Fund for Otto & Mira's Father's Legal Fees

I need help. 

I've been fighting for the rights of my two children and myself since December 2017. I ultimately lost a custody battle in the fall of 2018  and before I could even say goodbye, my kids were gone from Amsterdam. 

For two years now, I've been regularly flying to Florida  until Corona hit. 
Historically, Otto & Mira came back nearly quarterly but tensions have been higher and travel more tricky since Corona. The summer of 2020, I negotiated a solid 8 weeks back home in Holland for the kids. It was sublime but already feels so far away.

We expected them to return in October and now rather than pay for flights as obligated, their mother has filed a motion for a guardian ad litem to determine the fate of our children. I'm accused of abuse, "denigrating" the USA, holding my children hostage and more. It is shocking.

There is also a motion to domesticate our divorce ruling from 2018 that we mediated to update in Jan & Feb but that was all before Corona. Now an additional motion saying I'm defaulting ignoring our progress at mediation. I only received a draft of that last week with edits pending.

If I don't act quickly, my rights will be forfeited by default, and their mother's request to only allow visitation in Florida and not in the Netherlands will be granted. 

Otto, Mira, and I will solely be at the mercy of their mother and the past 3 years have shown that would be a harrowing reality plagued by vindictive games and depressing terms.

The fact is, I'm still paying debt from my divorce and custody battle of 2018. 
2020 has been a hell of a year for most of us and I'm no different. Business wasn't booming for my company and the coworking space I run that my agency resides within is only now filling back up a bit (within social distancing guidelines, of course). After one client went insolvent and another delinquent with payments. I'm challenged by cash flow but confident the bicycle boom bodes well for my agency.

My point? I simply do not have the funds to fight for my children.

I need help. 

I won't benefit from this fundraiser. This isn't about me. It is about affording two children access to their father and their home in Europe. A life they lost 2 years ago and sorely long for. A life that has become taboo to mention or miss at home in Florida. A life they're told to forget and may tragically be faced with the prospect of not returning to for years.

Right now, Otto, Mira, and I don't know when we'll see each other next.  This is the 2nd time we've been faced with that this year. They don't know when they'll be back in Amsterdam and I can't tell them either. It is heartbreaking.

As far as I can tell, their mother plans to not let them return home to their family and friends here for Christmas or New Year's either. Next spring and summer and beyond all hang in the balance.

This fight is about the well being, future, and hearts of my children. They deserve better than this but if I don't stand up for what's right, they will lose, no question.

I will update here and privately as things progress. I have a referred family attorney in Florida and need to retain her immediately. 

This is urgent.

I've never asked for anything like this in my life. I started working at 15. Moved out at 17 and have run my own companies, help grow the companies of others, and always prided myself in earning my own way through life. My lack of resources now may spell disaster for my children. I'm swallowing my pride and pleading for help, for my kids. Please.

Even a few dollars or euros makes a huge difference. I've spent decades helping others in every way I know how and never expected the universe to repay me. If there ever was a moment for karma to keep the dream alive, it would be now. Thank you to everyone who has offered and suggested I take this step. It is my last hope & how I can look Otto & Mira in the eyes and tell them someday that I did absolutely everything that I could. 

I'm not sure yet how I'll convey my gratitude beyond words right now. Someday I'll find a way. Knowing me, it'll be a patch, a ride, a party, or maybe music recordings the kids and I make in the band room in my office. Could be a custom skateboard deck, stickers, or shirts. Solidarity has always been everything to me and my children and I will give back when we can. :  )

All I ever wanted was to be the best dad ever and I'm staring at the barrel of losing access to my children and the ability to have them in Amsterdam.  My rights as a father and theirs to pursue their own hopes and dreams beyond the USA hang in the balance. I waited until the 11th hour to make this plea. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping,


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