How to skydive for charity in the UK

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A skydive for charity is a fun, popular way to raise money for a good cause – and you get to throw yourself out of a plane for good measure. Doing something challenging like a parachute jump is a surefire way to get people to donate to your GoFundMe. 

A breakdown of parachute jumping for charity

There are a number of ways to get yourself onto a parachute jump for charity. For most charities, you can book a skydive through one of their preferred partners. Usually, you have to pay a registration fee of around £70 for this, and then commit to raising a certain amount of money.

You can also pay for your skydive yourself, meaning you pay for the costs upfront and then get as much sponsorship as you can. Either way, support is usually available from charities to support your fundraising. With the second option you just have to let them know what you’re doing.

How you can set up your fundraising skydive

First things first – when you’ve decided on your charity skydive, set up a GoFundMe so you’ve got plenty of time to raise for the charity of your choice.

There’s a plethora of ways you can raise money for your skydive as well. Get your friends and colleagues in the office involved!

Charity bake off

Everyone loves a treat in the office. So why not arrange a charity bake off? You could even caveat it with the idea that the cakes don’t have to be home baked…as long as people are willing to get involved. Make sure to prominently display the QR code on your GoFundMe page to get donations.

Coffee morning

Baking not your thing? Why not arrange a coffee morning? You could either suggest a one off where everyone brings in their favourite dish – or run a rota so you do it every week or every two weeks and no one is overfaced on the day.

A quiz

Who can resist getting involved in the neck and neck general knowledge battle of a pub-style quiz. You could run as a one off or get a mate to be quizmaster each time on a rota. And there’s the potential to have it via zoom if it makes it easier for everyone!

Run a gaming marathon

Gaming marathons are brilliant ways to bring in donations, too. You can either do it alone or with pals and all you need to do is play your favourite game for a set amount of time – usually ranging from an hour to 24 hours.

Shave your head

If you’re feeling really brave – or maybe a number 1 really suits you – you could shave your head for donations.

We’ve got a list of ideas and inspiration on what sort of fundraising you could do here.

Start your parachute jump for charity fundraiser today

So, if you’ve decided you’d like the rush of adrenaline that comes from throwing yourself from a plane, why not do it for a good cause and start a GoFundMe to collect donations today.

A charity skydive is a brilliant way to raise money and it’s challenging for the person doing it as well

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