Funds for Laura & Jasmine

On Monday 26th June my sister Laura  rung me up sounding a little concerned, her tumble drier was making a loud  noise and had a little smoke around it and she wanted help getting it all turned off properly. I was quite sure it had probably over heated and so headed over on my way home from rainbows with my little girl. As I arrived jasmine my niece was stood just outside the door, Laura came out looking more concerned that the smoke seemed a little worse near the drier. I noticed just above her head  clouds of smoke gathering along her ceiling and suggested we left our girls outside in the garden while we try and make sure it's all completely turned off. Laura took me round to the kitchen where her drier was. We both leaned over the drier to see where the plug was, as we looked over, we could see a flame had now appeared. We knew we needed to get straight out the house to ring 999 for help. As we got out the house the smoke had now trippled and had gone jet black.  I rung 999 as we moved our children further up the street, within seconds of being on the phone to the fire brigade there was an explosion in the house. We were instructed to get neighbours out of their properties if it was safe to do so. And within minutes the fire brigade had arrived. There were more loud bangs happening inside Lauras  home the fast pace the firemen worked at in such a calm manner was incredible. While we all stood there, shaking, crying in complete shock trying to console one another we sadly watched Lauras  kitchen go up in flames spreading through the house and took around 2 hours and numerous  fire engines to get it under control and safe. 

Laura has lost everything. I thank God that on this 1 occasion she didn't do her usual routine of popping her wash load into the drier before heading up to bed in hope of a decent nights sleep with her little girl. My beautiful best friend and sister and my angel jasmine wouldn't be here today.  On this 1 occasion she was downstairs and able to be aware of the drier clearly having a problem. Although sadly she has nothing other than the clothes on her back that she walked out the house with that night, she and jasmine are okay and safe and that out of all this worry and heartache matters more than anything.  The fire fighters were simply amazing and we can't thank tony and his crew enough for how they head towards the danger that we run away from.  The chief fireman came and told my sister  and I that had we stayed in that house for 1 more minute we wouldn't be here. Had we not rung for the help we needed other homes would have caught on fire too.  We all haven't yet processed the reality of what has happened to my sister's home. We can't help but find ourselves thinking  what ifs. 
What I do know is I can't sit and watch my sister try to piece her life back together while struggling.  And after so much love and support and suggestions to do this I have created this page in hope that we can help gather some funds up to help my sister and her little girl get back on their feet. 

Please do take the time to look through these pictures, this is the reality of what fire can achieve within just minutes. And we hope that you all take the time to think before you leave any appliance like a tumble drier on in the night like my sister normally would and don't doubt yourself if your truly worried about anything like this ring 999 and get the help. Time is so so precious in these situations. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and support you have all already shown my sister and my family 

Rachel xx

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  • R Close 
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Glossop, East Midlands, United Kingdom
Laura Oates