Help Me with Cost for Weight Loss Surgery

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I'm at my witts end and feeling very despondent. For the last 4 years, since being admitted in to hospital where I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, shocking cholesterol levels, PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome, type 2 & type 3c Diabetes and sepsis. 
Struggling to stabalise my weight never mind lose it, despite eating low carb, low fat, low calorie and taking 3 kinds of medications that should control my metabolism. 
I was told that if I didn't have a gastric bypass I wasn't likely to live long, but at least I didn't have high blood pressure. 
I started on the pathway to bariatric surgery, it took 18 months. But I met their goal to lose 13lbs. I was due to have my final review where I'd be put on to 'tier 4 bariatrics' where my case is put forward to a surgeon. That phone consultation never happened. No call. Nothing. I then received a letter stating I was a NO SHOW and removed from the pathway. Telling me I would have to contact my GP to be re refered. Annoying, but that's what I did. To then find out I was back to square one with them not taking my 13lbs weight loss in to consideration! 
So I did it again 18 months and another 13lbs. Final review was due and it happened again! No phone call. Followed by a text saying I was a NO show and I need to speak to my GP. Absolutely infuriating. 
Also despite losing 26lbs I have now developed high blood pressure. (NO bloody wonder) 
Then insult to injury, I recieved a call from the Exercise Physiologist, who I've spoken to every 3 months for 4 years.
My goals were to stand up from bed every hour. But this time either her computer malfunctioned or her brain did as she asked me how many hours a week I was doing cardiovascular exercise. 
I said, 'erm... none.'
Then she said I could go for a walk at lunchtime for example. 
I said...'I would but I'm a wheelchair user that's bedridden, unable to put clothes on due to a terrible autoimmune disease attacking my skin.' 
She went very quiet... no apology! 
Then she made her excuses and went.
I've spoken to my GP who has told me there is no way we can negate the Bariatrics Pathway team on the NHS, I must do it all again. 
According to NICE.ORG the criteria for surgical intervention says that with type 2 diabetes and other comorbidities, I should have been refered for surgery right away and not had to go through the tier 3 hoop jumpings!
Please find it in your heart to help me pay for Bariatric Surgery privately because I truly believe I won't be around by time I've completely the course for a 3rd time, and waited the NHS waiting times. Which are currently approx 3 years. 
Thanks for reading.

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