks, big brother John Pasqua 10:47 Good thankyou Edmond. Please my Best Regards and Wishes to you and all of the boys. Big Brother John Edmond Konan 11:08 Thank you very much Big brother I am with the players they are happy to listen to you thank you for all Respect to you big brother. Big brother at all times we see your words give us all the courage To fight to grow Thank goodness we are happy to tell you are very very very very very good. John Pasqua 11:42 Dear Edmond, I wish I could do more. I pray to God and think about you all everyday. Big brother John Edmond Konan 11:54 Thank you very much Big brother I am with the players they tell you a very very strong Great hello Today a beautiful day we will work with the balls of technical exercises in training. thanks a lot Big brother 5 may John Pasqua 09:48 Hello Edmond. I hope you all are doing well today and that is a nice day in your city? Best Regards John Edmond Konan 10:07 Hello big brother, yes very beautiful day the children are going to do the sport and after he will go to the church John Pasqua 10:21 This is great and God bless all of you. A big hug to all of you from big brother John Edmond Konan 10:29 thanks, big brother yesterday the children were talking about you very well they say you have a big heart, you love your neighbor as God himself. John Pasqua 16:36 Dear Edmond, my dream in the future would be to raise money through crowdfunding and sponsors so that you and the orphan boys could visit Europe for approx 1 week to play some soccer games against some boys teams of the same age. I do not know if it could happen but my dream one day would be to try. What do you think of this idea? 6 may  Edmond Konan 13:33 Hi Big brother thanks for your ideas Congratulations Big brother Great ideas that you present for us Yes big brother may have orphans To have the luck like the others thank you very much Big brother Allows children to try to play on the right ground. Thank you very much for your great ideas big brother John Pasqua 14:28 Dear Edmond, to make this project work would you be okay if I share how we started as friends through professional social media and all of our correspondence. I also need your moral and positive support with this project as we must all work together like one big team. I think to be realistic we should have the objective for next year 2019, maybe mid year. Let's try our best and good luck and God bless us to make this happen. Lots of Regards to you all from Big brother John.  7may Edmond Konan 01:41 Ok big brother I'm happy for your very big I will write for you sent Big ideas thank you Big brother I will write the story and send you. Edmond Konan 16:02 Big brother kids pray god last night for your goal. Big brother I greet your big ideas Edmond Konan 18:28 yes excuse me I wanted to make you see the video of the match Big brother please try to go on my profile to see the videos. John Pasqua 18:33 Fantastic Edmond, I followed your advice and watched it on your profile. The team plays excellent together, they are really good. Send my Best Regards to all of them as well. From big brother John. Edmond Konan 18:40 Big brother you saw with the pretty jerseys. John Pasqua 19:06 Yes Edmond, you all looked really good with the jerseys. Take care and Best Regards, john Edmond Konan 19:16 Thank you Big brother for all your support 8 may John Pasqua 09:33 Hi Edmond, how are you and the children today? Say hello to all of them from me. Take care and Best Regards John Edmond Konan 11:45 Thank you very much Big brother, all the children greet you And thank you, your big heart  Big brother we work hard Until night. Big brother works hard God can help us. Big brother this morning The whole team say hello Edmond Konan 12:20 Great brother you played football. Big brother when you were little do you play football ? John Pasqua 12:41 Yes Edmond. I was born in Australia and also schooled in Australia and I played football from the age of 5 years old to approx. 18 years old. Now I am a veteran and nearly forget how to kick a ball. When I moved to Italy in the nineties I only worked, worked and worked, got married to my wife now more that 20 years of marriage and have 2 boys, 13 and 17 years of age. What about you Edmond? Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 12:51 bravo big brother a great respect to you. I have a wife and a girl of 4 years this woman prepared for children. John Pasqua 12:56 God bless you all and I'm so happy. Give your family the Best Regards from me. Big brother John   Edmond Konan 13:06 big brother me and my wife each child is served.   thank you big brother for my work that you like. 10 may John Pasqua 10:49 Good morning Edmond, today I will start a draft project with the crowdfunding site: gofundme. I will name the project "Ivory Coast Orphan Children Dream" and include you in the team. The objective would be to get enough money funded to have you and the orphan children football team (approx. 19 boys plus you) to make a one week approx trip to Europe approx August next year 2019 to play with some boys football teams on green grass football fields. To try to make this complex project work, would it be okay if I use all the correspondence and photos we sent to each other in LinkedIn and publish them in the gofundme project? Another question I have is that do you see issues on getting the necessary paperwork, passports, visas ecc for you and the boys to travel to Europe. Would the Ivory Coast federation help with this? So many things but I would love to see this dream happen for the boys. I will do my best and I pray to God also fo some help. Take care from big brother John Edmond Konan 14:00 yes big brother a great joy for us to know the green turf. big brother we could make passports and yes our federation for us help us for licenses. Big brother, I sent you the papers on our history.  John Pasqua 14:02 Dear Edmond, this is a great story and I admire you for what you have done. This story is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes but at the same time so much joy and happiness because of the strength you all have and together I really feel that we can realize the dream. A big hug to you and all of the children from big brother John Edmond Konan 15:24 Thanks you big brother, big brother thanks for all I am much in joy thanks to you 11 may John Pasqua 08:06 Good morning Edmond, how are you and the children today? Will it be a good training day? Say hello to everyone from me. Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 09:19 Hi big brother everyone is fine. Today, the weather is good, there is rain. The training will be very interesting it will not be too much sun. Everyone greets you and thanks you for your big heart. You are a great man and are good. Edmond Konan 20:04 Hello big brother How are you?? Even to help us give their names to children to allow children to go to school Yes big brother Our life to fight at any time to exit difficulties. Initially, to make it easier for children to get to school, there are other people I went Even to help us give their names to children to allow children to go to school John Pasqua 20:06 Dear Edmond, you are a good and brave man. You have a lot of courage and the work you have done to create and help these children through football is amazing. Do you think we should focus on a crowdfunding project more dedicated to a structure, like a green playing field and house in your city for the children so it can last with time or a visit to Europe for the children? Please help me understand the best thing we can do for these children and their future? Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 20:24 going to play in Europe even for 3 days brings children to dream. I talk to children they are very happy about your big big project John Pasqua 20:39 Ok perfect then we agree to try to make our big dream project work. Thankyou all for your feedback. A big hug to everyone from big brother John Edmond Konan 20:54 Thanks brother Thanks to God who put you on our way I want every child to say that even being an orphan they can dream 12 may Edmond Konan 13:17 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 14:29 Good thankyou Edmond. Here is a photo of my wife and me. Say hello to all the children from us. Best Regards John Yes a photo of my wife and me Last Winter Edmond Konan 15:10 Waou Welch beautiful picture the picture is fantastic I am verry happy for the picture big brother nice couple best couple congratulations big brother All chidren and me say great morney to your wife All children and me say great morning to your wife John Pasqua 15:20 Thankyou to all of you. Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 19:51  Big brother a big good evening John Pasqua 21:32 Thankyou all. A big big thankyou and God bless you all. John 13 may John Pasqua 21:53 I hope you all had a great Sunday. Have a nice evening and Best Regards to all of you. John 14 may Edmond Konan 08:59 Yes we had a very good one good Sunday big brother Thank you thank you big Brother. Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 09:04 Good thankyou Edmond. Today it is raining here however the sun is still shining. How are you and the children? John Pasqua 11:15 Yes it is good to start preparing now for the next year 2019. We must keep our fingers crossed, pray to God, have some luck as well and hope that the project when it starts in the crowdfunding campaign that we will receive donations. Once I have completed the draft project copy then I will send to you, so that you can also review before we go live with the project. Take care and Best Regards to you all Edmond Konan 20:42 Thank you Big Brother. We have faith in God and we have faith in you. We are sure that with you we will achieve great things. Good evening Big brother Big brother today I greeted your friends AZIZ. 15 may Edmond Konan 10:35 Hello big brother How are you?? John Pasqua 10:44 Good thankyou Edmond what about you and the children? what is the agenda for today? School and training? Best Regards, John Edmond Konan 13:16 Training from 6h to 7h30mn school from 8h30mn to 12h rest from 13h to 15h resumption of training of 15h30mn At 18h 30mn In the holidays We work twice a day Big brother we work very hard Thank big brother  yes big brother in the beginning was very hard.  in our story the gentleman who helped the children go to school. John Pasqua 14:17 Dear Edmond, one day I will be so happy to meet you all. Take care and Best Regards to all from big brother John 20:19 Edmond Konan OK God will make a day where you will have time you will come. 17 may John Pasqua 09:44 Hello Edmond, how is everyone today? I hope all is well. Take care and Best Regards, John 18:59 Edmond Konan Today was a bad day for us rain broke the fence the water came back spoil all us mattress Thank God the majority of children were at school. This gentleman I gave you his picture we found another house It's okay now but all our mattresses are spoiling. A very strong rain my God  19:22 John Pasqua Dear Edmond, I'm so very sorry this has happened. Is there anything I can do to help? 23:19 Edmond Konan  18 may John Pasqua 07:04 Dear Edmond, we really must look at priorities and I think personally for now we should organize the crowdfunding to raise money as soon as possible to fix the living conditions for the children: mattresses, walls, rooms etc., caused by the rain and flood. Please provide me with a target cost of the mattresses and damage so that we can use for the start of the money raising through the crowdfunding project. I await your kind information. Say hello to all for me. John 07:15 Edmond Konan Big brother, we're going to a new place This gentleman who supports us at a new home 07:42 John Pasqua Dear Edmond, are you sure that everything will be okay? This man is very kind and God Bless him. A big hello to all of you from. Regards, John 07:45 Edmond Konan Yes everything is back in order God thank you thank you big brother 10:00 John Pasqua  Dear Edmond, I am happy to hear that everything is back in order because I was very concerned. A big hug from me to all of you. Best Regards John 11:05 John Pasqua Dear Edmond, you and the gentleman (I do not know his name?) are truly like fathers for helping so much these children. God bless you all. Best Regards, John 11:44 Edmond Konan Yes big brother thank you very much Big brother we always pray that God realized the project of even the children traveling feels loved playing on the green fields dreaming. m.alechi to react quickly to this bad rain. If you come in Ivory Coast you will see the reality If these possible you want to help us is to create small activities for children to do after school and football has free hours. Sundays after the prayer the football with the small profits I could make them go out to the beach at the cinema good some other good things I think about this 12:05 John Pasqua Yes this is right Edmond. We must think of the best way. Take care and Best Regards, John 20:24 Edmond Konan Thank you very much Big brother really you want something great for us. Big brother m .alechi thank you me and all the children we thank you Thank God we are happy now 19 may Edmond Konan 08:30  Big brother, these are our papers  John Pasqua 08:34 Good morning Edmond, how are you today? I hope everyone is doing well? I have been able to put together the project for the crowdfunding campaign. Please be so kind to click on the following link and review: http://www.gofundme.com/ivory-coast-orphan-children-dream If you like it then please start sending to all the people you are connected with via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Of course send the link to them with a small introduction of our project. Let me know if all is okay. I pray we can eventually make this happen. Take care and I wish you all a wonderful day. John 21 may Edmond Konan 14:08 Bravo Big Brother God will do the rest 14:34 John Pasqua A big hello to everyone today from me. Big brother John 14:47 Edmond Konan Happy to wait for you Thank you very much Big brother 22 may Edmond Konan 08:34 Hello big brother How are you?? 09:49 John Pasqua Good thanks Edmond and what about you and the children? Today here where I live it is raining. Say hello to everyone from me and have a good training session. Take care and Best Regards, big brother John 12:58 Edmond Konan Thank you very much Big brother for your Big ideas and your Big heart 13:52  John Pasqua Dear Edmond, I hope we can raise the money. I'm sending the link to everyone I know. Pray to God. Best Regards, 13:58 Edmond Konan Yes big brother I shared God help us thank you thank you Big brother for everything 23 may Edmond Konan 10:58 Hello big brother how are you??  16:56 John Pasqua Good thanks Edmond. What about you and the children? The photos you send a great. I hope everyone is doing well? A big hello from big brother John 24 may Edmond Konan 00:34 Thank you big brother for your great goal goals succeed 07:04 John Pasqua We will do our best. Best Regards, John   29 may Edmond Konan 21:52 Hello big brother. You arrived at home Big Brother 21:54 John Pasqua yes Edmond just recently and now I'm sending our project to more of my contacts. I hope all of you are doing well? I was in the mountains and it was really nice, walking, thinking and praying in silence. Also it was good exercise. A big hug to all of you. Take care and Best Regards, John 21:58 Edmond Konan Thank you big brother God is with the project 31 may Edmond Konan 08:06 Hello big brother. How are you?? 08:08 John Pasqua Dear Edmond, we are all doing well here today. How are you all? Best Regards, John 08:31 Edmond Konan well we are preparing a very hard match on Saturday, great to God great the project will be realized  08:38 John Pasqua Dear Edmond and boys, great photo and keep up the good hard work because with good hard work and honesty the rewards will come. Hello to you all from big brother John   08:42 Edmond Konan thank you very much big brother for those loud words I know that I have not made updates for some time now however I would like to inform all that Edmond and I are in contact everyday by WhatsApp and below I just outlined some of the correspondence in which we have decided that any funds should go towards a new home first for the children. [6/7, 14:51] Edmond kouakou Konan: yes Big brother in the house where we are for now it's not for us.After the rainy season we are going back [6/7, 14:55] Edmond kouakou Konan: with us to have a good house you have to have 8000 euros [6/7, 14:56] Edmond kouakou Konan: and then allows children to realize their dreammake them travel [6/7, 15:00] Edmond kouakou Konan: change of method found the funds to build a house and the rest of the money allow us to go play a tournament in Europe you have to dream. [6/7, 15:24] John: Ciao Edmond so you say that with euro 8000 you can build a house but what about the ground underneath the house? [6/7, 15:26] John: Edmond, how many orphaned children are able to live in the house? [6/7, 15:30] Edmond kouakou Konan: Pardon forgiveness Big brother the land where you have to build they must have 16000 euro I have 50 children [6/7, 15:43] John: So Edmond, just for me to understand, the total cost of land+house to build to host 50 children is 16000 euro? [6/7, 15:49] Edmond kouakou Konan: Big brother you must take 20000 euros to be sure to finish a good construction. [6/7, 15:52] Edmond kouakou Konan: Big brother you stay on 25000 euros if he stays the rest his can allow us to travel [6/7, 16:00] John: Edmond, I will see how I can change the progect need. Not easy but I will try my besy [6/7, 16:12] Edmond kouakou Konan: Thank you very much Big Brother for all you do for us. If we are able to acheive our project, in which we would be tremendously helpful grateful to all whom have supported us, then each one of ourselves will donators/supporters will receive an audio-video message of the thankyou mentioning their name, from the children. "ALL OUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE, IF WE HAVE THE COURAGE TO PURSUE THEM." Walt Disney
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