Cost of Living: Support People Struggling to Pay Bills

At GoFundMe we see the reality of the cost of living crisis every day. From individuals struggling to pay their energy bills to cancer patients unable to afford to travel to and from the hospital, the crisis has a knock on effect on many. But as a community we can help each other, read on to find out how you can give and get help.

How You Can Help Others in Crisis

In times of crisis we are often reminded of the good in people. If we all come together to help each other we can get through even the most difficult struggles. 

In recent months we have seen some incredible fundraisers step up to help others in need. 

Lancashire plumber James Anderson has been helping low income households by fixing their boilers for free, paying off heating bills and providing food boxes through his community initiative Depher.

Meanwhile in Nottingham Sabrina Bhundoo is helping a community initiative to ensure that no one goes hungry in the city.

You too can help, by donating or starting a fundraiser.

How Our Community Are Helping Struggling Britons


Former nurse, Gemma, is a single mum with terminal cancer. Due to her illness she is unable to work. In the past three months her bills have gone from £300 to £600 which she cannot afford leaving her with unimaginable stress.

She said:  “I used to pay £330 a month. Now they want over £600 a month. I owe £6,000 and just can’t pay it. They’re threatening court action to put me on a meter, even though I’ve told them any stress could kill me.”

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Judith was a hospital cleaner and a single mum. Struggling with the rapidly rising cost of living on her meagre salary she opted out of her pension to pay off her mounting energy bills. Very sadly Judith died suddenly from a rare form of covid. Because she had cancelled her pension her children were not entitled to the £30,000 death in membership payout.

A fundraiser has been launched to help pay for her funeral and to support her children.  

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Isaac is a little boy with a very rare condition which means he is confined to a wheelchair and cannot hold his head up. He needs specialist equipment to keep him alive. Isaac’s mum was faced with the heartbreaking decision between paying her bills and getting the appropriate equipment to give her son the best possible quality of life.

She made the decision to ask for help by setting up a fundraiser. It has led to an outpouring of support including an anonymous donation of £20,000.

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        You can start a fundraiser for yourself or someone you know in seconds on GoFundMe. We are here to support you. At GoFundMe we have a support team on hand to  answer any questions you may have about your campaign.

        Other ways to get help with the cost of living crisis

        Outside of crowdfunding, there are other ways to get the help you need. It’s worth checking with your local authority (you can find who there are here by entering your postcode) to see what support is available.  As well as that: