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In Honour of the Eternal Elena Kulikova

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The eternal and departed Elena Kulikova , a gifted high artist, marine activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist , piano & vocal teacher and Ambassador for Plastic Oceans Canada, was and remains one of the most extraordinary people to have touched all of our hearts. Through a series of tough transitions, sheer perseverance, unbending strength, and relentless compassion she followed her dream and created a lasting ripple effect in the world at large.

Her pursuit of creative expression initially began as a way to release her vibrant passion on canvas. Upon liberating her expressive, masterful, and creative power she launched her career as a sought after local artist and philanthropist. 

Her compassion knows no parallel. Elena's ultimate dream, cause and active contribution was to leverage her multiple talents to raise awareness towards the massive issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and the devastatingly irreversible impact it is having on the world's marine life. Her work has helped Plastic Oceans Canada to propel and educative clean-up initiative to save our marine life for generations to come.

Her life ended tragically and abruptly in a fatal car accident August 22, 2019, but her dream burns bright in the thousands of hearts Elena has illuminated in her short stay on earth. In memory of one of the most beautiful souls on earth, we must keep her dream burning bright within our hearts. Her legacy has, is, and will forever live on in our hearts. 

In loving memory of Elena Kulikova and her legacy, a portion of proceeds will be donated to support Plastic Oceans Canada and of course the majority of proceed will go to support her family in arranging her parting rituals and finalizing her affairs. 

Her family and friends miss her very much.


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Friends Family of Elena Kulikova
Mississauga, ON

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