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We are reaching out to all our followers, volunteers, students, friends, family members, community boards, borough presidents, community organizers and our babies past adopters and all supporters of NYC NEW BEGINNING ANIMAL RESCUE.

We have Great News for our animal shelter the only No-Kill shelter in the BRONX, NYC New Beginning Animal Rescue. We found a great man with a heart of gold that is helping us move forward to a future of owning our Building, which means owning our own Shelter. This also means there will be no more rent to be pay.  We are asking to get your help for the cost of the estimate for renovations and reconstruction of the kennels, the outdoor play areas, and renovation costs to get the building up to standards with department of buildings and Department of health for all the animals at NYC New Beginning Animal Rescue.

 As you know there are still other expenses that come with this big responsibility. We are asking for all of your support as well as all the answers to our prayers. We are in desperate need of your help once again. I’m happy the shelter journey is soon going to be the fruit of the tree we planted back in 2010, after leaving Animal Care and Control.  The future for all  of our loving four legged friends and a journey I wanted to take helping the homeless animals in New York City. There are so many sad stories that are seen at city shelters and babies being euthanized for just being sick with a treatable disease, when they could just be treated at their forever home or with a rescue group.

As you already know, we help all animals and people, from eviction cases to abandoned animals in the apartment, to animals stuck on the top of a tree, I don’t think twice about climbing up to get them to safety, ( I did it, not thinking twice about my own safety plenty of times!!!) We want to continue to be here for our furbabies and to continue the services that we provide for our community.

We have a group of great volunteers that support our mission " to rescue from kill shelters and to provide santuary and ultimately rehome abandoned, stray and neglected dogs and cats in NYC."  They work long days and nights providing each animal a home they could call their own. “We love what we do and will do anything for them.  When a furbaby gets placed into their loving home, the look on their face and in their bright eyes ….. it’s just priceless.” We want to continue providing every furbaby their forever home.

 Here are some of the current bills for the Shelter at Newbold Avenue:

Last year alone we spent over $20,000.00 on medical bills
Last year alone we spent $15,000.00 on cat/dog food and supplies
Monthly electric bill during summer months is $1,200.00 and during winter $2,200.00 for a total of $21,400.00
Water bill every three months $685.00 = $2,055
Property taxes is $585.00 monthly = $7,020
Shelter Rent $4,200.00 monthly = $50,400.00
Plus other expenses include Gas, Transport, painting, cleaning supplies, etc.

Now a lot of this overhead will be gone once we are owning our own shelter.   We are getting donations for food and other supplies which will cut some of  our costs for food and supplies.

Here are some of the things we would like to do at the new shelter, with your help, sponsorship and donations. Remember, you could also donate the items needed.  If they choose to sponsor, they can sponsor a project on a room of their choice. For sponsoring a room, we will buy a plaque with their name on it and we will hang it on the door of the room (project) they sponsored at the shelter.  On the door, will be a beautiful plaque with their name, so everyone can see it when they enter the room they sponsored.

 It will read:  

This project was donated by _____________________

Name of person or in Memory of _________________

Name of the room _____________________________

We have the interaction room (cost to renovate is $3,500).

Plumbing work (Cost for sewer line, gas line, sprinkler system throw out the facility and water line over $85,000.00)

Central A/C and Heating (costs $12,000.00 for the whole shelter except for sick room) sick room will be $3,500.00 additional because it can’t be on the same A/C line so the healthy animals don’t get sick.

Small dog room will cost $2,500.00 for the work and we have the cage bank that we will re-use from our current shelter now.

Small dog room will house around 25 dogs

Cat room will cost $2,200.00. We will have shelves on the wall for them to walk on and cozy holes for a good night sleep.

Sick Cat room will cost $3,500.00. We need the cage banks and renovation of the room. Portable air purifiers and a small A/C.

State of the art sick room with ventilation, A/C and air purifier to make sure they all get better quicker.

New electrical panel with new wiring , new light for all rooms and hallway.($20,000.00 to $35,000.00)

The Big Dogs room will be one of the most costly. All the work needed will be done on the premises. The cages for the dogs will be runs and needs to be built from the floor up. The materials that will be used, will protect the dogs from a fire.  The panel could abstain extreme heat. (Costs to build the 30 plus kennels will be $25,000 to $40,000 for the runs.

We need over 30 cages for large dogs and possibly15 additional cages for medium sized dogs.

Play areas for large dogs and small dogs in the outside yard ($25,000.00)

We will have a set of outside door runs for our babies to take extra breaks and fresh air for long periods of time.   ( costs $10,000.00)

The outside of the shelter exterior siding and wall repair, fencing all around the shelter and a meet a greet from yard, this will provide a new family to have one on one playtime before adopting their furbaby ($50,000.00)

surveillence systerm ($10,000.00)

Help us complete this journey together and know in
your heart that you have been a part of this mission to help and protect our 4 legged friends.  This will happen with your help. Together we can accomplish this journey with no end.  Just imagine how many happy dogs and cats will actually find their way to a new home at New Beginning Animal Rescue for the last step to a forever home with a new beginning in life. Happy paws.
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