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Help Artist & Musician Kenny McBride Beat Cancer!

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Dear Supporters,

I come to you with an urgent appeal for Kenny McBride, an incredibly talented artist, musician, and teacher who has brought joy and inspiration to the Long Beach community and beyond. Kenny's journey has taken an unexpected turn as he faces a formidable adversary—Myelofibrosis, a rare bone cancer.

Kenny's impact as an artist and musician has been profound. Since 2014, he and his wife, Anna, have dedicated themselves to the arts, creating beautiful works displayed and sold throughout Long Beach. They've also pioneered the mural business, McBride Arts, leaving a lasting mark on schools and campuses with over 60 murals. As the guitarist of the local band, Plasma Pool, Kenny's music has resonated with many.

However, Kenny is now in the midst of a health crisis. Over the past year, he has experienced an unexplained and rapid weight loss, severe fatigue, and flu-like symptoms. After seeking medical attention, Kenny received the devastating diagnosis of Myelofibrosis. The only path to a potential cure is a bone marrow transplant at City of Hope, a journey that comes with significant medical expenses.

Kenny's strength and determination make him an ideal candidate for the transplant. Currently completing his final murals and recording his sophomore album with Plasma Pool, Kenny is preparing for the battle of his life. The treatment, scheduled for early 2024, will require months of hospitalization and isolation, with costs exceeding $400,000.

We, the community that Kenny has touched with his art and music, have the power to make a difference. Your support, whether big or small, will provide financial relief for medical and living expenses in 2024. While Kenny has healthcare, the financial burden will be substantial, especially with the inability to work during treatment.

Let's rally together to ensure that Kenny can focus on defeating cancer and reclaiming his life's purpose as an artist and teacher. Your generosity can be the brushstroke that paints a brighter future for Kenny McBride.

Thank you for standing with Kenny and Anna during this challenging time.


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Matthew Barrie
Long Beach, CA
Kenny Mcbride

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