Connor Conquering Mountains

The facts...
500,000 people on the autism spectrum are aging out of the school system and will no longer have services and supports. 35% of young adults (19-23) with autism have not had a job or received post graduate education after leaving high school. 90% of adults with autism are unemployed or underemployed.

The Program....
Ready For Life (RFL) is a passionate, non-profit that fosters inclusive communities, cultivating opportunities for people with disabilities to grow, learn, achieve, and experience everything life offers.

A summary of RFL costs....
The Ready for Life Academy (RFL) cost breakdown is as follows: 

Fall: $11,965.00
Spring: $11, 965.00

College assimilation: $2,737.50
5 RFLA classes:$5,475.00
Job placement readiness:$912.50
Room and board: $2,840.00

A Total price tag of $23,930.00

None of the RFL program is covered by financial aid, grants or student loans.

RFL Program Features:
• Interaction and involvement on a college campus with same age peers
• Lifelong learning model based on students individual goals
• Instruction in the core areas of transition by a certified special educator
• Participation in college classes (no college credits earned)
• Participation in campus activities
• Volunteer job placements on campus and in the community
• Community Living Support services for after school support
• Four year program


Connor's story...
At 3 years old, my son Connor was diagnosed with autism. After 14 years of interventions such as ABA, Sensory Learning, Vision Therapy, Speech Therapy, Relationship Development Intervention, specialized diets, Biomedical Intervention, and social skills coaching, Connor has made amazing strides and is now very high functioning. To meet him you’d find a kind, genuine hearted, fiercely determined individual that has an intense desire to be “just like everyone else”. You would also find some of the hallmark trademarks of autism still evident; social skills deficits and executive functioning skills, the very things necessary to obtain and maintain a job, live independently, and form meaningful relationships.

Youtube - Animated Explanation of Autism

Soon Connor will graduate and face a whole new set of challenges. Statistics show that only 15% of adults on the autism spectrum are able to live independently and successfully maintain a full-time job. As Connor’s parent I want to provide him (and others) that chance!

The hope...
The Ready for Life program a 4-year postsecondary program offering individualized college academic supports, social, career and life skills support for young adults with Autism and other learning differences. To say this opportunity would be life changing for Connor is not an exaggeration. More details about RFL can be found here:

RFL will substantially increase Connors odds of being part of the 15%.

The idea...
Connor loves the great outdoors and we do a lot of hiking and camping. To me, climbing a mountain is a metaphor to challenges Connor and people with Autism face on a daily basis. So, as part of this fundraiser, Connor and I will be climbing Mt. Adams and/or Mt. St. Helens this summer.
  • Elvira Damore 
    • $100 
    • 40 mos
  • Michele Wiker 
    • $50 
    • 41 mos
  • Michele Button 
    • $50 
    • 43 mos
  • Ellen Berman 
    • $25 
    • 44 mos
  • Emily Bruestle 
    • $20 
    • 44 mos
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Chris Good 
Portland, OR