A Dj's worse nightmare to DJ BELAL

My name is DJ Belal and I have a question. What is the worst thing that can ever happen to a DJ? Most of you have probably answered the question right getting your equipment stolen. On Monday March 19 that is exactly what happened to me. My van was stolen while in Brooklyn and all my DJ equipment was in the van. I had a 8 speaker full QSC set up, All of my DJ lighting, two Pioneer Controllers DDJ-SZ & SX, 51 inch TV with Road case,Eight cases of audio wires & power cords, speaker processing equipment & uplighting. The amount that was lost is $21,562,00. My van was recovered and I have gotten that back thank God. This is a blow that has turned my Dj career and my Simply The Best Mobile Dj Services business upside down.

My first obligation is to all my clients that have already booked me for their upcoming events. So the Djs that I have worked with for many years DJ Legend, DJ Big Mark, DJ Willie D & DJ Digit AL. They have all rallied around me & will let me hold there high end Dj sets. So that I can still do all of my parties and still book parties as they come in. So with their support they have saved my business and have giving me peace of mind while I deal with this tragedy.

At first I did not want to do a go fund me page because of pride & not wanting everybody to know what happened to me. I did a little soul searching & I feel that this is about the meaning and significance of what they took & what it means to all the people that support The Legendary DJ Belal. When these low lives took my equipment from me they also took it from the people that book me, my family, my friends, my Dj family, my supporters & people that just love DJ Belal & respect what I have done over 38 years.

I have always tried to be a guy that supports everything that I am passionate about. I tell people all the time I will never forget where I came from and I will always give back to my 11798 community . I have that same approach to my clients and that is what my company Simply The Best Mobile Dj Services is all about. Giving high end Dj services for a fair price to people that want their event to be memorable. So support is everything to me and I need your help to beat back those devil's that has invaded my business life.

Any help is more than appreciated and I always show all of my appreciation back in some way with my actions. This blow has knocked me down but it did not knock me out. I got up before the count of 10 and I am ready to fight back. I will never let a man that takes from me end my Dj career or anything else for that matter . Only God can take my talents and career from me not the devil. So I will get everything back and then some and I will keep giving all my people that believe in me that.

I want to share one more thing to my Dj community. Please get insurance on all of your precious sound equipment ASAP. We all know as Djs that if you steal our equipment you are stealing our lively hoods, our passion for the music & our craft. I did not have any insurance on my equipment if I did I would not be in this situation. You do not I repeat you do not want the feeling I have right now. If I wasn't as strong mentally, this could have ended Dj career. So please get insurance the devil is real and there are people out there that don't care nothing about you as a person. So we must protect ourselves from these types of people and any other problems

Thank you and I love you all.

Yours truly The Legendary DJ Belal, God is Great.
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