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AI Guardian Angels - Homeless Shelter AI Education

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Hi my names is Mike Hughes-Hayes,

Unlike many great Go Fund Me campaigns I am NOT trying to help cities in Ukraine, but rather our mission is to help our city's business sustainability, health and homelessness with Artificial Intelligence right here in the United States of America.

This GoFundMe Campaign: AI Guardian Angels - is for Sustainable Cities and for Empowering the Homeless Shelter Operators with AI Education about Narrative Storytelling about achieving sustainable cities with artificial intelligence and confronting businesses shutting down and creating health and homelessness crisis which AI Education can help reduce or eradicate the crisis with free and low-cost resources when the right people are educated about this opportunities with AI to create sustainable businesses, cities, communities, groups, families and individuals to get them HOPE and tools to help themselves and their communities.

The Crisis
Across America, we are witnessing an unprecedented wave of small business closures - retailers, restaurants, and mom-and-pop shops shuttering due to economic strains. This has created a spiral of job losses, homelessness, and a shattering of the social fabric in our cities.

At the same time, artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing, causing distress and confusion about the future. But what if we could harness the power of AI as a solution to this crisis?

The Vision
We are the AI Guardian Angels, a movement dedicated to ensuring AI benefits humanity. Our vision is to create truly sustainable cities by empowering those most affected by the economic turbulence - the homeless.

We aim to equip operators of homeless shelters with the skills to train their residents in using free AI tools and resources available at shelters, libraries and learning centers. This hands-on AI education will provide the homeless with invaluable digital skills and a path towards self-sufficiency.

The Plan
With your support, the AI Guardian Angels will:

Develop a comprehensive AI training curriculum tailored for homeless shelters recruit and train homeless shelter staff and clients as AI education facilitators.

Deploy AI toolkits with free software, cloud computing resources and tutoring

Partner with cities to ensure widespread access to libraries and learning centers

Celebrate program graduates and assist them in rejoining the workforce

Upon completing the program and committing to contribute to their city, graduates could be provided with an AI-capable phone to pursue education, jobs and opportunity.

A Sustainable Future
By imparting AI skills to the homeless, we can uplift an entire vulnerable population, reducing the burden on social services. More importantly, we rekindle hope and human potential.

As AI Guardian Angels, our only reward is the joy of doing good. We humbly ask you to donate whatever you can to bring this vision to life. Together, we can turn the displacement caused by small business closures into the catalyst for sustainable cities uplifted by AI.

+++Phase 2: The AI SuperCampus Vision

While empowering the homeless is our immediate priority, the AI Guardian Angels have an audacious long-term vision - to create an "AI SuperCampus" that can educate the world on building sustainable cities using AI.

This virtual learning nexus will convene the brightest minds and cutting-edge AI research from prestigious universities globally. We will capture their insights and knowledge through narrative storytelling methods inspired by the proven MBA/EMBA strategy from Espoo, Finland.

These stories will form the basis of immersive AI education courses, interactive simulations, podcast series, and more - all freely accessible via streaming platforms like YouTube.

Imagine having the luminaries of Oxford, MIT, Stanford, Tsinghua and other elite institutions sharing their wisdom directly with you on collectively solving humanity's greatest challenges through ethical AI.

The AI SuperCampus will democratize this exclusive knowledge. No more barriers of admission or astronomical tuition fees. Anyone, anywhere can learn how to create sustainable cities, businesses, communities and equip themselves with invaluable AI skills.

From homeless individuals to entrepreneurs, policymakers to climate activists - the AI SuperCampus will enlighten and empower people worldwide to build an AI-powered future of economic prosperity in harmony with our environment.

But this bold vision requires undertaking like:

Forging partnerships with top universities and their AI research labs Developing a scalable delivery platform for multimedia AI education.

Producing high-quality storytelling content at global YouTube standards

Enabling translation and localization to reach all cultures
With your sustained support, the AI Guardian Angels can realize this "AI Tomorrowland" - a boundless realm where humanity's collective genius and artificial intelligence converge to create a better world for our children.

The future is being written by AI. Help us ensure that all 8 billion of us get to be the authors and builders of that destiny, not displaced by it.

Please donate generously and be part of this world-changing mission!

Can you imagine how good it can get with AI Guardian Angels helping the world with AI?
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Give $20 and be a founding donor

Your donation is the start of Mike's journey to success. Your early support inspires others to donate.

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Mike Hughes-Hayes
Lafayette, CA

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