I Wont Let My Brain Tumors Beat Me..

We are Toni, Tara, Zoey, and Nova and we are Meka's sisters. We want to talk to you about our Amazing, crazy, wild sister........MEKA. We are raising the funding for our sisters medical treatment of her brain tumors and ongoing medical costs, and of course, for her Amazing short Life to be given Hope.

Meka found out the devastating news as a young and vibrant 26 years old. After dealing with unexplained migraines, dizzy spells and uncontrollable weight gain, her local GP tested her for everything possible and soon recommended her for a CT Scan of her brain which then revealed that she had a brain tumor. The tumor was an aggressive and the biggest brain tumor Royal Brisbane Hospital have ever agreed to operate on, and they still are to this date. Meka went into surgery almost immediately, and just as she was feeling like she was at the beginning of her life, she was stripped of this. Amazingly, she had the most positive, vibrant attitude.

The surgeons could not completely remove tumor but only debulk (to remove most of the tumor substance) because of where it was positioned. Meka was also told, before she went into theater, that she has a 70% chance of dying on the operating table. This was horrifying to all of us and we had to say our goodbyes before she went in.

Within days of Meka coming out of Theatre, she was up out of bed and helping and assisting other patients in the ward, let alone entertaining them. Meka lights up the room where ever she goes and she touched a lot of hearts in that ward. Meka then went through the lengthy process of radiation. Meka was given 5 years to live, and she was also told that she cannot have kids as this would be detrimental in the sudden growth of her tumor. Remarkably, Meka got on with everyday life on top of all this, dealing with the major weight gain, loss of feeling on one side of her face, all of her hair gone and some vision loss in one eye.

Meka then had a stroke in 2010. It was sadly discovered Meka now had 2 brain tumors and underwent another brain operation and radiation. Meka took longer to recover, as the outcome left her with being unstable on her feet, blurred vision, and slurry speech. Meka still carried on and got on with life. Meka even helped raise money for cancer campaigns and doing charity work, eg Beautiful you, Saint Vinnies, Hug Patrol, and Street Angels to name a few, all the while no one knew she had cancer herself.

June 2017 Meka was having major issues with her vision and balance and underwent another series of scans, and tests only to show both of her brain tumors had grown rapidly putting major pressure on her brain, spinal cord and eyes. The team of Doctors and Specialists told Meka that there is NOTHING MORE THEY CAN DO....

Meka actually shut down, she would not talk to anyone, which is very unlike her, she started planning and talking about the end of her Life. 5 days later Meka rang me (Toni) and her other sisters, saying "Im Back, but I need all you girls to help me fight this". We organized a family meeting, to discuss "what was next". Two days later and Meka had managed to get an appointment with Dr Teo for the following week. This was fantastic news. Dr Charlie Teo is an Amazing man, he is a Top Neurosurgeon surgeon who works in Sydney . He is also director of the Centre for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery and the founder of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. Dr Charlie Teo is considered much of a “MIRACLE WORKER”. So off Meka went, she flew from Brisbane to Sydney for the day with high hopes that this amazing DR could make her day and possibly life. Dr Teo advised Meka that she needed to have surgery immediately and he could not believe she was not blind already from the rapid growth of the tumors, but the cost would be $100,000 for Dr Teo to operate. This would be for 2 operations on the 2 tumors Meka has at the base of the skull and the tumor in behind Meka’s eyes. Dr Teo told Meka that she is going to be blind and deaf within 3 months and loose her ability to walk if she does not have the surgery. Meka is only 43.

By Meka having this surgery with Dr Teo, Meka will be given her priceless life back and our family and the world will all have this amazing human that we call our Sister Meka for a lot longer. Meka's medical expenses are stacking up, and these will be ongoing, and we feel absolutely shocked and bewildered that the simple fact that our family doesn't have enough money may well be the reason for our sister’s life ending.

Meka has helped so many people in her life and given so much joy and love to everyone that surrounds her. Unfortunately Meka does not have time on her side anymore, so please give what you can, words could never describe how much we all appreciate your help. If you cannot afford to help financially, you’re LIKE AND SHARE of this post to your family and friends may well help to save her life.
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