A safe haven for Eritrean refugees in Khartoum

My name is Habte Hagos, and I'm fundraising for:

A safe haven in Khartoum for Eritreans fleeing repression

While much of the world’s attention is focused elsewhere, the situation in Eritrea remains bleak. Eritreans are in
perpetual poverty and suffer appalling torture and sexual violence. They face indefinite conscription to fight the
regime’s endless wars. Hundreds of thousands of Eritreans have been forced to flee their homeland, for which they
sacrificed much to liberate.

Following the pointless and tragic 1998-2000 border war with Ethiopia, it is estimated over 100,000 Eritreans were
forced to flee. The exodus continues - now exacerbated by Eritrea’s involvement in the war in Tigray.

Sudan has welcomed Eritreans for decades. Some have made the country their home, earning a living, starting
families and educating their children. Many Eritreans have tried to trek across the Sahara and the Mediterranean to
reach Europe, entrusting their fates to barbaric people traffickers. Thousands of Eritreans have perished in the attempt – their bones litter the Sahara, their bodies washed up on beaches.

Many of these deaths could have been avoided with a properly organised reception centre in Khartoum. Staffed by
Eritreans themselves, it could provide advice to new arrivals and help them explore other avenues rather than risk their lives trying to reach increasingly unwelcoming European shores.

Arkokby Rehabilitation and Development Organisation (ARDO)

To meet this urgent need, a group of Eritreans in Sudan have set up Arkokby – a not-for-profit NGO based in
Khartoum. It is already fully licenced to provide immigration, education, health and welfare advice to newly arrived
Eritrean refugees. For example, Arkokby organised a "salon" - hairdressing training for 22 single mothers, 20 of whom have since found employment and are able to support their extended families.

But this is a drop in the ocean, given an estimated 72,000 Eritrean refugees in Sudan are keen to cross the
Mediterranean into Europe. Arkokby will need to do much more and fast to reach out to these people who, in a
recent study, expressed an overwhelming wish to stay in Sudan, given the opportunity for education, housing and

To carry out its mission effectively, Arkokby needs to have its own furnished office and urgently hire part-time staff.
The estimated cost is $50,000 per annum. I appeal for donations - no matter how small. We promise to be transparent and publish what we receive and how it is spent. We must back this worthy cause to save lives and give our
people hope for their futures.

Please give generously and anonymously if you prefer.

Thank you.

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