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A PreEmptive Defamation Lawsuit: What kind of woman does this to a man. Even if so, what's to benefit. Unless its to erase the truth. Then the Gildred's Lawsuit is self-Defamation and that is Suicidal of Character.

But why?

The only online smeer campaign exists is a Bizarre Lawsuit and onsided news Pay-Per Write ups.

DWM.Dance is a birth of love concieved by 2 hearts for their kids with every drop of tear & sweat of each other. But even the best of Lovers do part occasionaly.  [I Wish the gildreds their best]

Michael [Tango] Foster

Wish to ask your a$$istance in the fight againts a Narcissistic Defamation Lawsuit brought againts him with ill-intent. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours: <Michael Foster> any questions? please text to 646-8204654

Please allow me to copy and paste an excerpt from an FB Promotional write up and say thanks to its editorial with much, much sincere gratitude:... Quote Excerpt Begin..."Date: January 9, 2018 at 8:31 PM
Subject: n k,

"Case of criminal Narcissism Students Mom of Bryant Castillo & Diana Castillo". Call Mother:

Carolina Gildred 917-957-3868* of: "Criminal Narcissism -A- Benign Murderer

Tell her To Take a Polygraph Test - narcissism if not controlled could kill. Help us to save a life.

You would think, Only a mad woman would set up an x-lover to think her husband is doing her something wrong - fly him twice to her in SD from NYC causing him almost to do something bad in trying to find out if she was ok.

Instead what she was doing is preparing a cryptic jealousy campaign at her husband and what she now calls evidence in a frivolous preemptive lawsuit against the x-lover.

All her preemptive actions was based on her paranoias that her x-lover Michael Foster would tell her husband of the relationship. [He never did]. But Now it is too late to withdraw her accusations because the Press in NYC and San Diego picked up her lawsuit story as the most bizarre lawsuit in decades.

Can any good Psychiatrist out there help her?

The press according to the lawsuit wrote the article casually in support of her. The press aren't doctors. But Michael [the victim] took a Polygraph test and the News promise to recant the story in an effort to clear his name, but Carolina; they're asking her to present a Polygraph Test results about the allege sexual relationship with Michael she had subsequently denied according to the lawsuit.

She used her relationship with first marriage to a New York City psychiatrist #118765 to prepare a false letter of professional diagnosis {Seen here at CarilinaGildred.com } which Michael Pieced apart. The doctor is now in disciplinary active case opmd@health.ny.gov He denied his actions in writing the letter.

Carolina's narcissism strived to drive the poor guy crazy with emotional hangovers. You would think that She is not a natural woman.

She's got the support of Tom Gildred 619-330-7077 and his family but that seems arguably so, as some friends say the Gildred family are also aware of the truth and are helping her financially because ultimately she would destroy herself. The lawyer Seth Rafkin Esq is also admitted to pretending to believe her but all his motions [attorneys said] have been unprecedentedly denied by the court.

As for Michael Foster? It have become the most destructive thing in an otherwise regular good character in the life of Carolina Gildred's victim of criminal narcissism. Tell Carolina to stop, STOP. Tell her to APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY.

She lied to everyone including her Son Bryant Castillo .

About Michael Foster : A man who possesses the most genuine character. He would never lie about anything especially his emotions and personal intimacies with anyone - He's handsome, honest and dependable gentleman. A person who would also have to feel or be very convince of a genuine feeling for a girl before he would ever sleep with her.

Everyone is saying that She is going to get worse and worst unless someone or a professional psychiatrist get to talking with her and help her to cut short this crazy impulsive narcissistic avalanche of emotional circumstances. (People make mistakes - marriage works and sometimes they do not).

After traveling to San Diego from NYC twice to be with her under the guise of Tango Dance Business in 2016 - She seduced him multiple times on the premise that Tom Gildred her husband was "hurting her". Picture a single good looking guy, modest and discreet about himself, 3,000 miles away from home being convince by a lover that she is being hurt by her husband. In court documents Michael's emails said to her many times to "Go to the police". She never did.

Michael was so distraught - for many months as she cut him off by telling the public one story while of and on suggesting another story to Michael through her secret conversations. Michael have eventually joined our mental health program - He is still stressed out. The department issued the letter of recommendation which is also provided as evidence to the court. As part of his council group [it was our idea] we agree perhaps if he contacted her and said something really stupid and crazy such as suggesting it was possible he could be mistaken of the intimacies they both shared. [It worked] But Instead? She took the silly email letter the poor guy gut wrenchingly wrote and applied it as evidence in the bogus narcissistic lawsuit.

The lawsuit is presently denied as the evidence is not permissible. (in-links are available below)

What would drive a woman to do these things preemptively? .

Lies, and lies and many many lies to a guy who stupidly felt for her.

So, these days now Michael after taking the polygraph test was relieved from some of the stressed. We are asking Carolina Gildred to take a polygraph test. That way then the case is totally over and all her [Narcissistic] emotional rendezvous about Michael Foster, the assaults on his character, a false case report of 'erotomania' would be put to rest and we all could try to move on with our lives.

Why wouldn't Carolina Gildred do so?

She is hoping the guy would die of love for her. She is still believing he is in "love" with her. How narcissistic is that? Michael have never smoked a cigarette in his life, never been in jail or commit a crime, he is a giver, he doesn't even have a tattoo.

Tell Carolina Gildred to Stop. Stop STOP now.  https://www.gofundme.com/dwmdance-kids-specialty-needs-100
**Phone numbers taken from public records and court excerpts...."end QUOTE Excerpt.

In addition: My goals are 100% Focus on Specialty Needs Kids. Any child including kids found in grownup adults.

In addition: DWM.Foundation will give every specialty need child the chance to become the best they can be, by focussing on their talents and not their known faults.

In addition: DanceWithMe.org will spend 100% of funds raised to focus on the Talents of our kids rather than each childhood fault found in a specialty Need Kid. 

in addition: DWM.Dance Foundation will use its funds to help focus 100% upon the Talents of Kids with Specialty Need. Success Talents, Childhood Talents & New Found Talents even in adults who have had it from childhood.
Dance With Me Foundation will help through its talent seach and Kids Dance Training programs to find those talents, house them, teach & train them, and help develop and streamline those talents through its media outreach talents performance & educational programs.
The birthing of Dance With Me Foundation is a burden of my two hearts in each lay an effort to reach out to all kids. The kids of our heart, the kids in our hearts and the kids lost in the hearts of so many who've became adults too soon.
I'm commited to spent my life with focus on Dance as a form of education and personal unselfish freedoms. 

Would you give me that chance to do so? My heart would continually explode with gratuity for each $1 donated to the dream of DWM.Foundation

Focus Kids with Specialty Need 100%.

Thank you


Michael Foster CoFounder DWM.Dance

The Above Caption Picture: are the precarious surrogates who are the influence of DWM. They're two of a kind within themselves innept nurturers of kids with specialty need. Tom & Carolina Gildred sustained the tools needed to bringing about DWM.Foundation but that kid inside their hearts are yet to be free.

DWM is now 100% dependent upon your support.

Help us to help this good cause become something worthy of your earnest applause.

> Subject: support
> 1. The so call [cease & desist letter ] purported to have addressed to Michael Foster from [Carolina Hernandez (Garcia)]& [Tom Gildred ] a. Was PreEmptive which by Law is UnConStitutional. b. It never highlighted any actual item of illegality as would a normal C&D. c. It was designed as an element of harassment, intimidation & a criminal boot-load upon a poor$$$ Artists devoted to his work.
> 2. The [allegations of Blackmail, harassment ], or Liar of [Love and Sex ] each of which were also preEmptive and carefully concocted as [money is no object in defense of a Bruised Ego ]. (Attack his Mind - competency and wholesome character).
> 3. The waigering of a Lawsuit in adverse to simple Mano-A-Mano holds tentacles of the Bruised Ego found CEO & Entrepreneur of The Year Ernst & Young Awardee [Mr. Tom Gildred] and an over Zealous $poor$ Mexican wife who would not take a Polygraph.
> 4. The Coercing of Wife Carolina Gildred upon an ignorant [x-Lover ] who's obvious [heart-brokenness ] is evident of a [Love Hangover ] is a wanton act from a desperate couple dealing with a corrupt marriage relationship which bears no respect for true love or sincere affections.
> 5. The sole intent of a [PreEmptive C&D], [A fake Psychiatric Opinion] is key to two false police reports and a fake lawsuit, preemptive pay-per write ups in [NY-Post], [Daily News], [San Diego Reader] are staunch evidence of preemptive criminal provocation. (It actually sets the $$-poor-$$ artists to react or commit a real Crime of Passion). even (NYPD) An alleged [hit] was put upon Michael Foster the New York Tango Instructor
> Key words: Love and Relationship, two [Crimes of Passion], Lawsuit, [Infidelity], [Love], Blackmail, Ego, Bruised Ego,[ Money and Crimes of Passion]
> Michael Foster is a poor and struggling artist .

> https://facebook.com/MichaelTango

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Is seth rafkin loosing it?
Case Tom Gildred & Wife Gildred vs Foster
Alkedge "He did not Scrwed my wife because I was there first" IIED DEFAMATION RHETORICAL GAMBLE iSmart foot print Case in NYSC eFake most scrupolous case ever??? 153554/17
Hearing RJI: 02/07/18 S. the ratkin stated in his pleadings that he's is an extremely busy attorney who's time is in pursuit of more admirable cases.
Ask if this is normal, yes he rapidly admits repetitously in his response, but seams aggravated.
Let's be friends i ask, no i'm not your attorney.
Then why volunteer your so busy schedule?
Aask hey well what's your next closest due date on the record ...in 90 days. he swipes a smart phone app thats seeded with agenda logs and appointment schedules... you don't have anything booked!?!.springing or schedule looks dam clean to me from the looks of schroll through month to month. Is that a smart-phone?

Unbelievable today seth rafkin cautioned, beckoned and fist full his grasping open and let go not waiving at me but called out at me several times today in a thug-like manner. "as seen on TV".
Gesturing the punitive punch you in the xheek face come and get it approach.
Insistently flawed as I stunt myself skip skip over the poddles of rain drained snow waters outside the New York Supreme Court.


No doubt I did not wish to risk a walk any further than next too kindly as the man sure to have added much pounds HE-is-HE Seth Rafkin IN-well being okay?
I said guy come take a dance class with MichaelTango.com

Early I went left as he went down out the courts exist- his choice noticeable that of the "revolving doors" but humor means too much challenge to join him, I push both heavy side doors left instead but still made it just to see him trip on himself Oh! His loose feet unmeasured like having the Nile river in the mouth when it's time for honest talking.
Off with went Seth Rafkin.

I'd rather exchange my flippantly amuse response to his flop flipping coward shoulders seams molested by an heavy improper windthrop Cotton winter coat.
The Man$#@&-+?!:
Looks like lost-chicago wanna B crime boss lawyer_,in_the_Ludlows.

Seth Rafkin should have been a priest and his assistant attorney she could be the clergy woman.
Because he is sure the kind of person who knows how to baptized his ....xlients!?! ... clients?

Gave him a friendly colousal message but did so in the court and was scold by the judge for it.

That's a risk I'd prefer take than to have acknowledge Mr Seth RaT.kinds beckoning juxtapositioning east on 60 center Street while I Honker down splash splat splish an escape in the westward direction.
His agony continue, I could hear his voice and feel his JeX in the clinch of a glove that fits too well, it may never come off for touching a real wifeKin.
Is this guy an idiot?
This far to insulate Michael Foster is perhaps Unhinged! Stupid, don't you see I'm running from you???

To Seth!
One day my friend.
On the horizon of a demo futbalkings final - it would be our season. My pleasure and No helmetatags.

You are abjelous punk who couldn't remember childhood days of running in the streets or park and begging neighbors for fresh baked xookies.

You should STOP B4 the falk falk fall.

unbelievable today seth rafkin cautioned, beckoned and fist full grasping open and let go not waiving called at me today in a thug-like manner outside the supreme Court NYC.
Michael Lives in the art of Tango Dance seen here Michael Y Carolina** dance productions
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It is very easy to think it is not happening to you so who cares?
Obviously why this fund? Because no one cares until it happens to you. Say no! it doesn't have to be so.
Ask a question - do not patronize passive aggressive narcissistic notions.
There were 200 supreme court filings on April 19/2017. For two of the most popular New York Daily News Papers NYPost_News & NYDaily_News simultaneously run the same article onesidely written beratting blatantly lying about Michael Foster's Age and photoshopping his image to appear older and ugly basically defaming his character.
At the same time constructively placing probably the best picture of Carolina and Tom Gildred.
Defamation or infidelity Lawsuit?!? clearly the defamation is intent on the character assassination of Michael Foster.
If one man or woman or husband is offended by an allege lover and wife adulterer how so? Publishing the details of that argument to the public makes it less faulty or false?
There is not a cause or defense - it is self-defamation and emotional suicide to all parties involved.
Your continued Support for Michael Foster is greatly appreciated.
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A PreEmptive Defamation Lawsuit: What kind of woman does this to a man. Even if so, what's to benefit. Unless its to erase the truth. Then the Gildred's Lawsuit is self-Defamation and that is Suicidal of Character.

But why?

The only online smeer campaign exists is a Bizarre Lawsuit and onsided news Pay-Per Write ups.

DWM.Dance is a birth of love concieved by 2 hearts for their kids with every drop of tear & sweat of each other. But even the best of Lovers do part occasionaly. [I Wish the gildreds their best]

Michael [Tango] Foster
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My name is Michael Foster
I live and work mostly in NYC.
I'm an entrepreneur of Dance & i'm profoundly in the business of dance as a Discovery of Art as it exist in the Forms and Expressions of Rhythms in Motions.
I have created a number of Dance Programs: Please visit VirtualTBS.com for additional Info.
The x-Contemporaneous ex-Surrogates who'd Surreptitiously associated with DWM.dance, DanceWithMe.org and the DWM.Foundation are Michael Foster's disgruntled and inept x-friends.
But I love them still.
But, I would NEVER lower my character to their call to insinuations.
Yea I agree people with money and time are asked less questions by friends, families and associates on issues especially alleged further from their truths.
The greatest invidious notes of the poor or less fortunate's liking are what surmounts the nestled disgruntlement in the Rich and sometimes famous.
It is left for it or them to attack the one thing - that which is the substance of humane integrity.
But the poor and even the hungry would scarcely miscalculate W- ood for F- ood.
People who eat from scrap-yards or left over doggy bags are often already mentally challenged.
Doing what is humane and right have nothing to do with Hunger or having been poor.
The pride of life is having a pulse to do with each heart and the mind - Constructive and Creative minds are not prone to ineptitudes.
It remains the soul indiscreet challenge inept to the Rich and sometimes famous who's lack or lost of moral respect for a fellowman often leads it to instigate but one thing: "Challenge the reality of a self thought morally fulfilling indigenous individual who's affirmative but invidious of their insinuations.

I am Michael Foster - I met Mr. Tom Gildred.,
...[Rich, wants to be famous, filled with ineptitude, but couldn't relate with a simple innuendo "Mano-A-Mano"].
A Bruised Ego. I never disrespected him,.
However? If [Mss Gildred] wife were called upon, then her own dilemma would be her self destruction.
I do not hate her - I hate the things they have don retroactively to me and what they have inevitable done to me through the corners of Public Opinion and News Pay-Per Reports. I could hear the sound of silence in the many of whom suffered at their hands before I myself.
My Solace is therefore The Truce of Justice and the Public's opinions over narcissistic News Pay-Per writers.

It is the Rich and sometimes famous people's hope that in error the Public or even you/me or I, would be too fascinated and blinded by their wealth or their fancy. [Fake Smile]. So much the Gildreds of San Diego x-owners of Fox Theater San Diego California?
They'd be great, great great.

That your read would not read a text or this message as long as this is perspicuous and invidious of the viviparous San Diego Gildred Seed.

Instead they'll cast it off or hope you would vote it into an archive upon a first glance.

In support to those, and I or anyone who challenges the wanton-perspicuous agendas of the rich and sometimes famous.
For the ill-content, constructive harassing phrasings in acute News Pay-Per write-ups and the perplexities of their own self wounding guides on life so ineptly aimed at seducing the organic nature of who we are.
They won't even expect I, or anyone to have us noticed.
Perhaps because you and i are not rich...Per SE!

Michael Foster
Let A Dance of Life Go On Minus Carolina
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Diane Cunningham
3 months ago

Don’t ever give up. We love you.

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$1,100 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 1 person in 22 months
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Dora Norme
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Michael, Congratulations & thanks for keeping Gayle and I in the loop.

Diane Cunningham
3 months ago

Don’t ever give up. We love you.

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