Sober October UK: Everything You Need to Know

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Sober October in the UK has been described as “the more poetic” Dry July. For those who didn’t participate in the month off alcohol earlier in the year, Sober October provides a perfect opportunity in the run up to Christmas, to participate and raise money for a good cause.

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What is Sober October and why do it?

Britons tend to participate in Sober October to raise money for charity. Not only does the initiative help save money, but abstaining from alcohol has been proven to have many health benefits too. In turn, you can channel your new found energy into a charity challenge.

Your savings can fund a cause close to your heart

It’s no new news that your favourite cocktail or glass of shiraz normally comes with a decent price tag. Many who participate in Sober October not only ask for donations from their loved ones, but donate the money they have saved by not drinking alcohol for the entire month to a cause of their choice too.

Kickstarting charity fundraising efforts with the money saved from not buying alcoholic beverages can help show how serious you are about fundraising for the cause.

Taking a break from alcohol is good for your health

Many studies have shown that health benefits from reducing or cutting out alcohol can positively impact your health. From reducing blood pressure and levels of fat in your blood, to regenerating the liver, the list of health benefits associated with not drinking are endless.

Some people notice instant benefits of cutting out alcohol, others take a little longer. Once you start to feel it you can channel your new found energy associated with your improvements in wellbeing into exercise and spending quality time with friends and family.

Reducing or stopping drinking can help more than you know

Drinking large amounts and developing an alcohol dependency can lead to depression. Alcohol dependency charity Drinkaware says stopping drinking can help feelings of stress, lead to your skin improving and even help you lose weight.

Four Sober October UK ideas

You don’t have to do it alone. Why not rally your friends, colleagues, or buddy up with a Sober October buddy to get you through. Here are some more ideas to make your Sober October impactful.

1. Get your family and friends involved through a challenge

There’s no shortage of creativity by Brits wanting to challenge themselves for charity. Why not challenge your family to join you in your efforts to abstain from alcohol for a month. Whether they want to take on the full month, they could even just participate for one or two weeks, or commit to not drinking alcohol on weekdays.

A new take on Sober October in the UK is to abstain from coffee for a month instead of alcohol. Challenge reluctant family members to sacrifice their much-loved caffeine hit instead.

2. Create a fundraiser to support charities

Launch a crowdfunding page to help keep you on track and know that the longer you abstain from alcohol, the more money you could potentially raise for your favorite cause. Communicate key milestones with your supporters and keep encouraging them to share your campaign. After one week, two weeks, three weeks, and the home straight. Keeping your network updated on the challenges you face along the way will help encourage donations.

3. Donate to support other fundraisers

There are many GoFundMe users joining the Sober October movement and if you’d prefer to donate directly to support them, you don’t need to look far.

4. Create more awareness through social media

To raise more awareness around your Sober October fundraiser, be sure to reach out to local media, encourage your friends to share your fundraiser across social channels, and keep your donors engaged with frequent updates about your fundraiser.

Start your sober October challenge today

There’s no time like the present. Choose which charity you would like to support, and sign up to start your own fundraiser, then prepare your non-alcoholic alternatives and get ready to start your Sober October challenge today.

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