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**11/27/20 UPDATE**

Friends! We have a brand new gofundme page through Gofundme charity:

This new page allows us to accept tax deductible donations and it also allows us to input offline donations (donations that have been given to us outside of our gofundme page). We are asking folx to please use this new gofundme page to send donations so we can share an accurate depiction of funds raised while also offering the benefits of tax deductible donations. 

We are just keeping this gofundme open as we have over 4.3K followers and don't want anyone to miss out on our progress and opportunities to give. Please visit our new page and share far and wide. Thank you so much SUSU Friends!

**Update End**

“If you give a hungry man food, he will eat it. [But] if you give him land, he will grow his own food.” – Fannie Lou Hamer

Help us purchase land for Black and brown farmers in Vermont!

We are so beyond excited that we are able to support 22 Black and brown families in Brattleboro have access to nourishing foods from local farms. Now the farming season is starting and the window to purchase CSA’s is coming to a close. CSA farm shares are finite, and there are only so many we can buy no matter how much we raise. 

So what’s next!?

Visioning a sustainable, food secure future for our people, we are looking for ways to cultivate food ourselves. A future where Black and brown people in Vermont can come together to live, heal and thrive. 

Which to us, means purchasing land for farming, gardening and intergenerational healing. 

A space that is stewarded by Black and brown people, a place of safety, connection, and healing.

Our vision is to build healing and nourishing spaces for our people and our children in the here and now but our vision is long-range as we look to the future. A future where food sovereignty is guaranteed to the next generations of Black and brown people in Vermont.

We have been looking at Soul Fire Farm and Freedom Farm as a model for what we envision creating here in brattleboro. A place to connect our children and our people back to the land, a place to heal and reclaim our stories and the wisdom our ancestors left for us. A place to build black futures right here in our own community and create safety.

Help us realize this dream by donating to our fund.

We are in the very beginning stages of a long term vision which will require learning about land trusts and ways for us to secure land for the future.

Love us alive, don’t idolize us when we die. Protecting black futures and people means creating spaces for us to THRIVE while we are alive not waiting for us to die.

The SUSU Healing Collective is a BIPOC led collective in Brattleboro, VT. We are raising funds to purchase land that will be a safe place for BIPOC in VT and will include educational programming, land access, farming, CSA's and food access, restorative justice, school programs and more (all future visions). Right now our hope is to raise $50,000 towards the cost of land to pay for land. $14,000 of the money raised so far is going to the previous project which was to purchase 22 CSA's for POC's in Brattleboro Vermont.


Our people are dying.
Black and brown people are dying.

We need healing.
We need commUNITY.

We need safety.

We deserve nourishment.
We deserve joy.
We deserve connection.

We are reaching out to our community for support, we need you now more than ever. 

We have experienced love and support during this time and questions of how you can help us. This is what we need:

We hope to raise $12,000 to fund 20 local Brattleboro POC (people of color) CSA's for this year.
These times are traumatizing, on top of a global pandemic our POC communities are being hit the hardest, we are watching our people be lynched and murdered in cold blood. We are dealing with the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pain of witnessing this and living and operating everyday in a white supremacist culture.

On top of all of this trauma we want to make sure that our people have opportunities to experience nourishment, that they have the chance to connect to the earth for healing, that they can have access to healthy , life giving, and nourishing food and that this will be one less thing they have to worry about.

Over the next few months we will be launching a  few more gofund me's, the next one will be for funds that can be used  for 20 Brattleboro POC's to take a workshop, class, or healing sessions that they choose that will contribute to their healing and connection, the following gofund me will be to raise money for the SUSU so we can provide free healing sessions and herbs to our people. 

Will you join us in healing our people starting right here in Brattleboro?

With government relief packages and funding one thing that has become more apparent to us is the lack of trust our country has with POC led organizations and people, funding is generally funneled into white led orgs, covering admin budgets and salaries and then very little trickles down and gets to the people who need it. Leaving many of our people under the radar and with lack of access to life giving foods and opportunities for healing (the healing that is culturally relevant and needed for us).

We are asking you to trust us.
We are asking you to trust POC led organizations and people.
We are asking you to trust that we know what we need and that we don't need white orgs. to tell us what we need and what healing looks like to us.
We are asking you to direct fund/support POC's in our community and POC led organizations in our community.

Thank you so much for your support. This is how we build commUNITY, this is how we build cultures of reciprocity and healing, this is how we build black futures, this is how we care for our people.

Every penny, every share on social media, every mention to your friends, every share on IG makes a huge difference.

Thank you Brattleboro, we know together we can do this!

With love and divine blackness,
The SUSU Healing Collective


Amber Arnold
Brattleboro, VT

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