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Success stories

Kyiv Independent  

Launched one day after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Kyiv Independent’s fundraiser was created to make sure their vital journalism could go on. 

Thanks to nearly 30,000 donations from 90 countries around the world, the Kyiv Independent has been able to continue reporting during unimaginable times. 

As an organisation that depends on support from its readers, their fundraiser has so far raised more than £1.7 million – with donations continuing to come in.  

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Football Beyond Borders

To mark the Women’s World Cup, Football Beyond Borders launched an inspirational campaign to get more women and girls involved in the beautiful game. 

With a goal of getting a generation of girls playing football and not missing out, the campaign was created nearly a year after the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euro victory.

Raising nearly £60,000 the campaign saw celebrity support  from the likes of Ian Wright and Amelia Dimoldenberg. 

Their fundraising efforts saw an interactive display installed at Kings Cross, in London, which had an estimated footfall of 165,000. 

Money raised from the fundraiser will go towards helping young girls in school with their education and social life. 

Their programme has so far has helped thousands of girls stay in school, discover their passions and grow in confidence.

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Fundraiser Simon Harris has raised more than £63k for families who are in need of baby formula. He was inspired after news reports told of parents struggling during the cost of living crisis with the rising costs of formula, with many going to extreme measures to feed their babies – including going hungry themselves. So Simon wanted to do something to help, so he started this GoFundMe. He’s been delivering mini-grants to people who get in touch to say they need help but also to charities on board too. 

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