My Life, My Body.....My Choice ??

(Alternative Health-Care Support: Your Freedom to Choose What is Best For You)

Why You Should Care and Contribute:

This has been an ongoing nightmare and battle for Robert Young that dates back to 2013.  The medical tyranny that we are seeing today in 2022 that has changed this country and world over the last 2 years - probably forever.  Before 2020, most of what has happened in the last 2 years would have been thought of as science fiction and conspiracy theories but you and I know better - we have lived through it - and we can all sense that something is not right.   How we lived prior to 2020 in the "old normal" isn't how we live today in the "new normal".  Our rights and liberties have slowly and methodically been taken from us.  Much like a kitchen faucet leak - little by little, drip after drip, what starts out as an annoyance turns into a major problem and before you realize it you have a flooded kitchen.  Only it's not your kitchen that is the issue, it's your life, your choices, and your rights that have dripped...dripped...dripped down the drain...never coming back to what they once were. 

This fund is to help Robert Young's fight against the legal and medical systems that conspired to take him down financially, emotionally, and physically - all because he dared to challenge the current medical theories of modern medicine and dared to offer an alterative view of healthy living through a better lifestyle and diet. 

Update to Robert Young's Ongoing Legal Battle for Health-Care Choice (2022):

Mr Young and an Associate have been charged with 2 counts of "practicing medicine without a license" for two incidences (Sep 2020 & Jan 2021) and 1 count of "bodily harm" and 1 count of "taking advantage/money from an elderly person".  And who was this "elderly person"?  She is/was a friend of over 40 yrs who contacted Robert Young seeking his help with her health.  She choose him; even though, he told her he doesn't "treat" clients anymore due to his previous legal battles but because she was a friend for so many years he would help make arrangements for her to get some of the "therapies" that she wanted and asked for.  None of these "therapies" have anything to do with practicing medicine unless in this "new normal" age we are living in now everything that you do is considered "medical".  What were these therapies?  Use of one of those vibration machines (like they sell at Costco), use of a rebounder, getting healthy meals prepared for her - and other non-evasive therapies.  Real dangerous - right? Well, maybe in 2022...

What this "friend" never told Robert Young is that she had open heart surgery some time in the recent past and was ignoring her own medical doctor's advice about his recommendation on having surgery on another issue she was having.  Instead she chose Mr Young to help her. The key words here are: SHE CHOSE!

A short while later, the San Diego DA charged Robert Young after this "friend" and her family lodged a complaint.  In the story from 2013 shown below,  it is the same San Diego DA, same attorneys, and same investigators that attached him back then that are attacking him again today.


Update to Young's Original Case from 2013 (Shown Below):

In March 2020 , an Appeals Court Judgement overturned the outrageous 105 million civil awarded to 15 million - still an injustice when you know all the facts of the case.

Also ruled in the Appeals Court, Young's court appointed attorney at that time had not properly represented Robert Young and that he could go after him for malpractice - which given that Mr Young was broken financially was really not an option.

Robert Young's Original Legal Battle from 2013:

 Young's legal battle(s) is described below in a brief summary that started decades ago but really ratcheted up in Jan 2013 and continues to this present day. 

 He has lost countless millions of dollars and is broke financially, broken physically, broken emotionally BUT he is NOT giving up because he also knows that he has helped hundreds of thousands of people world-wide to regain their health back from all kinds of diseases through his many books in the PH Miracle series, research studies and published peer-reviewed articles.

 People like Anthony Robbins, Tom Brady, Cindy Crawford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and many others live their lives following the principles of healthy living pioneered by Robert Young.

The Funds are Needed ASAP - as Young's appeal process for his retrial of his recent civil case has begun (see the events described below for more details).

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Dr Young’s Brief Summary of Events Behind This Go Fund Me Campaign:

o     Jan 2013: Genia Vanderhaeghen died naturally at the pH Miracle Ranch in San Diego county.  She requested to live out the remaining days of her life at Robert Young’s ranch, her husband and family supported her decision, and Dr Young allowed her to live there until her death.

o    July 2013: Robert Young’s Home and the pH Miracle Center Ranch is raided by the District Attorney’s office – fully armed agents, everyone put in handcuffs, computers and business records ceased.

 o    The San Diego DA witch hunt and victim shopping looking for a crime begins....

o    Jan 2014: Robert Young is arrested: Young is charged with 26 counts
Robert Young’s defense begins for his criminal trial: his business shut down, social media web sites shuttered, fights for his life against the powerful medical and legal systems.

o    Criminal trial and process: took several years, Young lost several millions of dollars in business, hundreds of thousands in legal fees, and all but 5 charges of the 26 were dropped.

o    A Key Colleague Turns on Robert Young:  The DA got a woman to turn on Young using threats and a promise to help her sue Young later – after the criminal trial.

o    Jan 2016: Young Found Guilty on Two Charges, innocent on one charge and a hung Jury on 2 Counts.

o    Mar 2017: The Sentence and Young’s Plea Deal: Robert Young was able to plea down to 3 years with two plus years already served in house arrest and had to serve 5-6 months in the county prison.

o    June 2017: Robert Young begins prison sentence

o    Sep 2018: Civil Lawsuit – Legal Double Jeopardy Begins: Using a key witness against him, the same DA attorneys and resources retried Young a 2nd time – this time civilly for 10-45 million dollars.

o    Oct 2018: Outrageous outcome of Young’s Civil Trial: the jury ignored the evidence, felt sympathetic to the woman with cancer suing Young, ignored some simple facts like: she had cancer two years before ever meeting Young, was an alcoholic for the last 10-12 yrs, reached out to Young when she was: pregnant, had cancer, about to lose her house, in a bad relationship, and needed a job and Robert Young: gave her a place to live, a job where she earned several hundred thousand dollars over 2 years, and provided ten of thousands in free treatments where she was able to announce publicly that her cancer was reversed. The jury ignored the evidence where she admitted on a recording that: she wasn’t following Young’s PH Miracle protocols when her cancer came back, she was still an alcoholic, was under lots of stress, and wanted to get back on Young’s healthy living protocols. But somehow, this jury found Young responsible for this woman’s cancer in 2018; even though, she first was diagnosed with “very aggressive breast cancer” in 2007. This jury ignored the fact that she ignored her medical doctor’s advice at least  5 times over several years to see an oncologist and get traditional treatment (radiation/chemo) and instead of making her responsible for her choices they put all the responsibility on the man who helped her in her time of need instead. The jury made an unprecedented award of almost 105 million dollars – 2 ½ times what was even being asked for on the lawsuit!

o    Jan 2019 – Present Day: Young’s Appeal Process: With a business on life support, facing bankruptcy, loss of millions and millions of dollars, a ranch that was once thriving with avocado and grapefruit trees that are now all dead due to not being able to afford the water needed to keep them alive, little to no money available to afford the hundreds of thousands needed for an appeal and a retrial, Robert Young is at the mercy of people who know what he had gone through isn’t fair and that the government that set out to ruin this man’s life is well on their way to doing just that.

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My Final Thoughts and Thank You:

Please contribute to this cause in any amount that you can afford. Every dollar is appreciated, and no amount is too small. If you believe in fundamental fairness. If you believe that the government should not be able to target a person, search for a crime, charge them with a victimless crime, force them into bankruptcy, and ruin a person’s life.  If you believe that each of us has a right to choose our own path to better health, whether it entails traditional medicine or alternative methods. Then please contribute to this cause.

 This fund is managed by me, Tim Hennessy, and is not part of Robert Young’s estate. All funds will be distributed by me as Young’s legal bills are processed during his appeal process.   Thanks in advance for being part of a process to try to right an egregious wrong. Your contribution is a statement that you believe in fairness and that you won’t sit idly by watching an out of control, all powerful government use it’s resources to take a man down that only wanted to: help educate as many people as possible on healthy living, teach people about diseases and how a body put back in balance can help heal itself  given enough time and commitment, and to give people hope when the traditional medical community has given up on them.

Thank you for caring and thank you for your time and money.  I don’t take you and your contribution lightly.

God bless,



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