The New Paradigm of Love

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The reason for creating this is to shift from the old and anchor in the new.  After all, it's already here!  The business model of "getting booked and go" and "host & see who’ll show" is a model that no longer serves me, nor the collective consciousness.   So, with the loving support of my tribe, community... you; it is time to shake it up a little and amplify the love throughout the cosmos! 

The time has come to spread the wings and fly.  A purpose to serve the world is so deeply embedded in my being and my passion to share my appreciation for life and love cannot be held back, nor can it wait to expand throughout the globe.  

What are the donations going to be used for?

Your support for the mission will be applied towards operating expenses of taking the Love Amplified experience globally.  There are opportunities to spread the love throughout the US and across the globe including Brasil, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, France, Paraguay, Peru, New Zealand and many others.  The common setback is traveling costs to get there.  So, with the loving support of your donation, the Love Amplified experience will be able to venture to locations throughout the world connecting, unifying and spreading the message of love and interconnectedness.

There are several levels of donations available. Each comes with a variety of gifts for your support. There are also business and corporate support options, as well. For more information on donations, see below the testimonials.

This is the new paradigm.  We are the ones that we have been waiting for.  For the past 40 years, I have dreamed of traveling the world doing what I love - sharing the message of love, celebrating, uniting and healing through sound.  The time is here, now.  The world is coming together in  a way that is being felt at a deeper level within.   All over the world, people are starting to understand that we are all connected and through compassionate cooperation we can, and will, co-create the world that we know to be true in our hearts.  Coming together and sharing our experience is a reflection of our appreciation and unconditional love.

We are a global community growing through awareness, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance.  We are united by a common bond of love and interdependence. We cultivate this bond through an attitude of gratitude, community, appreciation and co-creation.   

With that said, for over 20 years, my DJ sets, writings, workshops & talks have been featured throughout the US & abroad.  I have used this as a medium to amplify the spirit of personal expression, oneness, freedom & love.  This path has ultimately led to inspiring and soul-felt work with so many beautiful people whether in a session, workshop or on the dancefloor - reminding and opening them to a clear and gentle understanding of their inner-truth; untangling the energetic and subconscious constriction within our mind and body at a core level, loosening the intensity of belief patterns that no longer serve us and provide an opening for us to remember and return to a state of harmony, natural vibrancy and complete state of well-being... in love absolute!  

So, how's this all going to happen?  

Rather than waiting to get booked to host a workshop or DJ gig; I am initiating and expediting the process, eliminating the middle man and lowering the operating costs, so that I may share the gift and be of service.  I am raising the funds so that I can cover the costs of flights, meals and lodging (if needed) to travel to locations throughout the world to host my workshop, "Love Amplified: The New Paradigm of Love" and offer my DJ services at a reduced rate over the next year.   Spreading the love; as it's contagious.

It is with deep reverence and love that I embark on this journey to share my love, passion and purpose with all of you... and to share in it as a community... how amazing that we are in this together!   Thank YOU!

Love Amplified: The New Paradigm of Love

This is a 4 hour immersive experience into the fabric of your soul through interaction and a sacred sound journey.

What lights you up?  What are you ready to light a fire to in your life?  What are you ready to purify and transmute so that you may experience a love so deep that it liberates your soul and aligns with your loving YES?  Tune into your heart’s desire.  Feel it.  Embody it.  The time is now… BE it.  Live IT.  Love IT!  Get ready to experience and amplify it!

What will be experienced?

* release constricted thoughts and unwind beliefs that hold you back from experiencing the full expression of love
* connect deeply and intimately with the highest vibration of YOU
* tune in, energetically, with your soul’s desire
* tap into the principles of Love Absolute and learn how to ground them into sacred partnership
* learn the 7 steps to align with the New Paradigm of Love
* interactive experiences to embody Love Absolute

As we tune into the infinite, creative expression of love – to limit it to a sexual experience or rather, a destination of climax or marital event; we lose the subtlety of its sacred power and magic.  The fire that burns within can ravage like a wildfire burning out of control or it can be a beacon of love’s creative intelligence.  How we embrace this fire has a direct impact on our state of consciousness.  Join us as we embrace the fire within and experience Love... Amplified!  (( <3 )) 

The first portion of the class will be committed to deepening into the vibration of Love Absolute and being the love you wish to receive.  Love's creative intelligence expands and amplifies as we breathe into it with a focused intent.  We will anchor in the New Paradigm of Love with a closing circle that will certainly leave you  vibrating on a whole new level.  As we come together in community, energetically, we create a ripple effect that is felt at the very core of this experience.

Sites to tune into for my music & to peruse for your exploration:

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/john-stuart/
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/johnstuart.360five
Website: www.360five.com
Website: www.chillin-music.com/


"The most rewarding, uplifting, ground breaking and profound class I've ever taken thus far. I am so grateful that I was able to share this experience because I've gained so much insight about myself and other people. I feel more aware more alive about a lot of things, people and situations in my life. "  Paula W., San Francisco

"Thanks again for the incredible journey. Your guidance took me to a place I really needed to go to find some answers. I just needed help letting go of myself to find those answers."  Angel T., Orlando, FL

"The event last night was an amazing experience. How you can match the energy of each of us within the circle to bring awareness and healing was transformational. You gently brought each of us to the core and brought us back. The music meditation was like nothing I have ever felt. You are truly talented, creative and in tune with the musical vibrations that you mix. The music brought me up and then down deep within the energy and vibrations. Every particle of my body trembled within the sound and experience. You have awaken my love and passion for music again and reminded me of the power of sound. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love with each and every one of us. Namaste for I see the beauty within your soul and you see the beauty within mine."  Kasi T., Milwaukee, WI

"Another awesome experience with John Stuart doing his thang. Thanks for all your hard work and practice my brother. Keep rockin' it out."  Tim S., Pewaukee, WI

"I experienced the sweetest vortex of high vibe Community, Love, and Authenticity last night. I hope you all can have the opportunity to know the John Stuart phenomenon."  Tara M., Los Angeles, CA

"As a yoga instructor/wellness event facilitator, I reached out to John to be a part of a "Day of Healing." He not only accepted the invitation to speak at the event, but aided in the planning. I am rather new at event creation and thankfully he shared his experience and offered invaluable suggestions.  During our group acupuncture session he deepened relaxation and encouraged heart opening with a beautiful guided meditation.  He then offered a thought provoking talk on "manifesting your desired outcome," which was delivered with love, intelligence and humor. Finally, we were taken on a healing journey, using breathing techniques and brilliant, love expanding sound.

John is gifted and magnetic. When he speaks...you want to stop and listen.  Thank you for for sharing your magic with us, John.  My students are asking for an encore." Nicole B., Orlando, FL 

"Yes indeed, it was a beautiful evening! Divine communion, Heaven's of love and a very cool and ingenious music vibe immersion... thank you John, and thank us all for coming together for that beautiful night!"  Allen S., Los Angeles, CA


For donations that include one-on-one sessions, please visit here for more info:   http://360five.com/services

The Sacred Sound Experience is a 60 minute shamanic journey that is specifically tuned to the energetic that is being amplified through the use of solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones and other sound healing techniques. The Sacred Sound Experience integrates your experience from the divine into your physical form.  As time and space have no definition, this integration will continue to work and have its way with you for quite some time.  The more that you allow and release, surrender and receive; the more profound of an experience you will have.

or business sponsorship donations, all workshops and DJ services will be booked between 7/15/15 and 8/1/16.   I will handle all travel and lodging arrangements, if necessary.
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After a year of shake up, break up, break down and build up; some very humbling experiences and deep reflection grounded me both personally and professionally. All that I have shared, taught and passionately expressed with our community over the years was reflected back to me for my own growing experience. Whew!! Vulnerability and love definitely have their way… and I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s these life experiences that have reminded me of the countless transformations in clients, friends, partners, students and people in passing that I have held space for and now, here I am excited and ready to share the next growth phase of my journey with you!

As I leave behind the familiarity and comforts of a ‘normal’ life to forge ahead, amplify the love, rally the troops, create and experience the fullness what I feel to be true deep within my heart; it’s not without its fair share of grieving, resistance and moments of self-doubt. How have I stay grounded in unsettling times? How do I maintain a positive outlook when nearly all that I have given love to seemed to be falling apart? How can I continue to be fearless in love, limitless in creation and honor my soul’s YES? This is the course of the next evolution.

It’s said to be mindful of what you ask for, as you will receive - why would I have asked for these experiences? I invited all of it in fearlessly with stretched out arms & a wide open heart. At the beginning of 2015, I said that I was losing my mind & in a way, I did - I lost my mind and let my heart take full control. I surrendered to the directive of my heart, to reveal any aspect of myself that needed refinement, to release anything that was no longer serving me or that wasn’t in the universal plan for the greater good so that I may be of service with the utmost integrity.

This is a pivotal point for me and I am calling upon my community for support to reinforce the foundation as this is a collaborative effort to build a solid, harmonious, co-creative conscious community rooted in love, tolerance, acceptance and civic responsibility. The more solid my foundation, the more I can offer our community.

Where am I going? What’s the plan? How will this benefit your experience? And, most importantly, why am I asking for a kickstart of financial support?

Through all that I have experienced over the course of my life, I can’t stop, won’t stop - it’s my calling, my soul’s directive, it always comes back to this deep purpose to be of service to our community, it’s etched in my DNA to share my experience, to grow together, to expand our deepest truth, to amplify love, to ground in principle, to unify, to learn from everything and to be a catalyst for the new paradigm - the NOW that people all over the world are tuning into & want to fully realize. Again, this is a collaborative effort and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. As I shared before, it is time for me to shift beyond the comforts of everyday life and take it to the streets, the airwaves, the world over.

I am requesting support in this expansion phase so that I can fully focus on completely being of service without the pressure of my outstanding bills taking away from my family. At this point, every little bit helps tremendously!

In exchange for your support, I will offer:

3 downloads of Sound Experiences that aid in deepening, expanding and amplifying your meditation, prayer, journeying or other reflective practice.

A download of my book, It All Begins with You.
*as well as being on the list to receive downloads of my two (2) new books before they come out in 2016 - It All Began With Me & ‘not yet titled’ selected works of poetry.

FREE month subscription to “The Heart’s Beat” coming October 2015. “The Heart’s Beat” is a monthly subscription service that focuses on a specific topic of our human experience offering simple, practical tools to integrate into our daily life with ease and grace. The monthly subscription includes a Sound Experience download, pre-recorded guided meditation and prayer and ‘how-to’ practices that restore your natural vibrancy and amplify your love.

thank you for your support! It is deeply valued and appreciated!
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crowdfunding update:

The New Paradigm of Love Tour is headed to Tribal Vision in Taos, NM, September 18-20. When Tribal Vision was brought to my awareness and the invitation to play and present my workshop was offered, I tuned in and felt the urgency, the potency and knew, at the very core, my presence was mandatory. 100% of profits are being donated and each of the performers/artists/facilitators are sponsoring the cause by donating their services to the cause. I am reaching out to my tribe in support to raise funds for sharing the message of fearless love; creative expression through music and art; and the exploration of consciousness to co-create a harmonious existence in our lifetime. Your support is deeply valued and appreciated. In exchange, I have set up gifts for each level of donation including a download of my book, It All Begins with You, downloads of recorded Sacred Sound Experiences as well as private one-on-one sessions that open the infinite possibilities of love absolute. Again, thank you for your support! It means a great deal to share in the rise!

Please take a moment to read more below:


Language is the pattern of vibrations a society uses to convey the essence of their ideas and intentions. Forgotten languages severe us from the wisdom and record of experience within the cultures who used those languages. Tribal Vision Festival is a gathering to raise funds for preserving the languages of the indigenous cultures of Guatemala. 100% of our profits from ticket sales and sponsorships are being given to this cause.
As Usual within Tribal Vision Productions our relationship with these tribes have given us a great desire to help. So every 3 years, we throw this festival, and get the help of many artists, speakers, production crew, organizers, marketers, fund raisers and staff to put on a benefit focusing on tribal traditions to cause awareness about these societies in a music festival atmosphere.
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With a week left prior to O.Z.O.R.A., we are still about $1000 off the goal to get the plane ticket for offering this workshop and spreading the vibe of LoveAmplified. In exchange for your support, there are various levels of gifts for your sponsorship. In love and gratitude!

--> https://ozorafestival.eu/programs/chambok-house/john-stuart-love-amplified-the-new-paradigm-of-love/

sponsor: www.gofund.me/LoveAmplified

#IBelieve #StillCanHappen #LoveAmplified #TheNewParadigm
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Hello! What a summer it is!

As I've shared prior, this summer's mission is about being of service to the global community and spreading the message of love absolute, acceptance, co-creation, unity, appreciation, reverence and exploring the possibilities of how we can collaborate in bringing humanity together despite our perceived differences.

As many of you know, I have devoted and dedicated the fabric of my existence to inspiring, motivating, elevating, igniting, supporting, loving, acknowledging, lighting up anyone and everyone who is open to expanding into their full truth and wanting to be the best version of their whole self.

With that said, this is a grassroots mission and a labor of love that I have embarked on to be of service and reach as many people across the globe, as possible, that would be open to receiving this message, feel it in their heart and take it to the streets with passionate purpose.

I am asking for your support in realizing a very large part of this vision to assist with covering the travel costs. I have been selected to offer the "LoveAmplified: The New Paradigm of Love" workshop in Hungary in 2 weeks, August 3-9 (my workshop is on August 4th) at the OZORA Festival and Tribal Visions Festival (a benefit festival giving back to Native American cultures/preservation) in Taos, New Mexico.

Any support you can offer is DEEPLY valued and is going straight to being of service to the global family. This can be via financial contribution or even donating air miles for the flights. I've set the short-term goal at $1500. In exchange for your support, I have set up various levels of offerings including a copy of my book, downloads of sound healing/vibrational therapy recordings, one-on-one sessions and for businesses who wish to sponsor - a full marketing/promotional mention through social media, email correspondence/collateral communication and passing on any marketing materials at events that I am booked at throughout 2015.

Please take a look at the workshop that I am scheduled to offer at OZORA Festival - https://ozorafestival.eu/programs/chambok-house/john-stuart-love-amplified-the-new-paradigm-of-love/

Tribal Vision Festival - www.tribalvisionfest.com

Personally, I have committed to expanding into my full expression of taking this far and wide to expand consciousness, liberate minds and open hearts. Earlier this month, the trip to Canada opened the gateway of the International portal of sharing this message and now, it's time to spread the wings and truly grow this forward. It is with deep gratitude and honorable service that I share this message. Again, any support is greatly appreciated and valued.

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU for your support!

John Stuart
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$799 of $5,000 goal

Raised by 9 people in 44 months
Created April 8, 2015
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Candice Fliedner
38 months ago

Drops in a bucket eventually overflow

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39 months ago

♥ ♥ ♥

Candice fliedner
39 months ago

Amplify the LOVE my way ;)

Johnson Lisa S.
39 months ago

You ROCK the LOVE John Stuart!!

Deuce Mndbndr
39 months ago

Supported and shared! Thank you for your support and encouragement since I was a young buck! Much love my brother!

41 months ago
Susan Beeman
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42 months ago

Love you bro

Cheryl Mealey
43 months ago

Proud to contribute to this very worthy dream!

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