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Citizens deserve transparency and accountability from their elected leaders.    Don't Donate.   Citizens' awareness is much more valuable than any donation.  Please just read and decide for yourself.

Update 9/26: Our 4th Billboard and new location to be announced soon! A sincere humbled thanks from the 600,000+ neighbors of yours who don't have a voice. Not just thank you for donating, sharing, and retweeting; but for deciding this can no longer continue. 

Who we are: No political parties, superpacs, or dark money here. Just your neighbors from the 6th District raising awareness on non-partisan issues. We are from all walks of life; teachers, small business owners, farmers, retirees, mechanics, moms and dads, etc. Some of us voted for Roskam. Some of us voted against him. We are conservatives, liberals, progressives, teapartiers, liberatarians, independents and everything in between; UNITED. It makes no difference what party you belong to or what your hot button issue is. Right now, we are ALL being silenced.

Townhalls: We recognize townhalls aren't very flashy nor are they anyone's #1 issue. But without townhalls, none of us will ever have a real voice in our district. Peter Roskam says about townhalls, “People come angry and leave angrier” and states he won’t hold townhalls because we are too divided. We believe that says more about Congressman Roskam as a leader than it does about us as voters. He has a responsibility to address his constituents concerns and inform us. We live in towns like Barrington, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, West Chicago, Naperville, Downers Grove, Palatine, those sound like angry divisive towns? If he can't bring people together in quiet beautiful neighborhoods like ours, how can he provide leadership in DC?

The last townhall he held in our District was 9 years ago. Think about that. If you have a child or grandchild that is 27 years old or younger, they have never even been able to go speak with their congressman. Ever. Even if you've never really felt compelled to go to a townhall, do we want to steal that right from our children and future generations? Let’s give the government back to the people where it belongs and allow our citizens to have a say in what our government decides.  

Transparency & Accountability: Our founding fathers foresaw the dangers of the government not being responsive to the people, and left us a legacy of transparency and accountability. Public townhalls have existed since the birth of our nation and indeed, helped forge it. Those who voted against Roskam, still deserve to have their voices heard. Those who voted for Peter Roskam, did not give him a blank check for 2 years.

Again, don't donate..... Instead:

A) Please politely call your congressman. See if you can speak with him on the phone to address your concerns/questions directly. Beware, rather than try to answer questions, staffers will often simply rush you off phone by asking your opinion and pretend to relay message. Staff rarely follow up or have ability/info to answer specific questions such as how he is voting on an upcoming bill. 202-225-4561

B) Please politely mail/email your congressman. See if you can get a thoughtful response to your letter/email with something other than an unhelpful template email that a staffer just cuts and pastes. Make and keep a copy of the letter/email before you send so you can see for yourself if he bothers to address your individual concerns.

C) Politely, schedule an appointment with him and test your patience waiting for a response. Many have waited for over a year. We have heard some constitutents say that by appearing "friendly" or indicating support of Mr. Roskam you can get quicker scheduling.

Hopefully, you don't have the same experience that myself and most others have had in just trying to get calm simple questions on policy answered.

Again, thanks to all those who donated, shared, tweeted, or simply took the time to read. We do not ask for your donation, but rather for your voice. Our taxes should  already pay for our repesentation. And frankly, we find it disugusting and distasteful that taxpayers should have to pay a penny more to receive representation from our congressman. However, for those who still feel compelled to go above and beyond, we humbly accept donations from IL 6th district residents only. If you are from outside of our district/state, Peter Roskam still gladly accepts those donations.

Many have asked how to join us: If you live in the 6th district of Illinois ..... you already have. :)

Follow us @il6thvoters will be back up soon
Love Everyone Always
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