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Aid for our Federal Families

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Pawnee Nation launches Go Fund Me Campaign to buy groceries for families of federal workers impacted by the government shutdown

PAWNEE, OKLAHOMA – The Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma is making an effort to assist federal employee’s families who are working without pay within the Pawnee area as a result of the government shutdown. The Pawnee Nation has established a way for anyone to help make this government shutdown a bit less stressful for their families by contributing towards a fund used to buy groceries.

“We can only imagine the stress this shutdown has been on the federal employees and their families who in some cases live paycheck to paycheck and as of today now are expected to work for no pay till the government reopens,” said Pawnee Nation President Bruce Pratt. “This unfortunate situation is having an adverse impact across the country and this effort is our small way to assist those families of federal employees who serve in the Pawnee Nation,” he added.

The Pawnee Nation will receive these donations through the GoFundMe page and will then use those funds to buy groceries for the families impacted, then make them available for pick up. This is just a small gesture to provide a degree of comfort and to show them how much our community appreciates them.

The goal is to raise $10,000. This would provide an estimated $100 worth of groceries for each impacted family of a federal employee in the Pawnee area. The Pawnee Nation I.T. Department, Communications, Finance, and Executive office will assist in this effort. “Special thanks must go to the Pawnee Business Council’s leadership for supporting this effort as well as the Pawnee Nation Employee Club who will provide logistical support in assembling the grocery baskets,” Said Jim Gray, Executive Director.


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