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Hi my name is nikki and I want to help my brother and wife and family for my nephew Jordan After feeling ill over the 2021 Christmas period Jordan was taken to Hospital on Boxing Day where he was diagnosed with tonsillitis and sent away with antibiotics. Over the next 7 days Jordans condition was getting worse so he was rushed in again where he collapsed in the waiting room and was transferred through A&E in a hurry. After blood tests his parents were told he would be transferred to the QE for further tests including a bone marrow biopsy before diagnosis. On the 12th January 2022 Jordan and his parents were given the devastating news and Jordan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) a rare blood cancer with around only 3,100 people diagnosed with in the UK each year.

On the 14th January 2022 his PICC line was put in and treatment started on the 15th January 2022 where he underwent 7 days of intensive Chemotherapy 24hrs a day to try and obtain remission. Jordan was in the hospital for 6 weeks also spending his 18th birthday in there, while he had his treatment and waited for all of his blood counts to rise during recovery. His parents have been by his side during this time spending 3 weeks each living at the hospital, juggling work and looking after there other 2 children.

Once Jordans blood counts had risen another bone marrow biopsy was taken before Jordan was then let home with which he wasn’t allowed out of his room and had to shield as much as possible due to danger of infection, especially Sepsis, which would be life threatening. The biopsy results returned to say that Jordan was in full remission and the next treatment, consolidation chemotherapy, could begin.

Jordan went back in to the QE and the consolidation chemotherapy began which was another 3 days of intensive treatment, which was hopefully to stop the Leukaemia from returning. Jordan was then let home after a further 5 days recovery but after the 5th day at home he has now had to return due to a spike in temperature meaning a possible infection had kicked in. He is currently being treated for this with a series of antibiotics to try and clear the infection and stabilise him to return home. While all this has been happening the family have had to go through blood matching tests incase a bone marrow transplant would be required if the chemotherapy was not enough to stop the blasts cells from returning. It’s been a very hard time for the family and everything is now getting on top of them including Jordans father losing his job, due to the situation, putting more strain and pressure on them during this hard time. He has now been offered a new role but with what is lying ahead we do not know how this will plan out.

On 21st March 2022 Jordan has been told he has now got to have the bone marrow transplant to offer him any chance of a possible cure from this terrible disease. His younger sibling was a full 10/10 match for the transplant but a donor has also been found with a full 10/10 match. This is a very traumatising time for the family and the next 3/6 months are a critical time for Jordan while he goes through the transplant with many possible complications along the way but hopefully light at the end of this dark tunnel. This will mean Jordans parents living with him again in hospital while also trying to juggle time at home and hopefully Jordans father keeping hold of his new job.

What is the page for:
we are asking all family and friends of Jordans and his family to try and help them through this next 3/6 months as times are going to get extremely tough while they help Jordan through his treatment. They are a family that have always been there for everyone else and I’m hoping now that everyone would help them out in this time of need. Jordans dad is to proud to ask for this help and never asks anyone for anything but he will always be the one people turn to when needed.

Jordan and his family are on an unthinkable journey, so please anyone that can help, no matter how small, this is when they need it the most.
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