Lawyer & Visa Fees to get to U.S.A

In 2015, on one of my trips to the U.S.A, I was on an ESTA and was out there for the full 90 day duration due to making so many friends out there & having so many plans. 

Feburary 2016, I attempted to return to the U.S.A and was informed that I could not enter the country due to the system having  the incorret information on the previous trip i had stayed the full durition for. The system's information said I had left the U.S.A after 91 days, rather than 90 days, as i had taken an overnight flight to get home. This permanently banned me from the ESTA process.

In early 2017, I met Billie (Dawn Webb) who became my girlfriend, she's from Virginia, United States. It wasn't too bad as it was only me who couldn't go to her country, until she tried to come to the UK and they didn't allow here in due to YouTube being her job.

In June 2017, I tried to get a £160 B2 tourist Visa without a lawyer, I was quite hopeful that the encounter would go well as i only wanted to go out to the U.S for a week or two to catch up with old friends. I was denied in 3 questions.

After the announcement that Billie & I will be breaking up due to the fact I could not afford £5000 for a Visa, a lot of people suggested crowdfunding. I'm not exactly enthusiastic about this idea, and have created this page due to high demand.

£5500 for a Visa. Here is the break down.

I cannot comment too much on how the Visa situation works, mainly due to the fact it will involve working privately with a lawyer.

The only visas that I have legally been advised i could possiblly get, are an O1 Visa, B2 Visa or an E2.

An O1 is almost considered a public figure visa which lasts 3 years. The visa is £500, and the lawyer fees are £5000. This is the visa that i have been advised I am most likely to be accepted for. Although it will be a lot of work, it is likely.

A B2 Visa is a tourist visa which lasts 3 years, although you can only be in the U.S.A for 6 months per year. This is used mostly for people who live outside of ESTA zones, for those people who get denied ESTA, or for people who want to stay longer than you can on an ESTA.
I have already been denied this visa before. This was because I tried to go by myself with no legal help & no lawyer. The visa is £165, and lawyer fees are £2000.
I have been advised that this could be a route to get back, however if I didn't quit YouTube I would have to wait up to 10 years to be accepted. This is because YouTube is a job you can do anywhere and they're too scared that I will not come back once i get a plane out there.

E2 Visa is a company visa, for those who own a company in the U.S.A & employ U.S. workers. This visa requires to have £50,000 invested in a company and to have at least 10 people working for you in the U.S.A... Yeah. I wont explain anymore on this one.

These are the only Visas that i can get, and they are the only way I can get into the U.S.A. O1/O2 for a total of £5500 is most likely my only chance of ever going back.

Billie and I have said that we would be more than happy to try again if I were able to get a visa, meet each others parents etc, but visa processes are slow, and there's always a chance of them denying it still even after I've paid all the money, which is why i have set up this gofundme.

If this campaign is successful, I will be updating everyone every step of the way, and hopefully I'll be able to go back to somewhere I've worked my whole life to be.

People have been saying that if i have 120,000 people subscribed on youtube, 5000 could all give £1 and i would be good. And yes, in theory that would work, however I don't really think this will get over £100. If we don't meet the requirements for at least the B2 visa after 6 months i will close this down and make sure everyone is refunded.

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